7 gadgets of December


  1. Bosch IXO screwdriver
  2. Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i
  3. Xiaomi screwdrivers
  4. Vsmart Joy 4
  5. Kindle Paperwhite
  6. Sony PlayStation 5 and Cyberpunk 2077
  7. HP Deskjet Plus Ink Advantage 6475 MFP and HP RENEW 15 Backpack
  8. DJI Mavic 2 EA
  9. Conclusion

Bosch IXO screwdriver

Price: about 4 rubles
Corkscrew attachment: about 1 rubles

Suddenly, they offered a Bosch IXO screwdriver. At first I wanted to refuse, because where are the gadgets, and where are the screwdriver, and then I watched the presentation and changed my mind. Perhaps the whole point is that the screwdriver is charged, like a real gadget, via microUSB, or perhaps due to the fact that the kit promised to provide a corkscrew attachment for opening wine.

But let’s order.

The screwdriver is delivered in a nice plastic box. In a box of 10 bits (not HDR, but also normal), an adapter and a charging wire, as well as a thick instruction. Given the size and design of the box, you can buy it as a gift, because a screwdriver is a useful thing in the house.

7 gadgets of December

The screwdriver weighs 350 grams, and the full charging time is 3.5 hours. It can be charged from the USB port of a computer. The screwdriver has a charge indicator consisting of three diodes. The idle speed is 215 rpm, and the maximum torque when screwing in hard / soft materials is 3 / 4,5 Nm.

7 gadgets of December

It should be understood that this is a small household screwdriver for everyday use. However, I tried it out in combat while assembling a bed from Ikea. In general, it copes very well, but the length of the spout is not enough, so I had to take an additional long flexible nozzle. Great when you need to tighten something carefully without damaging the screw. By pressing force, you can adjust the rotation speed, and on top there is a switch for reverse. A small flashlight was mounted above the nozzle, which automatically turns on, just press the button lightly.

7 gadgets of December

I liked how Bosch tried to expand the scope. In addition to various additional angle attachments and drilling attachments, there are also attachments for the home and garden. I especially liked the corkscrew nozzle, but it would have been May, I would definitely have asked for another nozzle for igniting coals.

7 gadgets of December

Wine opener sold separately. It looks like this.

7 gadgets of December

The wine opening process goes like this. We hold the nozzle firmly and first screw in the corkscrew, then switch to reverse, and the screwdriver pulls out the plug.

7 gadgets of December7 gadgets of December

Besides green, there is also a cool pink color. Such a pleasant toy for big boys and girls, which will definitely be used at home. In a week of testing, I managed to tweak and tighten everything in the apartment that was possible and impossible.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i

Price: from 175 000 rubles

The Yoga Slim 9i, starting at RUB 175 on the 11th generation of Intel processors, is an opportunity to look into the future and find out what premium compact laptops will be like in 2021.

This is a laptop on the Intel Evo platform, that is, the most advanced and balanced solution. Along the way, the top cover of the laptop was made of leather. By the way, I have no questions about reliability and appearance, since when writing one material as part of the experiment, I pasted leather on my laptop. A couple of years have passed, and everything is still fine.

7 gadgets of December7 gadgets of December

It looks like a 12-inch laptop in size, but in fact there is a 14-inch touchscreen with 4K resolution and support for Dolby Vision. The picture, of course, looks gorgeous (90% DCI-P3, brightness 500 nits), and Windows sets the scale to 300%. Cool solution that Dolby Atmos speakers were placed on the sides of the keyboard.

7 gadgets of December

The laptop has a very interesting touchpad. It uses a vibration motor, that is, the touchpad is not pressed, but there is a complete feeling that it is being pressed. I, frankly, initially forgot about this feature (and at the presentation a few months ago it was given a lot of attention) and first carefully studied the touchpad, trying to understand what was happening. The thought was that the whole panel bends down, and only then I remembered about the vibration response. In short, if you see a laptop in a store – be sure to go and touch the touchpad. You touched this one.

