Family of parishioner beaten in Zadubrivka doubts punishment of attackers

The relatives of the beaten 63-year-old UOC believer of Zadubrivka know the names of all the attackers but they believe that only one offender may be brought to justice. The family of 63-year-old Vasyl Khashchiyuk, a parishioner of St. Michael’s Church... Read more

Review of budget smartphone Samsung Galaxy A02

Content Contents of delivery TECH SPECS Positioning Design, dimensions, controls Display Battery Memory, chipset, performance Communication capabilities Camera Software – features Impressions Contents of delivery Smartphone Charger (15 W, microUSB) Instructions “Paperclip” for SIM-tray TECH SPECS Dimensions and weight 164... Read more

Huawei will begin to receive “tribute” for every 5G smartphone sold

The royalties will have to be paid by smartphone manufacturers that use Huawei’s patented 5G technologies. The company claims the interest rate will be reasonable. The limit for deductions for each smartphone will be $ 2,5. Experts believe that this... Read more

Russian motorists will be followed every 15 minutes

According to the draft data sheet for Avtodat, the automaker is obliged to collect data on the location of the vehicle, as well as information on the dynamics of movement, once a minute. Every half an hour, he must receive... Read more

A 16-year-old Russian hacked an electronic stop display and showed an indecent inscription

It is reported that the guy got access to the scoreboard in the area of ​​Lenin-Shimanovsky streets. It happened on Saturday, March 13th. On the night of March 14, one of the drivers noticed the inscription and recorded it on... Read more

ASUS brought to Russia a compact laptop with a full set of connectors

The laptop is powered by a tenth generation Intel Core i7 processor. It has two drives – a 2TB hard drive and a 1TB SSD, as well as a battery that provides up to 13 hours of battery life. ExpertBook... Read more

American fighter “nodded” during an emergency landing

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the incident happened on March 15. As a result, the pilot was hospitalized. The F-22 Raptor was reportedly on a training flight. During the flight, an emergency occurred, and the pilot made the decision to make... Read more

The doctor revealed the danger of overeating sour cream at Maslenitsa

The doctor said this in an interview for the radio station “Moscow speaking”. Grigorian noted that during the Pancake Week, many people eat pancakes along with sour cream with 20-30% fat content. “We load the liver, drain the gallbladder, increase... Read more

Xiaomi has released an inexpensive pet trimmer

The Xiaomi trimmer is a versatile device as it has options for cleaning, grooming and trimming. The kit includes several nozzles of different lengths at once: 6, 12, 18 and 24 mm. They are required to carry out various functions.... Read more

Samsung sells smartphones with discounts up to 20 thousand rubles

So, it is proposed to purchase the Galaxy Fold with a flexible screen by 20 thousand cheaper, as well as the Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition model. You can save 15 thousand rubles, in turn, on the purchase of... Read more

Products that are dangerous for regular consumption are named

So, experts noted that a person will not die from overeating in one day, but if this is done for a long time, toxic substances will begin to accumulate in the body. According to them, the most dangerous product is... Read more

Scientists have discovered a piece of an ancient planet

This is reported in its material by the publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. So, according to the published data, the researchers analyzed the radioactive decay of the isotopes of the sample, which made it possible to find... Read more

Scientists have found out that it is difficult for people to dream

During the experiment, volunteers were asked to dream about something pleasant, while doing nothing. Scientists thought it would create positive emotions in people, but in the end, the participants experienced negative feelings. People didn’t know what to think about. “Simple”... Read more

Popular games on sale for Xbox with discounts up to 80%

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RAM for computers began to rise in price

It is noted that the highest increase in prices for products of the lower density segment and for niche areas of application. The cost has changed for specialized DDR2 and DDR3 chips. DDR4 prices have also increased. So the average... Read more

AMD accused of pressure on processor testers

The authors talked about this in the text dedicated to the Intel Core i7-11700K processor. They listed the technical characteristics of the new model and also named its performance. UserBenchmark says that the number of instructions executed per clock (IPC)... Read more

Volkswagen to reveal latest battery technology on March 15

Volkswagen announced that an online Power Day event will take place on Monday 15 March. This immediately suggests an analogy with Tesla’s Battery Day, which it held on the twentieth of September last year. Indeed, Volkswagen has emphasized that there... Read more

Microsoft has dropped support for the “classic” Edge browser. The company will develop a version based on Chromium

As of today, Microsoft has officially ended support for the “classic” Edge browser based on the EdgeHTML engine. Writes about this The Verge. This means that there will be no more updates for the web browser. The “classic” Edge (based... Read more

Intel’s specs of all eight-core Rocket Lake-S and the performance of the flagship Core i9-11900K revealed

Network sources have shared fresh slides from Intel about the new Rocket Lake-S processors. One of them reveals the characteristics of the older Core i9 and Core i7 models, the other demonstrates the gaming performance of the flagship Core i9-11900K... Read more

Sonos unveils Roam wireless smart speaker – smallest in portfolio

Sonos introduced the Roam wireless smart speaker, the smallest and lightest in its portfolio. Its dimensions are 168 × 62 × 60 mm, weight – 430 g. The novelty will go on sale on April 20 at a price of... Read more

Nikon reveals Z9 full frame mirrorless camera with 8K video support due this year

It was revealed last week that Nikon is working on a professional Z-mount mirrorless camera, and now the company has officially announced the development of the flagship Z9 model, which promises a significant leap in technology and performance. The camera... Read more

Up to 620TB Lexar NM1 Solid State Drives Introduced

Lexar has announced the NM620 series solid state drives suitable for use in desktop and laptop computers. The products are made in the M.2 2280 format with dimensions of 22 × 80 mm. Microchips of flash memory 3D TLC are... Read more

In the stores “Perekrestok” and “Pyaterochka” it will be possible to pay for purchases by face

It became known that Sberbank, Visa payment system and X5 Retail Group have launched face payments in 50 Perekrestok stores. By the end of the month, the number of Perekrestok stores that offer face-to-face payment will be expanded to 150.... Read more

Reddit held a massive vote for the best and worst Fallout – New Vegas topped the list of favorites, as expected

In the Fallout thread on the Reddit forum, a large-scale vote was organized, in which 8,4 users took part. They determined the winners in various nominations, including the “best game in the series”. As it turned out, the overwhelming majority... Read more

Photogrammetric software developer RealityCapture is now owned by Epic Games

Epic Games has announced its takeover of Capturing Reality, the advanced 3D scanning and photogrammetry software RealityCapture. It is worth saying that RealityCapture is able to reconstruct scenes of any size and complexity based on photographs or laser scanning, while... Read more