Guide to promotions and discounts No. 120

As you know, from June 1, the coronavirus in Russia will be defeated so much that even Muscovites will be allowed to walk a little. Surely some will rush to go to non-food stores that are also opening from June 1. But maybe you can not wait for Monday? We check that the retail chains there last weekend were not the warmest and generally not the most welcoming spring of 2020.

“M Video”

The M.Video trading network this time cannot offer a wide variety of stocks. In addition to those that were announced two weeks ago (and described, respectively, in the previous issue of the Guide), exactly one was added: “Choose your discount: 10%, 20% and 30%”. Its name is somewhat disingenuous. In fact, discounts start at 5%, and there is also an intermediate option of 15% discount. This is a regular promotion with a promotional code for a limited list of products (not everything in the catalog got into it, plus there are restrictions on compatibility with other discount offers). The variation looks like this:

  • Promo code “SALE5”, “MAY5”, “SKIDKA5” – 5% discount on the promotional list.
  • Promo code “SALE10”, “MAY10”, “SKIDKA10” – 10% discount on the promotional list.
  • Promo code “SALE15”, “MAY15”, “SKIDKA15” – 15% discount on the promotional list.
  • Promo code “SALE20”, “MAY20”, “SKIDKA20” – 20% discount on the promotional list.
  • Promo code “SALE30”, “MAY30”, “SKIDKA30” – 30% discount on the promotional list.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 120

The promotion has the longest list of goods and brands for which a discount is not provided, and from discount certificates only gift flexible denominations are valid. In general, you can find good discounts on it, but you will have to carefully look into the catalog.


On the last weekend of May, there is the last chance to take advantage of the offer from Beeline called “Profitable Kit”. What is offered: a discount from one to ten thousand rubles on smartphones in the form of providing an appropriate amount for the operator’s communication services. The amount of the discount depends on the selected discount model with a simple and clear rule: the more expensive the model, the greater the discount. The main condition is the transition to the operator’s promotional rate: “Not alone at home”, “Not alone at home 2”, “Close people 2”, “Close people 3”, “Close people 4”, “Close people 5” and “Close people 6 »(Does not work in Moscow and the Moscow region). The term of validity of the tariff upon conclusion of the contract is from 6 to 12 months. You can buy a new SIM card, or you can switch from the current tariff. You will also need to choose an accessory from a suitable kit. All options for combinations of smartphones and discounts can be viewed at the link. It’s nice that the accessory is not rigidly assigned to the model, but simply means that there should be no less than a certain amount of accessories (how many you will collect for this is not important).

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 120

“El Dorado”

In “Eldorado”, of course, there is a special offer duplicating the offer from “M.Video”. The difference is what is called the offer “Benefit has come” and the promotional codes are different. I even thought that it was not worth writing about it, but then I looked at the lists of promotional products and realized that they were noticeably different. Since the promotions are coming to an end, the stocks of the promotional products are very different, so it makes sense to look at the items of interest in each store separately, especially since the accumulated points in the loyalty system will not be useful to you anyway. The second interesting point is the proposal to “load oranges in barrels”. I mean, buy whole bags of accessories – the more you buy, the more discount you get. On the second accessory in the check, the discount will be 20%, on the third – 30%, and on the fourth and all subsequent ones – in general 50%. The only downside is that you won’t be able to collect a bunch of films and silicone cases, and get a discount on headphones. The products will be ranked by price: the cheaper, the higher the discount value. However, you can solve a bunch of problems in one fell swoop by getting a significant discount on a lot of inexpensive goods that are needed for everyday consumption by the whole family, because all accessories from the catalog are on sale.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 120

Well, I can’t help but mention two promotional offers from the Samsung brand. Discounts continue on smartphones from this manufacturer with a maximum discount of 25 thousand rubles. And you can also get two Samsung TVs at once, if one of them is QLED. In this case, the second one will simply be presented to you. Moreover, if at the very initial level, a more than modest 24-inch UE24H4080 is offered as a bonus, then when choosing a little more expensive models, there are already 32- and 43-inch models of the N5000 series. And a 65-inch UHD model Samsung UE65TU8570U crowns a number of gifts. True, it will only be for those who go broke for at least half a million rubles for the main apparatus.