7 gadgets of December

There are two laptop options, 4K and Full HD. The difference is in the battery life. 4K is 8-9 hours of everyday activities (I had such a laptop on my test), Full HD (400 nits, 100% sRGB) – this is 14-15 hours of “honest” work. If you decide to take Full HD (and in my opinion, this is the best choice for such a screen diagonal), then do not look at the picture at 4K. In this regard, I condemn Lenovo, since the manufacturer seems to be pushing to buy exactly 4K.

7 gadgets of December

Xiaomi screwdrivers

Price: about 2 rubles

Suddenly Xiaomi complimented and sent a set of screwdrivers. This is a set for working with equipment. As many as 24 different attachments will allow you to twist the screws of the most unexpected shape. Pleased with the quality of the work.

The screwdriver and bits are housed in a thick metal case with a push-to-operate latch. Pressed, and the pencil case with nozzles pops out.

7 gadgets of December7 gadgets of December

I liked that everything is magnetic: the substrate, where the nozzles lie, so that they briskly jump into their recess, and the tips of the nozzles themselves, and the screwdriver.

7 gadgets of December

The thing is useful, stylish, and given the quality of workmanship, it is also a great gift for the New Year or February 23rd. As in the case of a screwdriver, such a set of screwdrivers will please, in my opinion, anyone, even if a person is not connected with technology.

Vsmart Joy 4

Price: from 10 777 rubles

A review about this smartphone was released last week. On the one hand, this is another budget device, but very nice. Frankly, I want him to have sales in the Russian market, as this will spur Vsmart to try even more. Good hardware, fresh clean Android without ads, big battery, screen quality better than the market average. Vsmart are great fellows that make a good product without saving on useful little things. If you haven’t read it, then see the review.

7 gadgets of December

Kindle Paperwhite

Price: 13 000 rubles

Recently there was an article about the results of the year for e-books with E-Ink screens. And it says that there are “readers” already on Android 10 and color screens have appeared. I myself have been waiting for a long time when there will be color e-INK screens. However, I read all the descriptions of processors, versions of Android, thoughts about the size of RAM, then I washed myself very thoroughly, with a sponge, and, becoming creaky clean in all, even the most inaccessible places, I went and bought the girl as a gift for the new year a Kindle Paperwhite with protection from the water.

7 gadgets of December

Gently opened, checked, registered in her name, updated the firmware, looked at how the backlight works, appreciated the overall responsiveness of the touch screen, the simplicity and consistency of the menu. And I came to the conclusion that I will buy myself an E-Ink book with a color screen exactly when Amazon releases a Kindle with a color screen. And all these pocketbooks, onyxes, digmas are all from the evil one, for those who love trials.

7 gadgets of December

Sony PlayStation 5 and Cyberpunk 2077

An unpleasant-looking seller on Gorbushka, lounging among the PlayStation 5 boxes, scratched his belly and idly said: “65”. And this is for Digital Only! The version with the drive costs under 80 thousand.

I want a Sony PlayStation 5 for myself to play all sorts of games on it. And especially in Cyberpunk 2077. It was extremely upsetting that this New Year would not be celebrated in warm countries, but thoughts about the console pleasantly lulled. I decided not to search for the console at the start, reasoning that there may be bugs and glitches and it is better to wait a month to take it before the New Year. But with PS 5 there was a shortage, which was even beaten on Saturday Night Live, remaking Eminem’s song “Stan”. However, the internal toad did not allow me to pay 80 thousand for the prefix.

I can’t say that I’ve been looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 for a long time and passionately, but I like the theme of the game, the setting, in general, the world of the future – it’s always interesting, cool that Keanu Reeves was added. I did not play the game and did not even watch the streams, and in general I carefully avoid all news and plot spoilers, so as not to spoil the pleasure.

When Cyberpunk 2077 was removed from the Sony store, I wasn’t too upset. They will just fix the bugs, the deficit for the console will decrease, and ray tracing will be brought up. So you can wait. All the same, while I play “Vikings”.

