“All the money”: how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

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The spring of 2020 came to Russians with a bunch of “good” news. The dollar exchange rate suddenly began to jump like a bunny in a clearing. What does it mean? The game “urgently invest in household appliances”, traditional for domestic consumers, has started with an additional mission “at the old price”. And only the citizens tuned in for hours-long queues, like … Everyone was told to stay at home, to leave only in case of extreme need.

And what to do at home – especially with the whole family? You will not, for example, “stick” to board games from morning till night. If there is no TV, the thought comes by itself, it would be nice for everyone to look at the big screen with comfort. Let’s say the movie is interesting to watch – especially considering the fact that many video services are generous with a free subscription. Or to raise the mood with jokes from YouTube.

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

How to choose a TV? The current situation motivates even the most unbridled spenders to approach large purchases as deliberately as possible. Don’t waste money and look for the best investment options in a budget-saving mode. In this material, we will tell you how to properly and effectively dispose of the amount allocated for the acquisition. And why exactly the fresh line of TVs from Prestigio best fits the definition of a bargain purchase. The rating of Prestigio TVs can be said to your attention.


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  3. 5 facts about the new line of Prestigio TVs
  4. The lineup
  5. Conclusion

About Us

Prestigio, unlike many B-brands, does not lack experience with TVs. The company has been dealing with them for about ten years, and during this time it has managed to perfectly figure out how to make top-end products at an affordable price. And with such technical flavors that competitors never dreamed of. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

Let’s figure it out right away – many companies, in fact, are just resellers who brand finished products without looking. That is, they point the finger at a model in the catalog of a Chinese factory and say: “Here, mold a nameplate on the front panel.” Glitchy firmware, the same design and other “little things” are not of interest to such customers. As well as whether the consumer will enjoy the operation of the purchased product or not.

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

For discerning users, to understand the fact how Prestigio “bothers”, just one phrase is enough – the company uses only its own unique molds for the manufacture of cases. That is, no one else has such an “exterior”. 

By the way, Prestigio TVs are manufactured in Kaliningrad at exactly the same factory as the models of the brands Xiaomi, JVC, Panasonic. And, looking ahead, the matrices in Prestigio TVs are the same as those of the aforementioned companies, only at a price 20-30% lower. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

How to choose a TV that will not harm your health? Here is the following fact. Lead is not used in PCB soldering in Prestigio TVs. As a result, there are no harmful vapors when the devices are heated. This is good to know, especially if your parents or grandparents use the TV. Therefore, if you are thinking about which TV to choose from a health point of view, Prestigio models will come in handy.   

About the main thing in two words pictures

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

There is no MATE version in 40-inch models. There is no MUZE version in 43-inch models. 

5 facts about the new line of Prestigio TVs

Fact number 1. Top screens at an affordable price… Prestigio has a special love for quality displays. So, in 2012, the brand released the Prestigio MultiPad 9.7 Pro tablet with exactly the same matrix that was used in the Apple iPad. The company is now doing the same with TVs. Consumers are offered models equipped with the same matrices that are installed in the products of famous brands. Only the price of Prestigio devices is much lower, by 20-30%, depending on the diagonal of the screen. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

What can we say about “colleagues” in the price category. No other inexpensive TV is able to offer the picture level that a consumer gets in the Prestigio line of models. 

For those who love technical details, here are some details. The number of diodes in the matrices used is at the level of high-price TVs. The screen is brighter, the colors are more juicy and natural. Prestigio does not save on filter films using the latest generation components. As a result, the picture has excellent contrast and fast response time. Moving objects in action scenes are not blurred. We repeat, for well-promoted brands for a similar image quality, you will have to pay at least 20-30%.

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

In addition to vertical and horizontal polarizing filters, additional scattering films are used in the matrices. As a result, backlighting on a white background looks uniform compared to typical low-cost displays. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

Fact number 2. Highest level of build quality… The defect rate in the line is 0,000001%. One millionth of a percent. The chance to get a problem TV is something out of the realm of fantasy. How did Prestigio manage to achieve such results? The secret is in the five-level quality control system.