MTS, as usual, set prices for smartphones as low as they could, so there is no need to wait for shares at an even greater discount. Therefore, we will be content with a promotional offer for accessories. It is similar to the Eldorado proposal described above, but with a significant difference. You must also buy at least three products from this category, but there cannot be more than five of them. Products must be from the promotional list. And, most importantly, they will give you a 30% discount on everything. It is difficult to say in which case the offer is more profitable, it will depend on the choice of specific goods. Although personally it seems to me that Eldorado’s offer is more interesting due to the greater variety – in practice, it will be easier to find suitable options.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 120


In “Citylink” this weekend, the celebration of “Internet Day” will be completed. The promotion is not particularly remarkable, since the holiday was just an excuse to make a selection of discounted goods. So everything is as usual here. Actually, this is demonstrated by the new heading “Holiday all year round” on the store’s website. This is an analogue of the system of discounts for the “product of the day” available in the MVideo-Eldorado network and a number of other stores. There are minimum differences – depending on the holiday found by the network marketers, a discount of 10-15% is offered for the thematic group of goods. The plus is that you can find out about what will happen a couple of days before the start of the action. It is imperative to watch, because, for example, I did not catch the connection between the “Birthday of Cycling” and quadcopters.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 120

From the usual assortment of stocks, I again have to highlight a large list of computer related topics:

Here, in the computer sector, you can, perhaps, count the discount on games from UbiSoft (last until June 14), as well as a discount of one to two thousand rubles on Lenovo tablets. However, I can’t say that these promotions are somehow unique – they are typical for all federal chains, so let’s just highlight once again the discount on these products. Of course, the discounts from Citylink and smartphones were not spared. Until June 1, 1 and 000 rubles of a discount can be obtained on Xiaomi smartphones of the initial and lower middle level, and until May 2 inclusive – 000, 31 and 1 rubles will be discounted by the store from the price of Honor 000S, Honor 1A and Honor 500C smartphones, respectively. … Again, not a unique proposition.


This time the MegaFon brand store was born immediately with a series of various promotions. First, you are ready to make a discount on the price of Samsung smartphones. Moreover, a significant one – up to 20 thousand rubles for models of the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10 series (10 rubles for Lite versions, respectively). Although, of course, the real savings are not that great – most retail outlets have long forgotten about the price of 000 rubles for last year’s flagship Samsung. Secondly, also for home delivery you will be offered from 69 to 990 rubles of discount on Honor smartphones. The promotion includes Honor 500 Lite, 4X Premium, View 000 Pro, 20 Lite with 9GB storage, 30i and 10S. Thirdly, until June 64, MegaFon has an offer to pre-order the new Huawei Y10p. Those who issue it will be presented with a smart column “Yandex.Station Mini”. Before you rejoice in such an important gift, remember that this smartphone is devoid of Google services. And also note that the store can deliver sets of smartphones and speakers from June 7 to June 4. And, finally, the last offer from MegaFon – 8 rubles discount for Xiaomi smart home. The discount will be given for the purchase of a “full set”, ie. motion sensor, door and window opening sensor, wireless switch and hub. And you get it if you buy a Xiaomi TV. But if without irony, the price of TVs turned out to be so attractive that they are no longer available in Moscow.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 120


In DNS, as in Citylink, there is an obvious bias of stocks towards computer topics. Plus more promotional offers for games:

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 120

Among other promotional offers, we can note the same pre-order of Huawei Y8p (the conditions are the same as in MegaFon), 50% discount on Sony soundbars when buying with TVs of the same brand (you should pay attention to the fact that not every soundbar actually received 50% discount), JBL TUNE 560BT headphones as a free app for Vivo V17 smartphones and discounts on Navitel dashboards.


There is something to offer in terms of discounts for the last weekend of May and the Svyaznoy retail chain. Just at the end of the month, the promotional offer for the Huawei MatePad Pro tablets ends. Very, in my opinion, the right action, which corrects the big “jamb” of Huawei – the sale of tablets designed for use with a stylus, without this very stylus. You can, of course, assume that it was a parody of Apple, but the Romans still correctly noticed that there is some difference in the perception of Jupiter and the bull. And Huawei is not Jupiter at all. It will be a pity if the offer is actually completed. A less interesting, albeit typical gift in Svyaznoy is offered with the Samsung Galaxy A31 smartphone. Until June 28, a JBL Clip 3 column will be added to it as a dowry. And until June 4, there is an offer for other Samsung smartphones. Together with the Galaxy A71 and A51, Sennheiser CX150BT wireless headphones are distributed. But the Honor Magic Watch 2, unfortunately, is not given away for free, but only offers a discount of 1 rubles.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 120

Do you know about promotions that were not included in the Guide, but which are worth mentioning? Write in the comments!

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