Guide to promotions and discounts No. 122

Life is gradually returning to its normal course, so this time the “Stock Guide” will be quite familiar. Although, perhaps, familiar with one amendment. Prices have increased in comparison with what they were six months ago, and the middle of summer is not the best time for sales. So there are few offers, and even less profitable ones. Let’s try to see what is available.

“M Video”

The M.Video retail chain pleases with the message that now they have Black Friday, which is generally any day of the week. All year round. More precisely, until July 27. And additional discounts will also be available from Friday to Sunday. In fact, this is such a rebranding of the standard sale-collection of everything that is on sale at a discount. Although if you really planned some kind of purchase, then you should pay attention to the catalog update on Friday, it will contain interesting offers. As for other sales, there are two worthwhile promotions, and both of them are aimed at smartphone buyers. For those who are interested in what is more budgetary, a discount on Oppo A52 and A72 devices is suitable – at the start of sales (until July 5) they are given a discount, as a result of which the price on the shelf comes out to 16 and 990 rubles. On “Ali” it is not cheaper. The HONOR 21S will cost a little more – if you pre-order, there will be a discount of 490 rubles, and the price of the device will be 30 rubles. Offer valid until July 3nd.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 122


Beeline continues the “Add Samsung Galaxy to the tariff for only 199 ₽ / month” promotion. The point is that you get a device subsidized by the operator, subject to the connection of certain communication services. Samsung Galaxy A199s will cost you 21 rubles a month for a year. The set includes the device itself, 10 rubles for communication during the year, accessories for the amount of 000 rubles and a new SIM card or switching to a suitable tariff. The maximum possible device for the promotion is Samsung Galaxy S 2 Lite, which will cost 660 rubles per month for the promotion. The Galaxy Note 10 Lite will cost the same amount, but you can choose other offers for 1 rubles / month, 299 rubles / month, 10 rubles / month, 399 rubles / month and 499 rubles / month. Depending on the model, you will be offered a different rate and accessories for a different amount. Offer valid until July 599th.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 122

“El Dorado”

As usual, although Eldorado is part of a single network with M.Video, it has its own marketing department, which comes up with its own promotional offers. Starting, of course, with the next EldoSALE. The current one will last until June 29. I would not say that it is absolutely graceless, but there are no enchanting proposals in it either. Another action is more interesting. At Eldorado, you rarely need a loyalty card for anything other than getting bonuses, which are likely to burn out, unless you buy dog ​​food, toilet paper or something else at Eldorado, in no way associated with an electronics store. Well, or don’t you live like Galustyan from the advertisement of another electronics network. But this time there is an option to save money simply by having such a card – until June 29, a number of goods are sold at special prices, which are activated by presenting a loyalty card. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 122

In addition to these two global offers, Eldorado also has a discount on the Honor 30S for pre-order, a discount on laptops and PCs from HP, and a Sony soundbar as a gift for a Sony TV. However, the last offer is frankly so-so – if you buy a TV for at least 129 thousand rubles, then you can choose acoustics and more interesting than a promotional one.


MTS salons also offer to meet the new Honor, but they promise not only a discount of 3 rubles (to get it, you need not just make a pre-order, but also indicate a promotional code, be careful). Additionally, you will receive another 500 days of free subscription to Yandex.Plus and any 90 films from the paid section of KinoPoisk HD. For those who do not need the Honor 3S, there are options for getting a comparable discount on models already on sale. -30% of the price in MTS will be given to you if you purchase an accessory, SIM card or service from the list with the device. Both budget models and Honor 20 Pro + participate in the promotion. Well, the action is absolutely not for the amateur – 30% discount on “comprehensive protection” when buying devices from the list. If you are interested in such a plan of action, write in the comments, but for now it seems to me that the usefulness of such a proposal is doubtful. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 122


In the shops of the “electronic discounter” Citylink, there are again several promotions at once, which will be of interest to those who are planning to upgrade their computer or laptop. For those who are interested in video games, the “You Win!” Offer is valid: until June 30, up to 40% discount on gaming products. The section contains both accessories and gaming monitors, complete computers and laptops. Also, a special offer from ASUS is aimed at gamers – when you buy some models of motherboards of this brand, you get a gaming mouse or headset as a gift. This offer is valid until July 15th. There is a promotion with Gigabyte motherboards. But not play. You can get 10% off a 10th Gen Intel Core processor and Gigabyte Z490 motherboard bundle. This offer will be valid until July 11th. If you need a non-Intel processor, then there is a promotion for the new AMD Ryzen 3000 series. Special prices for them will be until June 30. If we are talking about ready-made solutions, then only laptops remain: until June 30, there is a 10% discount on Acer, and in the same time frame 2-3 thousand rubles can be dropped on a model from ASUS. As for components and peripherals, until July 19, a 15% discount is valid for ZTE network equipment, and until July 2, Silicon Power SSDs lose 10% of the price. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 122

