Guide to promotions and discounts №131. Shopping day without shopping

The Chinese folk festival “Singles Day”, once invented in Nanjing, has long become an international day of sales. Some have even begun to call it a competitor to America’s Black Friday, World Shopping Day, and even the Biggest Sale of the Year. And this holiday of consumption has always had a peculiar Chinese flavor. The perfume included two aromas, which, one might say, corresponded to two types of Georgian wine (fortified and dry) from an old Soviet anecdote. 

The first option to deceive the buyer a little is to expose the minimum amount of goods at a discount. In this case, fantastic discounts turned out to be really real, but only a few could buy the product. And given that the main sales areas are Chinese stores, everything was sold out in a matter of moments and the buyers were not ordinary people, but resellers who had long ago acquired the appropriate scripts that allow you to buy a maximum of a split second.

The second option is to play cunning – already with the taste of fortified. A few days before the sale, the price of the product soared at least two or three times. And at the sale there was a 60-70% discount. Those who did not keep track of the price schedule risked buying goods at all with a wonderful “discount” – a third more expensive than the usual price. And this is the option that the domestic retail liked the most. However, it should be noted that, nevertheless, electronics stores are mostly not impudent, so at the sale you do not pay them extra for the lack of constant interest, but simply buy the product at its usual cost. The discount is completely virtual, there is no savings.

But 2020 turned out to be special in this respect as well. At least in Russia. Retailers showed no interest in organizing the noise around 11.11. Yes, someone posted some banners there, but that’s all. No jump in prices before the sale, no promises to give the product at half price. I specifically watched how the prices on sales will change. And, alas, I saw nothing more complicated than moving a promotional product from one section of the store to another. Discounts were exactly the same as on all other days. Therefore, the “Promotional Guide” is published at its usual time before the weekend, and not for “Shopping Day”.  

“M Video”

Probably the most interesting offer in the M.Video retail chain is the offer with Samsung TVs. Some of the models fall under two promotions at once. Firstly, it is “cashback”, and secondly, it is a gift for a purchase. Cashback, of course, is not any cashback, but increased bonuses, which, moreover, must be spent rather quickly (before November 23). However, there are really a lot of bonuses if we are talking about models that also give the right to receive a gift. These are QLED and The Frame models with a diagonal of 65 inches, so they have a good price. But the gift is not bad either – a 32-inch interior TV of the same The Frame series, and not some regular 24-inch HD Ready, which can only be put in the kitchen for a blind grandmother, and only a deputy will be buying it in his right mind as a gift. school before the elections.

Guide to promotions and discounts №131. Shopping day without shopping

Other notable promotions are almost without exception associated with discounts on smartphones. This is another reissue of the typical offer “buy a smartphone and accessories / services for it”. This time, the conditions are as follows: in the store you choose not only a phone, but also accessories and services for it for an amount of at least 2 rubles. And the store gives you a discount for the device up to 990 rubles. The degree of profitability depends on the ratio of the store discount to the discount of the mandatory additional purchase. At the same time, they put the iPhone in the section, but the promotion is different for them – accessories and services must be bought at 6% of the cost, then you will be given an interest-free loan for it. Huawei and Honor have no such problems. Everything is extremely simple – for pre-ordering HUAWEI Mate 500 Pro they will give HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro (for some reason, only silver), and for pre-ordering HONOR 10X Lite – a discount on the device itself of 40 rubles, plus bonuses that can be used in the app store from Huawei. Considering the fact that apart from AppGallery, there are no other app stores on the new Honor devices, bonuses will come in handy. Although where you can spend 10 thousand conditional rubles is an open question, write in the comments if you know any reasonable answer to it.

Well, another gift from Huawei is a reward for pre-ordering HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio headphones. For it, you will be presented with a HUAWEI Watch Fit smart watch. It would seem that a smart watch for headphones is very profitable. But in fact, the offer for Huawei is quite typical in terms of the ratio of the cost of goods: the watch at retail costs 7.5 thousand, while the headphones are supposed to be sold for 25 thousand rubles. I would like to emphasize that these are special offers from Huawei, so there is no need to be attached to M.Video, you can watch them in their company store and from other partners.


