Another diagnosis of Putin has been declassified: an oligarch close to the dictator spoke about it

An oligarch with close ties to the Kremlin was secretly recorded as saying that Vladimir Putin was “severely ill with blood cancer,” but the man’s identity was not released for his own safety.

Previously, there were rumors about Putin’s thyroid cancer or cancer in the abdomen. In the near future, the Kremlin leader is even allegedly planned to have an operation, and he is going to “transfer power for a while, while he is incapacitated.”

The Mirror edition informs about another type of cancer that Putin allegedly suffers from. This was told by the oligarch, who has close ties with the Russian leader. The name of this source is not reported.

This is the latest of many claims about the Russian president’s unhealthy condition that have been exacerbated by the picture the world is seeing. In the pictures that circled all the media on May 9, he looked weak and unsure of himself.

Vladimir Putin, May 9 parade in Moscow / Photo: Associated Press

In addition, the source added that “Putin has completely destroyed the economy of Russia, the economy of Ukraine and many other economies and absolutely destroyed it. He has a problem with his head. “One madman can turn the world upside down,” he says.

The venture capitalist, who asked not to be identified by the oligarch, said he handed over the tape because of his outrage at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Recall that today the UK imposed sanctions against the relatives of Putin and Kabaeva.

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