Outside of the computer offerings, two promotions for car recorders can be noted. Until July 12, a special offer will be available for Artway brand products (recorders and radar detectors, as well as combined devices), and until July 3, a discount will be provided for similar devices (plus navigators) of the Neoline brand. In the first case, the savings can be 5-10% of the price, and in the second – up to 40%. Since I am not the best specialist on this topic in the CIS, I cannot say whether this offer is profitable, write in the comments. Personally, my registrar lies quietly in the glove compartment, and there is enough navigation on the phone even for trips along the country roads of the Crimea.

And, finally, there are two more “Citylink” actions, but now from the world of photo and video equipment. Until July 18, up to 15% discount can be obtained when purchasing Nikon cameras. True, the assortment is not too wide: there is a digital compact and ultrazoom of the Coolpix series, as well as a couple of whale options for entry-level DSLRs. There is also a 5 thousand rubles discount on the GoPro HERO 8 Black action camera. Since the lives of blacks matter, other networks have found it necessary to participate in this action as well, so you can find it outside of Citylink. But they say that the screws will be tightened on July 5 and the action will stop. 


In “Svyaznoy” you can also buy GoPro with a discount of five thousand, but in addition, special prices for 29th series realme smartphones are displayed here until June 6 We are talking about realme 6 and realme 6 Pro devices. It applies to all configuration options and colors, but it cannot be combined with any other promotional offers, including the deduction of bonus points for any of Svzyanoy’s programs. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 122

If telephones are an obvious assortment for Svyaznoy, then smart home systems are not very good. However, you can save on them in this network. If you buy Hiper goods from the smart home system in sets before June 30, it will be profitable. There is no discount on the first product, but there will be 20% for the second, 30% for the third, and 50% for the fourth and further. The discount is considered, of course, not according to the importance or consistency of goods in the smart home system, but at a bare price. The range includes LED lamps, smart sockets, smoke, motion, leakage detectors and IP cameras. 


The DNS network this time did not bring a huge list of more or less profitable shares, but we have what we have, as some politicians say. For gamers, there is an offer: buy an ASUS GeForce RTX video card and get up to 5 rubles to your Steam account. The cards are different, so the cashback can also vary, and it is not the store that is responsible for holding, but the ASUS brand. For them, until June 000, a discount is offered on the Xbox ONE X game consoles. The assortment includes several bundles with different games in the kit. The offer price is 30 thousand rubles. Not for gamers, but for all other PC users, the “Discounts on monoblocks, nettops and PCs” campaign may be interesting. Actually, its name completely exhausts the essence. Until July 34, a system of discounts is valid for the listed types of PCs. But not for everything from the store’s catalog, but for a limited list of models. In Moscow, for example, there are only 5 of them.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 122

As for promotional offers for smartphones, there are three options that differ not only by the brand and the size of the discount, but also by the format of the promotional offer itself. For smartphones OPPO A52, A72 and A31 until July 5, prices are simply reduced. For Huawei Y series smartphones, as well as P40 Lite and P40 Lite E, a portable speaker or an external battery is offered as a gift. But for the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro models, there is no gift choice – it will always be either the HUAWEI Band 4 fitness bracelet for the base model, or the Pro version of the bracelet for the Pro version of the smartphone. You can only choose the color of the strap, which can be black, red or pink. This parameter does not depend on the color of the smartphone.


Finally, I will say a few words about the official Huawei store. They also had Cyber ​​Monday Summer, which will last until June 29th. The promotion, in fact, is quite large-scale and combines all the special offers of the store for the goods of the brands Huawei and Honor. Depending on what exactly you choose, it can be a discount or a device as a gift. Sometimes these sentences are combined, sometimes not. In general, if a brand is interesting, then in the coming days it is worth looking into this store. The offers are valid both online and offline.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 122

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