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

Two inspections are carried out in China. The first one – directly on the production line, the second – before sending the components to Russia. The third stage is an inbound check of all arriving components at an assembly plant in Russia. The fourth inspection is carried out on the assembly line. Finally, the process is completed by selective inspection of finished products in the warehouse of the manufacturing enterprise. 

It is important to note that this is not generally accepted practice, to put it mildly. Since it requires significant financial and human resources. Although – how to look at this question. The “stitched” readers are surely aware that just in inexpensive electronics, almost a third of the price can be made up of the marriage compensation already laid down by the brand. Prestigio prefers a different way – not to “feed” services and upset consumers. And make every effort to produce really high-quality and reliable products. 

This is how a good inexpensive Prestigio TV turns out. Which, in comparison with similarly priced TVs of other brands, very seriously wins in terms of equipment such as advanced tuners or top-class screens. After all, at Prestigio, the consumer pays for excellent performance, and does not compensate the manufacturer for potential defects.

Fact number 3. TV settings and menus couldn’t be easier… Particular attention was paid to modifying standard software shells – this applies to both TV menus and Smart TVs based on Android 7.1. The main goal was to simplify as much as possible, so as to completely eliminate user confusion and the need to wander through sub-items. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

All this is done for the convenience of the user and, above all, for the older generation. So that older users, your grandparents, can easily get used to the modern TV. See for yourself, for example, the settings consist of only five tabs, almost everywhere the list of items fits into one screen. 

The same is with Smart TV – the main menu is represented by a list of horizontally stretched items. There are few sections, there is a quick switch between signal sources, the transition to the media player and settings. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

Fact number 4. Low power consumption… Most often, the review of TVs by journalists does not talk about energy consumption – and completely in vain. Prestigio TVs are as energy-efficient as top-class models from other manufacturers. According to the European energy efficiency classification, the 24-inch model was marked A, and the rest of the diagonals were marked A +! For comparison, Prestigio competitors with similar prices are at best class B or even C. Which means at least 10-15% higher power consumption. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

Meticulous readers will probably object. How so – the stickers included in the kit indicate one, lower power consumption. And in fact, in the characteristics you give a different, higher one. Paradox? Not at all. The fact is that manufacturers indicate the maximum power consumption in the characteristics. The one that will turn out if you turn the screen brightness and sound volume to the maximum. But, most likely, you will never operate the model in this mode, right? That is why there is an indicator of rated power, which is much more close to reality and simulates the average, most realistic and common scenario for using the device. And this is where the fun begins.

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

The maximum power for models from different manufacturers may be the same, but when it comes to the same nominal power, close to reality, the results can vary significantly. So much so that brands most often in every possible way hide the energy efficiency class and the power measured during the tests. There is no information on the back sticker of the TV, nor on the box, nor in the instructions. That is, it is unrealistic to determine the class based on the information available on the Internet. Still, you don’t really boast of classes like B and C. Especially when, for the same price, Prestigio models demonstrate the highest A or A + classes, that is, as in much more expensive TVs of leading brands.   

Fact number 5. “Full minced meat”.

TV tuner… Agree, when you buy a TV, you want to get the widest possible list of supported TV standards. Who wants to then spend money on an additional external tuner, and the extra wires are unlikely to please you. Which TV to choose in this case? Prestigio saves consumers money and, again modeled on more expensive TVs from other brands, offers an advanced multi-format TV tuner. With support including digital terrestrial broadcasting DVB-T2, digital cable DVB-C2 and digital satellite DVB-S2. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

Current connectors… Prestigio TVs are an exclusive development of the brand. This gives the company the opportunity to abandon the standard solutions of Chinese factories and introduce actual, truly demanded options. For example, all models are equipped with an optical cable connector so that you can enjoy the sound of a home theater connected to your TV. Moreover, such an opportunity is present even in the most inexpensive 24-inch devices. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

“Iron”… Both the most affordable 24-inch and flagship (in terms of diagonal size) 43-inch Prestigio models use exactly the same hardware platform – a processor with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. (4 GB available). The performance is enough to play videos with a resolution up to 4k 3840×2160 pixels and a bitrate of at least 100 Mbps or play Asphalt 8 without any “brakes”.

By the way, you can download the same Asphalt 8 through the Google Play service built into TVs. And if you want to bring in a third-party application – no problem, there is a separate item for installing APK files in the media player.  

