Philip Kirkorov unexpectedly appeared at Eurovision 2022, despite the boycott of the Russian delegation

This year, the organizers of Eurovision decided to remove Russia from participation in the song contest. The ban will remain in effect until the country’s political regime changes. At the same time, it was impossible to appear at the song... Read more

Shelling of Kharkiv region: one person was killed, 10 injured

Over the past day, on May 10, the Russian invaders continued to shell Kharkiv region. As a result of enemy strikes, ten people were injured, one person died. This was told by the head of the Kharkov regional military administration... Read more

"It will be a huge stupidity": Arestovich assessed the likelihood of an attack on Kyiv

It is necessary to distinguish between plans and the possibility of their implementation, said the adviser to the head of the EP. If Russia has accumulated several thousand soldiers and throws it near Kiev , it will be a completely... Read more

"Eurovision-2022": the names of the first finalists of the contest became known

The first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 has ended in Turin. Of the 17 participants who represented their countries on the PalaOlimpico stage, 10 made it to the final. Representatives of such countries as Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania,... Read more

Photo review OPPO Find X2 Pro Lamborghini Edition

OPPO annually releases special versions of smartphones: the Chinese company cooperates with Barca and Lamborghini, releasing branded phones once a year. For example, in 2018, the OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition smartphone appeared: Photo unboxing of OPPO Find X Lamborghini... Read more

Finland and Sweden to take major step towards NATO membership next week – media

The Scandinavian countries plan to simultaneously apply to join the Alliance. Early next week Finland and Sweden plan to apply to NATO . By then, all political forces in these Scandinavian countries should agree on their position. This is reported... Read more

"Eurovision-2022": a contestant from Lithuania at the conference exclaimed "Glory to Ukraine"

The representative of Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Monika Liu supported Ukraine. The artist spoke during a press conference that took place after the first semi-final. At first, the singer joked and was glad that she got further.... Read more

Support for Ukraine and Kalush Orchestra in the final: the first semi-final of Eurovision 2022 in photo

The first semi-final of the Eurovision 2022 international music contest has just ended in Turin, Italy, in which 17 countries took part and only 10 made it to the final. Note that the Kalush Orchestra group with the composition Stefania... Read more

"Dozens of air raids and shelling every hour": footage over the Mariupol "Azovstal" was shown on the Web

The Azovstal plant has turned into a real hell on earth, but our military is still repelling enemy attacks. A bird’s-eye video has appeared on the Web over the Mariupol Azovstal, where Ukrainian defenders heroically hold the line. The video... Read more

Kalush Orchestra made it to the Eurovision 2022 final: the reaction of the stars to the group's performance

The first semi-final of the Eurovision 2022 international song contest has just died down, where Ukraine was represented by the Kalush Orchestra with the song Stefania. The Ukrainians watched the broadcast of the competition and actively supported the team. In... Read more

Eurovision 2022: it became known in which part of the final the Kalush Orchestra will perform

After the completion of the first semi-final of the Eurovision 2022 contest, where the top ten finalists were determined, a press conference was held. Journalists from different countries asked the participants questions about their songs, numbers, performances and plans for... Read more

Review of the budget e-reader Digma M2 with E-ink HD display

Increasingly, I meet people who read books with enthusiasm, but many, in the old fashioned way, carry a paper version with them or view it from their phone. Of course, this is unusual and easier for some, but inconvenient. The... Read more

Overview of the Bort BDR-3000-RR household steam cleaner: cleanliness is the key to health!

House cleaning is a rather painstaking and meticulous task, but what if I say that it can be done without a single gram of detergent?! The only solution in such situations is household steam cleaners and today’s review will be... Read more

History of mobile operating systems. Let's remember what they were.

Symbian, bada, ios, android. These are operating systems that have been with us for years. Let’s see when they appeared, and what happened to them? What you see daily on your phone screen wasn’t always there. Operating systems have come... Read more

How to make a smartphone work instead of a webcam for online broadcasts on a PC

How to make a smartphone work instead of a webcam for online broadcasts on a PC / Information security, Laws, Programs, software, sites / iXBT Live Read more

Review of HIPER LIVE QTX10 wireless over-ear headphones

Friends, I welcome you all. Today I will tell you about the HIPER LIVE QTX10 BLACK full-size wireless headphones. These headphones are primarily convenient because they allow you to freely use without wires. I myself like to walk and run,... Read more

A year before his death, Kravchuk predicted when the war with Russia would end

The main condition for the end of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, the first Ukrainian president called the de-occupation of Crimea and part of the Donbass. The first president of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk, who died on Tuesday, May 10... Read more

Eurovision 2022: performances of the top ten finalists

The names of the first finalists of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 have just become known. Thus, according to the voting results in the final, representatives of the following countries will join the Big Five countries: Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania,... Read more

Arestovich assessed the likelihood of a new invasion from Belarus

The Office of the President commented on the statement of Belarus on the deployment of special operations forces on the border with Ukraine. Belarus is deploying units of special operations forces on the border with Ukraine. Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to... Read more

Women's national team of Ukraine U-19 started the second stage of selection for Euro 2022 with a crushing defeat

On Tuesday, May 10, the tournament of the second stage of the Euro 2022 WU-19 qualification in League A with the participation of the Ukrainian women’s youth team began in Austria. “Blue-yellow” in the first match lost to rivals from... Read more

"The ghost of Russian victory is gone." How Ukrainian soldiers are pushing Russians away near Kharkiv

Quentin Somerville BBC News, Kharkiv 7 hours ago Photo by Darren Conway / BBC While Russia celebrated Victory Day, Ukraine celebrated its own victories in the current war. Ukrainian forces launched an offensive against Putin’s troops north of Kharkiv, liberated... Read more

Form troops, mobilize the reserve. Belarus has said the "military threat" near the border has intensified

7 hours ago Author of the photo, Twitter of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus Caption to the photo, Viktor Gulevich, Chief of the Belarusian General Staff The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus Viktor... Read more

The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk has died

3 hours ago Author of the photo, UNIAN The first president of independent Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk, died at the age of 89. This was announced by the Commissioner for Children’s Rights Mykola Kuleba, MP Iryna Herashchenko, as well as a... Read more

Azovstal's face: "Azov" published a photo of wounded soldiers

4 hours ago Photo by Azov – Mariupol The Ukrainian military, which is defending Mariupol, has published photos of wounded soldiers at the Azovstal plant. A separate special unit “Azov”, which published a photo in its telegram channel, emphasizes that... Read more

"I have fulfilled the will of the Ukrainian people – to destroy the USSR." Quotes from Leonid Kravchuk

2 hours ago Photo by Getty Images Leonid Kravchuk has always been considered an excellent speaker and interlocutor. Quotes from his numerous interviews and speeches have been retold from decade to decade. Some of them have survived only in the... Read more