A fire in the capital of India claimed the lives of 27 people: video

A large office building caught fire in Delhi. On Friday, May 13, a large-scale fire broke out in an office building in New Delhi, the capital of India, in the afternoon. The incident killed 27 people. It is reported by... Read more

Zelensky awarded 212 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with state awards

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on awarding state awards to 212 servicemen of the Armed Forces. The head of state said this in a video message on May 13. “Traditionally, I signed a decree on rewarding our... Read more

Budget headphones Hiper TWS Lazo X10 Black

Hello friends, today we will consider an interesting and budget analogue of Apple AirPods headphones in black, HIPER TWS Lazo X10 Black headphones. Let’s not forget about unpacking and a detailed review of the appearance with nuances. Don’t forget to... Read more

Review of the tablet Digma Optima 10 A500S

The Optima 10 A500S is a budget version of a tablet that does not require high performance and high-quality cameras for professional photography, it is more suitable as a hiking option for watching movies on the road, reading books or... Read more

FX-Audio showed a new budget stereo amplifier FX 502E-L

While there is a new quarantine in China due to the coronavirus epidemic, new technology is presented on video presentations. On the alibaba platform, the Chinese manufacturer of affordable audio equipment FX-Audio showed its new products on video. We will... Read more

Google, following Apple, restricts users of its services. What is the danger of such sanctions?

Google, following Apple, restricts users of its services. What is the danger of such sanctions? / Information security, Laws, Programs, software, sites / iXBT Live Read more

Red Square Keyrox TKL Skeleton wired mechanical keyboard review

Red Square makes peripherals that are a pleasure to use out of the box. You can find a device to your liking and wallet. And to maintain the image, the company regularly updates existing or releases new devices. Red Square... Read more

Wireless speaker Tronsmart Bang: review of a powerful boombox with light and music effects

Modern and powerful (60 W) Tronsmart Bang wireless speaker with IPX6 protection. A great option for outdoor recreation and in the company. The wide handle allows you to conveniently use the column as a portable one, and TuneConn technology makes... Read more

Modern clock in the interior: an overview of trends for the living room, kitchen, bedroom

Clocks in the interior are still relevant, the abundance of gadgets is not able to replace them. However, modern interior clocks bear little resemblance to those that were 10 years ago. How to choose a functional accessory that will effectively... Read more

Duwi 32012 extension test

Inexpensive Duwi extension cords are sold in many Russian stores and on Internet sites. And Auchan this extension cord with a three-meter wire and four sockets with grounding costs 320 rubles. I studied this extension and checked what the cores... Read more

Overview of the ultra-thin optical keyboard Keychron K7 "65% format" with the possibility of wireless operation

Overview of the ultra-thin optical keyboard Keychron K7 “65% format” with the possibility of wireless operation / Mice, keyboards, office and gaming peripherals / iXBT Live Read more

QOA Barbados Sunrise review: hybrid headphones with their own unique character

I have been following Queen Of Audio headphones for a long time and very closely. Among them there were such a number of frank hits that there is no point in listing them. And now, after quite a long time,... Read more

What does the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy look like? EHT astronomers have obtained the first photo proving the existence of this object

Three years after the publication of the first-ever photo of a black hole , astronomers from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project published the second such image. This time, scientists have captured a supermassive black hole at the center of... Read more

OLED panel 95 inches, 8K and 120Hz. BOE showed the TV of the near future

According to a Chinese source, BOE has launched “the industry’s first ultra-large 8K OLED display” in the home market. This is a prototype, there are no plans for mass production yet, but such TVs should appear on sale in the... Read more

Following the benefits for parcels, they may introduce benefits for the import of cars. The State Duma proposes to introduce a preferential duty of 5% when importing a car into the country by an individual

The Russian market for new cars is in deep crisis , the secondary market is also falling. Factories are idle , brands are leaving the country, spare parts are growing in price, but you need to drive something. To revive... Read more

VKontakte will launch a marketplace for NFT tokens. Platform users will be able to create and sell unique content

VKontakte is creating a marketplace for NFT tokens, within which users, for example, will be able to create and sell their own unique stickers, as well as other user-generated content in the form of NFTs. This was announced on the... Read more

VK Video technologies open to third-party services

The VKontakte team announced that developers of third-party IT services will be able to use the technologies of the VK Video video platform in their products. This was announced at the HighLoad ++ Foundation conference by the technical director of... Read more

SoC Qualcomm and Android 12. Samsung has released a new generation of low-cost Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung Electronics has introduced an updated version of the inexpensive tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in Europe. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022) is an upgraded version of the 2020 model that upgraded from Android 10 to Android... Read more

Google announces prices for Pixel 6a for the international market

Google recently introduced its new smartphone Pixel 6a . However, at the time of the announcement at the Google I / O 2022 conference, US prices were announced. Now, Google has revealed the details of the international release. Like the... Read more

Why AvtoVAZ cannot resume production: Chinese suppliers let down

The Governor of the Samara Region, Dmitry Azarov, told reporters that AvtoVAZ had agreed with Chinese companies on the supply of components, but due to the lockdown in China, they could not be produced and delivered on time. For this... Read more

Microsoft introduced a built-in VPN for the Edge browser

Microsoft has officially introduced its own VPN service for its Edge browser built into the Windows operating system. It’s called the Secure Network. The VPN is currently available in preview through the Canary test channel to a limited number of... Read more

NASA creates "virtual Mars" based on Unreal Engine 5

The American Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA has launched a project to create a virtual environment to prepare astronauts for life on Mars based on the Unreal Engine 5 engine from Epic Games. The project is said to be at... Read more

AvtoVAZ may come under “reliable Russian management” by the end of the month

The governor of the Samara region, Dmitry Azarov, said that by the end of May, the domestic automobile concern AvtoVAZ could be transferred under Russian control. “I expect that all the formalities will be settled in May and the enterprise... Read more

The VK.ru domain no longer belongs to the confectionery factory. "VKontakte" bought it

The social network VKontakte bought the domain name VK.ru, which for a long time was owned by the confectionery factory Vernost Kachestvo LLC. One of the reasons for buying a domain in the company is the ability to protect users... Read more

Very thick, but with a QWERTY keyboard and inexpensive. Presented smartphone Unihertz Titan Slim

The BlackBerry brand seems to have left the market forever, but smartphones with full physical keyboards still have some demand. And today, fans of such devices are probably having a holiday. Unihertz introduced the Titan Slim on Kikcstarter. This is... Read more