7 gadgets of December

HP Deskjet Plus Ink Advantage 6475 MFP and HP RENEW 15 Backpack

Price: 8 790 rubles

MFPs from HP. Top model in the line.

7 gadgets of December

Pay attention to the key characteristics that the company highlights. And remember, they should get you to buy.

  • Eco-friendly design (the body is more than 20% eco-friendly plastic)
  • Intelligent interface. The simple and intuitive control panel features customizable backlighting that displays printer status and automatically lights up when needed to notify you of Wi-Fi connection status.
  • Wide connectivity options. Users can choose the most convenient way to connect the device. In addition to the standard built-in USB connection and mobile printing with the HP Smart app, you can use the self-healing dual-band Wi-Fi adapter to test and troubleshoot for extended range and faster, more stable connections. The models also support Bluetooth® 5.0 technology, which is easy to set up and lets you start printing in seconds.
  • Advanced consumables. With innovative HP ink cartridges, every print is brilliant and color accurate.
  • The HP DeskJet Plus Ink Advantage 6475 features duplex printing and a 35-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) to help minimize interruptions.

In the meantime, you are thinking whether to buy a printer or not, I want to share a cool backpack. They sent me an HP Envy 15 for the test, which included an HP RENEW 15 Backpack. Both the laptop and the backpack, by the way, really liked it. It was even a pity to return.

I remembered about the backpack, because, like the printer, it is also very environmentally friendly and made of some kind of recycled materials, as indicated by tags on a special eco-friendly string. Like, 85% of the exterior of the backpack is made from recycled materials. And although the backpack itself is packed in a plastic bag, it says on it that please recycle.

7 gadgets of December7 gadgets of December

However, I liked the backpack for its laconic design and convenience. Two pockets. One for a laptop sized 15-16 inches, the other for everyday stuff. A comfortable strap to carry a backpack in your hands (probably some kind of eco-leather or who knows what).

7 gadgets of December7 gadgets of December7 gadgets of December7 gadgets of December

Most of all I liked the way the backpack sits on the back. Firstly, even if you carry two laptops at once, your back and shoulders will not get tired. Secondly, the backpack is quite compact and flat. The retail price of a backpack is about 4 thousand rubles, which is very inexpensive. The only thing that remained out of sight is how quickly the backpack gets wet (the official specifications indicate that the fabric is waterproof). I will try to write more about the backpack in the review of the Envy 15 laptop.

7 gadgets of December7 gadgets of December

DJI Mavic 2 EA

It seems that everyone has already had it, but I just got interested in drones. And just then DJI introduced the flagship drone Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. The main feature of the new drone is the thermal imager. And also you can connect various modules to it: a spotlight, a speaker, a signal light. So drones will be able to illuminate the path of ground groups or transmit some kind of message, and signal fire will allow them to notice the drone from afar. The only thing I didn’t understand is why you can only connect one of them. Maybe the drone should shine with a searchlight and speak into a loudspeaker.

As you understand from the name, this is a b2b product, so it is unlikely that you will be able to get it for review.

The drone itself looks like this:

7 gadgets of December

The frame from the thermal camera is like this:

7 gadgets of December

It can fly at a speed of 72 km / h for a little over half an hour. Estimated at almost 300 thousand rubles. I’ll have to get something for testing next year.


2020 turned out to be an extremely unpleasant year, full of work, difficulties and disappointments. Unfortunately, there is no reason to believe that 2021 will be any easier. So do not expect cheerful and encouraging words.

7 gadgets of December

Finally, from the curious, I recommend the recently translated into Russian book by Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings “No Rules: The Unique Culture of Netflix.” I liked the book. Meduza has published one chapter (Reed Hastings tells why he was a supporter of strict rules in business, and then founded Netflix and abandoned them – and became a billionaire. Excerpt from the book “No Rules” – Meduza) for those who want to get acquainted in more detail.

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