Pulitzer Prize winners 2022 announced in the USA: a complete list of publications and journalists

The most prestigious American award in journalism this year was for stories about the attack of Trump supporters on the Capitol, the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and the fight against COVID-19 in India. On Monday, May 9, Columbia... Read more

An 82-year-old volunteer with a team sews a stretcher to the front line, although he used to develop warhead sights

Two wars for one life – first, Vladimir Tsvilodub survived Kyiv occupied by the Nazis as a child, and now – a war from Russia. An engineer who, ironically, has been developing infrared sights for warheads of military missiles all... Read more

“We will meet with open arms”: Arestovich told how to surrender to the mobilized “LDNR”

Russians “mobilize” Ukrainians from ORDLO and force them to fight against their own Motherland. Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, told how those mobilized from the so-called “LPR” to surrender. He said this in a conversation... Read more

Numerology and the occult – the Russian elite is increasingly addicted to pseudo-magical teachings

Following the example of the Nazi Wehrmacht, the Kremlin is trying to put occult practices at the service of its aggressive plans. The war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine, it seems, also did not go without attempts to achieve the... Read more

Exhibition of icons on cartridge boxes presented in Kyiv region

A cycle of icons dedicated to Mariupol was presented in the Bila Tserkva under the open sky – classical Byzantine images complemented the landscapes of the unbending city on the boxes of cartridges. The first visitors to the exhibition were... Read more

“A blow not only to Ukraine”: Zelensky warned the world about the threat of hunger due to Russia blocking ports

Zelensky said that without Ukrainian agricultural exports, dozens of countries in different regions of the world are already on the verge of food shortages. President Charles Michel visited Odessa on May 9 and made sure that the Russian Federation blocked... Read more

Fuel will go to Ukraine through Romanian and Polish ports: prices will stabilize at UAH 40

Soon queues at gas stations should decrease and prices should stabilize as a result of state control. Gasoline should fall in price less than 40 hryvnia per liter, and diesel should not cost more than 43 hryvnia. This is reported... Read more

Urgent need: Biden urged Congress to immediately approve $33 billion allocation to Ukraine

The head of the White House explained that the States cannot allow the cessation of aid supplies to Ukraine. United States President Joe Biden called on the US Congress to quickly approve the allocation of $ 33 billion in aid... Read more

His grandfather fought against fascism, and he has been fighting against rashism for the eighth year: the story of commander Alexander Vdovichenko

History repeats itself not only in the way the enemy was portrayed in Nazi Germany. And so now – Russian propaganda depicts Ukrainians, but – in offensive battles with which the Russian army tried to take Kyiv. They sharpened –... Read more

An 82-year-old volunteer with a team sews a stretcher to the front lines, although he used to develop warhead sights

Two wars for one life – first, Vladimir Tsvilodub survived Kyiv occupied by the Nazis as a child, and now – a war from Russia. The engineer, ironically, who has been developing infrared sights for warheads of military missiles all... Read more

Russian officers refuse to follow orders from their commanders – Pentagon

The military of the Russian Federation are experiencing problems with logistics. The Pentagon said that Russian mid-level officers refuse to follow the orders of their commanders and do not act according to plan. CNN writes about this with reference to... Read more

"No time to romanticize Russia": the leader of the Scorpions told how the idea was born to change the words of the legendary song in support of Ukraine

The legendary rock band Scorpions, like many others, supports Ukraine and condemns Russia, which has invaded the territory of an independent state with hostility. In particular, the band’s vocalist Klaus Meine said that he was actively following the news, so... Read more

"Russia brought the evil of total war to Europe": Zelensky spoke about a meeting in Kyiv with an EU official

The Ukrainian president expressed gratitude to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe for her visit, by which she expressed her support for Ukraine, which is suffering from Russian aggression. On Monday, May 9, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky... Read more

Everyone cried and gave a standing ovation: the Vice Speaker of the Estonian Parliament emotionally sang the song "Brother of Ukraine"

The whole world supports Ukrainians who heroically defend their country from Russian invaders. In particular, the vice-speaker of the Estonian parliament, Hanno Pevkur, did not stand aside either. The politician, speaking at a talent show in Estonia, decided to dedicate... Read more

The enemy bombards Nikolaev with forbidden cluster bombs and fires at civilians from planes

Mykolaiv region continues to take a hit – the enemy daily hits the regional center and its environs with long-range missiles, artillery, and mines. In this direction, the Russian invaders often shoot with banned cluster shells, they use them both... Read more

Despite the actions of Russia in Kyiv, there are Ukrainians who, near the Memorial of Eternal Glory, call for reconciliation with their neighbor

Ukraine celebrates the Day of Victory over Nazism – on this day, mass events near the Memorial of Eternal Glory were traditionally held in Kyiv, but this year, due to martial law, this is prohibited. During martial law, it is... Read more

Review of Full HD-projector Touyinger L7 on 1LCD technology: opinion after six months of use

I have been interested in the topic of inexpensive projectors from China for more than two years. During this time I tried a dozen different models of these devices. I chose the first model for availability and rather for the... Read more

Review of penny Roxar watches that impress with their calendar

Good morning, dear visitors of “Live”. And first, I would like to congratulate everyone who celebrates Victory Day! Today I will continue to “dig” into the very, very bottoms of the watch, and for this I will have to get... Read more

GeForce RTX 3060-level integrated graphics card. Ryzen 7000 APUs can get an ultra-performance iGPU

The mobile processors of the Ryzen 7000 line, according to the latest leaks, will receive an even more productive iGPU than the Ryzen 6000, which are far ahead of all competitors in this indicator. But the new data is even... Read more

Harper HB-715 Review: Affordable Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

The presence of an active noise cancellation system in modern headphones has long been the prerogative of extremely expensive models. But now some manufacturers have decided to bring this technology to the masses. A striking example of this is the... Read more

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC to Be Produced by TSMC

Qualcomm will reportedly release its flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC later this year, according to verified insider Digital Chat Station. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 has model number SM8550 while Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has model number SM8450. The new... Read more

Bafang M510 Electric Bicycle Center Motor Upgrade

In mid-March, Bafang, a major Chinese electric vehicle motor manufacturer, announced an upgrade to its M500 motor for electric MTB bikes. The M510 retains the same high torque as its 95 Nm predecessor, while weighing half a kilogram lighter and... Read more

6.6" OLED screen 240Hz, up to 1.25TB flash storage, 47MP Leica camera with 5000mAh. The unique camera phone Sharp Aquos R7 is presented

In Japan, the top-end smartphone Sharp Aquos R7 is presented. This model is notable for a number of parameters, and is completely incomparable with some global models. For example, Aquos R7 received a screen with a maximum frame rate of... Read more

Three hits in one box: KZ EDA dynamic headphones review

We’ve already seen everything. In order to add tuning capabilities to headphones, someone goes for replaceable sound guides, someone adds filters to compensation holes, and a system of one or more switches is built into more expensive models. The KZ... Read more

Xiaomi 12S Pro will be the company's first flagship without Qualcomm

In the second half of the year, Xiaomi plans to announce a number of flagships, including Xiaomi 12S and Xiaomi 12S Pro. Previously, it was assumed that these models will receive a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus single-chip system, but... Read more