If you remember, in the last issue I talked about how the times of the good old launches of new iPhone sales have turned upside down. Well, how is that? I went and on the first day of sales I bought a new model in a regular store. Where is the pursuit of a novelty throughout Gorbushka? Where is the 5-6 times overpayment for exclusivity? Everything is not the same. Not only do the models go on sale not all at once, but also “Beeline” offers a discount on it from the first day of iPhone 12 mini sales. And not for some limited number, but for all versions and without additional conditions. You just need to pay for your purchase online. And immediately there will be a 3% discount. Yes, only three percent, but these are new iPhones on the first, I emphasize, the first day of sales! And on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the same terms apply. And with its prices from 140 thousand rubles and three percent – already significant savings.

Guide to promotions and discounts №131. Shopping day without shopping

“El Dorado”

An example of what I talked about at the very beginning of this issue of the Guide is the Eldorado retail chain. On 11.11 November they also have a partnership campaign with Sberbank … Excuse me, with Sberbank. Which seems to be founded on November 12. But it is not exactly. In general, the main thing is not to confuse Green Day with Green Day. Because “Green Day” is not a day at all, but the interval between November 11 and 16, when you can get a discount on some goods at Eldorado using a promotional code. By the way, when ordering a promotional product on this “green day” with a Home Credit – Eldorado bank card, an additional 2.2% of the amount paid is credited to the card, in accordance with the rules of participation in the Home Credit Eldorado program. And for using the subject’s card – nothing. Here is such a complete Sberbank. I mean, “Sberbank”.

Guide to promotions and discounts №131. Shopping day without shopping

Also in “Eldorado” there are “Days of Samsung”. Fortunately, during this promotion, you do not need to buy, for example, Huawei products, it is limited to only one brand. The conditions are simple. First, you buy one promotional product, and then you get a discount on the second. The amount of the discount depends on two parameters – the price of the first and second product. The first determines the coupon’s face value, the second restricts its use – the discount for a promotion cannot be more than 25%. The coupon must be used by December 7th. Well, one cannot fail to mention the “Exclusive Sale”. Until November 23, Eldorado offers discounts on products that are exclusive offers for this chain. As you understand, it will not be possible to compare them with competitors’ prices, so just look at the characteristics and evaluate the ratio according to your subjective scale.


On November 11, MTS launched two promotions at once, which is not so easy to distinguish. One is called “Smart watch and communication forever”, and the second – “Smart watch and a month of communication as a gift.” In both cases, we are talking about buying a smart watch and Go Smart tariff from MTS. But the first promotion is focused on watches for children and older people. Upon purchase, you are automatically prompted to add the Go Smart package to your cart. It costs 1 rubles (for Moscow), but for the purchase of a watch with a set, you will be offered a discount of 200 rubles. That is, the surcharge will be only 1 rubles. At the same time, funds on the smartwatch account will not be spent all the time that the SIM card with the tariff will be in them. The following models participate in the promotion:

  • Jet Kid Star – 1 rubles;
  • Elari KidPhone 2 with GPS – 1 rubles;
  • Elari KidPhone 6 FRESH WR – 2 rubles;
  • TCL 4G MT40SX – 3 rubles;
  • Jet View 4G – 4 rubles;
  • Elari KidPhone 4G – 4 rubles;
  • Smart watches Geozon Watcher – 4 rubles.

Guide to promotions and discounts №131. Shopping day without shopping

At the same time, models from Geozon and TCL are watches with a classic design, not a children’s model. They also participate in the version “Smart watch and a month of communication as a gift”. Actually, the whole difference is that you don’t pay 1 rubles, you pay only for the hours. In this case, the first month of using the “Go-Smart. For watches ”will be a gift, and further use – 200 rubles per month. The meaning of the existence of this action eludes me. The first option is noticeably more profitable (250 rubles for the entire period of using the device versus 1 rubles for the first year alone), and the second is also not available for those who do not have a SIM card with an MTS number that could be inserted into a smartwatch. In fact, any buyer of the first smartwatches with a SIM card automatically receives “Smartwatches and communication forever”, unless they specifically refuse the option.


In “Citylink” is still or is “Black Friday”. On November 11, the store safely ignores, here the actions go on as usual, without any distraction at all for an intermediate date. The next “Super prices” are valid until the 15th. The promotion is announced as new with new discounts on the new list of vehicles. The list is really new. Everything else is no different from the old one. So, by tradition, I will not spread, it is easier to look in accordance with your interests. 