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

Wi-Fi & Co.… TV rating for demanding users – these are necessarily models with wireless capabilities. Models with Smart TV have Wi-Fi support, there is the ability to connect to the Internet via the Ethernet port. If you don’t want to mess around with a flash drive, you can always start duplicating the display of your smartphone or tablet on the TV screen. This is extremely convenient for, for example, quickly displaying captured photos or videos. In the end, you can even stream games, and the smartphone in this case turns into a gamepad with touch buttons.  

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

The lineup

Which TV to choose from Prestigio models? The released line includes four diagonal options: 24 ”, 32”, 40 ”and 43”. After all, displays of just such standard sizes are most in demand by our citizens in the price category up to 18 rubles. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

Within each diagonal, one device is offered, but almost everywhere in three versions:

  • MATE – basic TV version, without built-in Smart TV.
  • MUZE – the same MATE, only these TVs are available exclusively in online stores. Separation solely by body colors. Therefore, if you wish, for example, a 24-inch device in white, you can only find it on the Internet.
  • TOP – as you can understand, “treadmill”. The only, but significant difference from previous models is the presence of Smart TV and Wi-Fi support.

Let’s go through the models in a little more detail.

Prestigio 24 MATE / Prestigio 24 MUZE / Prestigio 24 TOP

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

A compact 24-inch TV is typically used in the kitchen. Often the device works as a background, and therefore a large diagonal is not required. In addition, if you are thinking about how to choose a TV for the country, Prestigio devices are a great option. Prestigio 24-inch devices are equipped with snap-on quick release feet without any screws. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

This allows you to quickly remove / install the “platform” so as not to break off anything during the transport of the TV to the country and back.

Prestigio 32 MATE / Prestigio 32 MUZE / Prestigio 32 TOP

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

This is a more “home” option for the living room. Although, due to its relatively small dimensions, the TV can still be taken with you to the country. To do this, there is the same mechanism with quick release feet as in the 24-inch Prestigio models. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

Speaking of universal solutions within this line of TVs. All models use exactly the same remote control. Thanks to this, it will definitely not be difficult to find a replacement for the broken “manager”. It should be noted that the buttons on the remote control are large and tall, this is a deliberate choice of Prestigio specialists.

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

The keys do not have to literally grope – in comparison with the options, when for some reason the elements are made small. So much so that almost a third of the bottom of the remote control remains empty.  

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

Prestigio 40 MUZE / Prestigio 40 TOP

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

The flagship status of the 40 and 43-inch models is underlined by Full HD resolution. As for the rest, let us remind you that in terms of hardware there is no difference with Prestigio TVs with a smaller diagonal. Is that the speakers are louder. And the legs will need to be screwed on. However, it is unlikely that you will take such a large TV with you to the dacha. Of course, unless you have a spacious jeep or minibus. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

By the way, a TV like Prestigio 40 MUZE from a top brand (Full HD, without Smart TV, with DVB-S2 support) will cost not even 20-30% more, but more than twice! Therefore, the rating of TVs with optimal parameters and prices is clearly headed by Prestigio models.

Prestigio 43 MATE / Prestigio 43 TOP

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

Both 43-inch Prestigio TVs are currently the most affordable Full HD models of this diagonal with Smart TVs in Russia, according to Yandex.Market. Moreover, the gap is serious – if the same Prestigio 43 TOP will cost 15 rubles, then the closest analogue will cost 580 rubles, more than five thousand more. A major difference! Well, this is the end of the TV review.


How Do I Pick a Great TV? We have definitely answered this question. The line of new Prestigio TVs turned out to be extremely unusual, since it is simply impossible to find analogs to the released models. These are truly premium devices, with top specs, but at an affordable price. In other words, “a good inexpensive TV” is definitely about the brand’s new products. The most energy-efficient devices, with picture quality at the level of flagship models of well-known manufacturers. With an advanced TV tuner and a well-developed menu. 

"All the money": how to choose the best anti-crisis TV

The novelties look doubly attractive and profitable in the current economic situation in the country. After all, now you want to spend less, but at the same time effectively, getting “full stuffing” with a limited budget. Prestigio TVs are perfect for such requirements.

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