Five weeks under Russian shelling: how a 77-year-old owner of an animal shelter survived the occupation along with her wards

February 24 will forever remain in the memory of the seventy-seven-year-old owner of the shelter, Asya Serpinskaya, as one of the most terrible days in her life. Enemy planes flew over her head, and shells exploded nearby, but she was... Read more

Polina Logunova revealed the details of the divorce from Dmitry Stupka: “We were moving towards this”

In early April, blogger Polina Logunova stunned with a statement that she was breaking up with actor Dmitry Stupka. The celebrity noted that they have not yet officially dissolved the marriage, however, they are already “at the finish line.” All... Read more

New "claps": explosions thundered in the center of Belgorod (video)

In social networks, residents publish videos in which claps are heard and a car alarm is triggered after that. The explosion thundered at midnight in the center of Russian Belgorod. This is reported by the mouthpiece of Russian propaganda RIA... Read more

Shure Aonic 50 headphones review

I recently talked about the Shure Aonic 215 headphones. In short, I liked the sound and even felt nostalgic. But it all ended there – a difficult landing, the price and a number of other points did not allow me... Read more

The main fakes and disinformation that the enemy used on May 2: a list

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian propagandists have been coming up with new fakes every day to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Experts from the Center for Counteracting Disinformation under the National Security and Defense... Read more

France announced increased tension in Transnistria

The fighting in Transnistria stopped in 1992, but the Russian military is still there. Because of the war in Ukraine, the situation in Transnistria is becoming more tense. This was announced by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a... Read more

Rocket strike: in Odessa, rescuers eliminated the consequences of the attack of the "Russian world"

The boy died as a result of the shelling. At 18:45 on May 2, the rescue service received a message that a two-story residential building had been destroyed and caught fire due to rockets hitting it . This was reported... Read more

Feel like a god. How to activate god mode in Windows 7, 10 and 11 operating systems

Feel like a god. How to activate god mode in Windows 7, 10 and 11 operating systems / Information security, Laws, Programs, software, sites / iXBT Live Read more

Bort BTK-30E review: a set of hand tools for household electrical work and more

There are a fairly large number of all kinds of tool kits designed for car repairs, but there are not so many kits focused on electrical work. In today’s review, we will talk about the Bort BTK-30E hand tool set.... Read more

Raptgo Hook-X: review of hybrid headphones with planar and piezoelectric drivers

Recently, we have reviewed headphones of almost all types and configurations, but Raptgo still has something to surprise us with. In the new Hook-X hybrid model, they managed to combine a 14.2mm planar driver with a double-sided 9-layer piezoelectric driver.... Read more

What to look for when choosing a vacuum sealer

A vacuum sealer is a loyal kitchen worker who is responsible for extending the shelf life of food. He extracts the air from their packaging. Consequently, microbes cannot multiply in such an environment and products last much longer. In this... Read more

The Air Force destroyed the drone of the invaders, the cost of which is estimated at $ 7 million

In just one day, May 2, Ukrainian defenders managed to eliminate at least eight air targets of the invaders. The piloted aircraft of the enemy over the past day did not actually enter the zone of operation of the Ukrainian... Read more

Biden has a great desire to visit Ukraine, but the details of the visit are not being worked out yet – Psaki

First of all, the US administration is interested in reopening the US embassy in Kyiv. US President Joe Biden is very eager to visit Ukraine, but due to the security situation, these plans are not yet being worked out. This... Read more

Odesa, May 2. Kiwi aides were detained, shelling, provocations and a long curfew

2 May 2022, 09:29 GMT Photo by DBR The State Bureau of Investigation has detained a proxy in the Odesa region, former fugitive Ilya Kiva, who fled to Russia. The detainee could have planned provocations in Odesa and other regions.... Read more

Blood and shelling daily. As they now live in Lysychansk

Andrew Harding BBC News, Lisichansk 2 May 2022, 09:16 GMT Photo by Getty Images Caption to the photo, Most residents of Lysychansk have left, and those who remain live in appalling conditions under constant shelling Russian troops are moving slowly... Read more

"Oh, red viburnum in the meadow." The story of the song from Sich shooters to Khlyvnyuk and Pink Floyd

April 8, 2022 Members of the legendary British rock band Pink Floyd have reunited for the first time in almost 30 years to record a song in support of Ukraine with musician Andriy Khlyvnyuk. David Gilmore and Nick Mason, two... Read more

Stories from Bucha: "We were buried alive"

Residential complex “Continent” is located near the railway station in Bucha. It was home to six hundred families. They lived there for three weeks, constantly looting apartments, shelling Irpen and drinking alcohol. Our correspondent Roman Lebed talked to residents who... Read more

Pensioner from Chernihiv: "We are still dancing in the park"

In the war-torn Chernihiv, seasoned gardener Oleksandr Vedula is preparing seedlings and waiting for the opening of the dance season in the city park. Read more

Lavrov compared Zelensky to Hitler because of his Jewish blood. What is known about the diplomatic scandal

2 May 2022, 10:01 GMT Photo by Getty Images The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted sharply to the statement of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in which he compared Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with Hitler. The Israeli Foreign Ministry... Read more

"Children in Mariupol drank water from puddles to survive"

Jane Morgan BBC Wales 9 hours ago Caption to the photo, Natalia communicates with Julia as often as possible to support her friend in difficult times Hearing that her friend’s children were drinking rainwater from puddles, Natalia Roberts decided to... Read more

"Two months of darkness." The story of the evacuee from "Azovstal"

7 hours ago Photo by Reuters According to Ukrainian authorities, on May 1, about 100 people were evacuated from the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol with the help of the United Nations and the Red Cross. Natalia Usmanova, who spent... Read more

The West has provided heavy weapons to Ukraine. How it breaks Russia's plans

6 hours ago After fierce battles between the Ukrainian army and Russian troops, the West has finally decided to provide Ukraine with heavy weapons. These are howitzers, armored personnel carriers, anti-aircraft systems, “smart ammunition”. This could have a significant impact... Read more

Artillery plays badminton. One day in the life of Kharkiv that the Russians could not take

Oksana Necheporenko for BBC News Ukraine, Kharkiv 3 hours ago Photo by Getty Images I knew before the war that I would not leave Kharkiv. When my colleagues, realizing the degree of danger, discussed options for action, I only tried... Read more

Missile strike in Odessa: a 14-year-old boy was killed and a 17-year-old girl was injured

2 May 2022, 18:24 GMT Updated: 1 hour ago Photo by Getty Images On Monday evening, May 2, the Russians launched a missile strike on Odessa . It is known that there are dead and wounded, including children. The shelling... Read more

Bayraktar bombed Russian boats, Lavrov angered Israel, and the Russians attacked Lysychansk. BBC Television 02.05.2022.

2 hours ago Evacuation of civilians from Mariupol’s Azovstal. A column of more than a hundred people is heading to Zaporizhia. According to our correspondent Laura Bicker, the arrival of buses with Mariupol residents is delayed. The two-day ceasefire killed... Read more