Poland and Ukraine signed an important document in the field of defense – Shmygal

The Ukrainian prime minister did not divulge the content of the agreements with the Polish side, but emphasized their importance for the country’s defense capability. On Thursday, May 5, during a visit to Warsaw for the “Donors for Ukraine” conference,... Read more

War with Russia claimed the lives of at least 3,280 Ukrainians, almost the same number were injured – UN

1183 men, 749 women, 86 boys and 72 girls died, while the sex of 73 children and 1117 adults has not yet been determined. Losses among civilians since February 24 amounted to 6731 persons, including 3280 dead. This is reported... Read more

Scholz does not expect an early end to the war in Ukraine, while his Czech counterpart spoke in favor of isolating Russia

At the same time, none of the goals of the invasion that Russia had planned was achieved. Russia has not achieved its goals in Ukraine, but it is demonstrating its readiness to further destroy the country, so there is no... Read more

150 people from Azovstal are already receiving the necessary assistance – Zelensky

The Ukrainian president assured that the search continues for a solution to save the Ukrainian military, heroically holding the line in Mariupol. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky reported on how the rescue operation from Mariupol is going on. He spoke... Read more

The UN is confident that Russia's actions in Ukraine can be recognized as war crimes: details

There are numerous cases of civilian deaths. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR – ed.) collects testimonies and evidence in Ukraine of violations committed during the Russian invasion, which can be recognized as war... Read more

Review of the children's tablet Digma Citi Kids

The Digma CITI Kids tablet is positioned as a children’s tablet, and this is noticeable both in appearance and in the software installed in it. The device is made in bright colors, with rubber pads on the corners, and the... Read more

Overview of the laser rangefinder Hoto (Xiaomi)

The main feature of this model is the connection to the phone and the ability to build dimensions on manually created drawings or photographs of objects. The maximum measuring distance is 30 meters, powered by a built-in 200mAh battery, charged... Read more

We expand the capabilities of the bike computer. Overview of heart rate sensors (H6M) and cadence (BK467) CooSpo

Today’s post is about a pair of wireless (Bluetooth / ANT+) sensors from CooSpo. Consider two models: the H6M chest pulse sensor and the BK467 universal cadence/speed sensor. Despite the fact that the bike computer appears in the name, these... Read more

Review of the gaming chair GameLab Monos Black (GL-500)

Gaming chairs are gaining popularity due to the appearance of budget models. A large number of seat, backrest, armrest and material options have been released, giving manufacturers more freedom to combine all this variety to achieve specific goals. GameLab MONOS... Read more

Inse Z8 cordless vacuum cleaner review

In cordless vacuum cleaners, suction power is important, since the more it is, the less time you need to spend on cleaning. The review evaluates the real suction power of the Inse Z8 cordless vacuum cleaner. Description of cordless vacuum... Read more

History of camera phones. Let's remember what they were

Now the presence of a good camera in a smartphone does not surprise anyone. But once upon a time, in order to get a good picture from a phone, it was necessary that a good photomodule was built into the... Read more

Windows will also be affected by import substitution. State structures begin to switch to the Russian operating system

Windows will also be affected by import substitution. Government agencies begin to switch to the Russian OS / Information security, Laws, Programs, software, websites / iXBT Live Read more

Review of the ThundeaL TD97 LED projector, or Why go to the cinema?

Once again, Chinese manufacturers confirm the fact that their equipment is able to compete with devices from famous brands. Once again, I am convinced that the phrase “China” is no longer synonymous with the word “junk”. In today’s review, I... Read more

Review of Baseus Bowie M2 wireless TWS headphones: good noise reduction and autonomy

Baseus Bowie M2 headphones fell into my hands, I tested them and now I’m telling you. In short, the headphones are quite good: good smooth sound without enhancements, really working noise reduction, really working transparency mode, working with the application,... Read more

What are integrated amplifiers and what are they

An integrated amplifier is one of the main components on which the sound quality of an audio system depends. And for a “professional music lover” sound quality is a vital parameter and something that he is ready to, well, practically... Read more

The Easy Way to Install ArchLinux in 2022

In the modern Linux community, there is an opinion that installing Archlinux is a very complicated and tedious process, and an unprepared user should not even try to flatter this jungle. In this article, we will try to visually refute... Read more

Google Pixel 6 Smartphone Review: The Vanguard of Mobile Photography

Read more

The story of how I tried to switch to Linux as the main OS

It just doesn’t sit well for me. I’ve seen enough stories on YouTube that Linux is a wonderful system. Beautiful, simple, user-friendly and windows in general are evil. Well, even I don’t know what kind of horse bit me, let... Read more

iRobot i7+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Battery Recovery

It turned out that for a year and a half in the off state, the battery of the iRobot robot vacuum cleaner “kills itself”, and it is no longer possible to restore it without disassembling the battery. Well, I took... Read more

Treat yourself to watching TV on the big screen even in the country. Overview of the projector Hiper Cinema A2 with DVB-T2 support

Treat yourself to watching TV on the big screen even in the country. Overview of the Hiper Cinema A2 projector with DVB-T2 support / Projectors, TV, TV boxes and set-top boxes / iXBT Live Read more

Review of mega-budget in-ear headphones Hiper TWS OKI

In this review, let’s talk about mega budget TWS headphones called TWS OKI or as they are also called HTW-LX1 from HIPER. It’s amazing that in our time you can still buy any wireless headphones for that kind of money.... Read more

Redmi Note 12 is cancelled, replaced by Redmi Note 11T. He will receive SoC Dimensity 8000, a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh and support for 67-watt charging

Xiaomi today published the second version of the official teaser presented on April 26th. In the first version, the name of the new line was not indicated , in the second it is present. Rumors that another line will be... Read more

Expensive flagship Sony Xperia 1 IV will be the first Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 smartphone with a 4K screen and will receive a 3.5 mm jack

Sony continues to prepare fans for the presentation of the flagship smartphone Sony Xperia 1 IV, which will be announced on May 11 along with the mid-range Xperia 10 IV model. Sony Xperia 1 III First, Sony said that this... Read more

The cheapest smartphone with Dimensity 8100 and 150-watt charging. The flagship Realme GT Neo3 entered the global market

The cheapest smartphone with Dimensity 8100 and 150-watt charging, called Realme GT Neo3, entered the world market. The first country outside of China, where they offer to buy it, was India. The base version of the Realme GT Neo3 with... Read more