Guide to promotions and discounts №131. Shopping day without shopping

What is more substantive is the sales of Honor and Nokia smartphones. There is a promotion with Honor with a promo code – depending on the model (Honor 30i and Honor 30 Pro + participate), the discount will be 2 or 000 rubles. To receive it, enter the promo code HONORSALE in the appropriate field. In the case of Nokia, no promotional code is needed. Just when you buy a Nokia 5 500G model with 8.3GB of storage, you get a gift in the form of the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds BH-5 headset. The offer is valid until November 128.

Much more variety in “computer” stocks:

It should be noted that almost everything from the list is not a unique offer from Citylink, but shares of manufacturers, so you should look for them from other official retailers as well.


This time, “Svyaznoy” also has almost no own shares, but only broadcasts of brand offers. From Huawei, there is an opportunity to get the Huawei FreeBuds Pro TWS headphones as a gift. To do this, you will need to pre-order the Huawei Mate 40 Pro smartphone. Payment for the goods in advance is not required. Samsung has a similar offer, but the smartphone is already in stock and on sale. Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and get JBL Live 300 TWS earbuds. The promotion will end on December 13th or when the promotional headphones are exhausted. It is noteworthy that, unlike most offers that do not add up to anything, this option can be added to any other promotions and offers on preferential lending. Svyaznoy also joined retail chains that sell GoPro action cameras at discounted prices. HERO8 Black has a special offer until November 16, but the GoPro MAX will be available at a discount until November 23.

Guide to promotions and discounts №131. Shopping day without shopping

Of the actual store promotions, there is only a special offer for accessories. The link leads to a selection of all the accessories that have recently been discounted. Thus, “Svyaznoy”, of course, does not provide an opportunity to assess the degree of profitability of the offers, you will have to compare their price every time with the one that is in principle typical for the market. However, if you need, for example, headphones, then you can simply choose Svyaznoy with confidence, then you will get a typical price for federal retail. The discount is not a discount, but the assurance that there will be no overpayments.


DNS hasn’t given much attention to 11.11 either. One might even say they did not pay at all. But they have interesting promotions. Although for the most part not unique. I will only list what has not been found in other large retail chains.

There are several proposals for photographic equipment at once. When buying a Canon EOS 250D and M50 camera, you will receive a 256GB Sandisk memory card as a gift. As usual, in DNS, the discount is divided into two parts, giving part of the discount to the camera itself, and part to the memory card. And if you pre-order a Nikon Z6 II or Z7 II camera, you will get two memory cards as a gift. From Sony 64GB XQD G and Kingston Canvas Go! Plus SDXC 256 GB. A very generous gift, if you forget for a moment about its ratio to the cost of new products from Nikon. But when pre-ordering FujiFilm X-S10 as a gift, they give another accessory, no less useful than a memory card, an additional battery. But again, this is a gift at a fraction of the price of the camera itself. Concluding the conversation on photographic equipment in DNS, I must say that until December 19, the cost of the GoPro Hero9 Black Edition camera in this network is 42 thousand rubles. That is, 4 thousand less RRP, although the official GoPro store also gives this discount.

Guide to promotions and discounts №131. Shopping day without shopping

Even in DNS there are several promotions on TVs at once. Perhaps the most interesting is the discount on Samsung TVs when buying new Xbox. Well, if you change your TV with a new console. And not anyhow, but 65-inch QLED. Although in fairness, I note that you can choose more budgetary offers with a traditional LED screen and a completely humane cost of 50-60 thousand rubles (excluding discounts) for the promotion. It’s just that by default the site offers you the most expensive model, but you can change devices in the kit. Also in the form of kits are sold in DNS TV and Sony headphones or TV and soundbar from the same brand. Some variants of the combination of models are even very favorable in price. Well, it’s really quite simple – it’s to get a discount on any TV. Until November 29, you will need to pay for it online. The discount can reach 8 thousand rubles, but this, of course, is not for budget models. 

And to get a discount on a Xiaomi smartphone in DNS, you need to buy it with an accessory. As usual for this chain, a big plus for the buyer is that the cost of this additional purchase can be literally a couple of hundred rubles. True, this time there is no range of smartphones – only Redmi 9 with 64 GB of internal memory. Well at least you can choose the color.

Do you know about any promotions and discounts not included in the list? Write in the comments. And at the same time, share your impressions of the “Bachelor’s Day” sales, maybe you were lucky and you found goods with a really good discount?

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