Guide to promotions and discounts No. 123

This edition of the Promotions and Discounts Guide ends the era of beautiful numbers: it was 100th, 111th was, now 123rd. And here is the most interesting question: will there be such beautiful promotional offers from electronics stores for this beautiful number?

“M Video”

The M.Video retail chain decided to finally bring to the point of absurdity the concept of Black Friday, which is familiar to Western culture. Perhaps under the influence of the BLM movement, perhaps from the unused promotional opportunities accumulated during the coronavirus, but now M.Video announced that “Black Friday is every day, and from Friday to Sunday there are also super discounts on weekend goods” … If we take a closer look at the proposal, then its radicalism is completely faded, like the activity of protesters at gunpoint AR-15. In fact, this is a combination under one banner of two long-practiced promotions – product of the day and discounts on weekends. So, as before, you can find an interesting product, but massive large discounts are not expected. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 123

Also in “M.Video” games of “cashback” continue. Now they emphasize that for online payment an additional refund of 5%. Of course, there is no pure refund here. This is + 5% to your standard bonus program in the form of points for a loyalty card. Subject to payment for the goods online, of course. There are several more promotional offers that are not unique to M.Video, but are present in one form or another for all players. The first is Vivo Weeks. Smartphones of this Chinese brand can be obtained at a discount of either 3 thousand rubles (maximum, depending on the model), or 6 thousand rubles (also the maximum possible return), which for the purchase of one of them will be returned to the loyalty card. Secondly, this is a stand-alone new smartphone Vivo Y30, the price of which is reduced by 20 thousand rubles in honor of the start of sales until July 2. Huawei also has a special offer for the novelty. But for the purchase of Honor 30, they do not give a discount or additional bonuses, but HONOR Magic Earbuds wireless headphones. Besides, M.Video offers a discount for this model under the trade-in program. For the handed over device from the price of Honor 30 can take 5 rubles. Unfortunately, you will have to choose only one of the promotional offers, get headphones, and there will be no discount.


There is also a promotional offer in Beeline salons, which cannot be ignored. This is another campaign for subsidizing devices for subscribers. It is distinguished by the fact that a very good option is offered. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T 128GB smartphone is an interesting offer in itself, but with a discount of 5 thousand rubles it becomes much more attractive. And they add 4 thousand rubles to it for communication within six months and a subscription to Amediatek (18+). But you will have to fork out to switch to one of the promotional rates and buy accessories for at least 1 rubles. The offer works only on condition of self-pickup or purchase of the device in the salon. In addition to the top (for this promotion, not Xiaomi) smartphone, you can choose a simpler model: Xiaomi Redmi 8A or Xiaomi Redmi 7A. In this case, the discount from the price of the smartphone will be 2 thousand rubles, the subscription to the Amediateka video service can be not only for a year, but also for a quarter. Options for communication services may not be for 4 thousand rubles, but for an amount of 1 rubles, and accessories will have to be bought for an amount of 500 rubles. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 123

“El Dorado”

Eldorado could not come up with the same politically correct and relevant move as the breeding of Black Fridays. Therefore, they simply declare that they have Super Prices every day. In general, “EldoSale” is with us again, like Elena Malysheva in the “Health” program. The usefulness of these phenomena is comparable. The reissued cashback is also sent there. Which, of course, is super, if you look only at the maximum 20% refund of the amount spent on the purchase. In fact, these are, of course, just bonuses with all their pluses, minuses and limitations. It only remains to add promotions, which, although not unique, can be useful when visiting Eldorado:

  • Until August 2, a discount of 3 rubles for GoPro Max and HERO000 Black cameras plus an accessory from the promotional list as a gift;
  • Until August 4, when using the promo code HOURS2500, a discount of 2 rubles is obtained when purchasing smart watches Samsung Galaxy Watch with a diameter of 500 mm and 46 mm, including a pink modification;
  • in honor of the start of sales, the price for realme X3 is 35 and 990 rubles for options 40 + 990 GB and 8 + 128 GB, respectively (the same price tags will be in all other stores).

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 123


There are no particularly remarkable promotions in MTS salons this time. Summer is still not the best time for big sales, so you have to be content with little – get a discount on accessories or their own, but in the form of a gift. Buyers of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 bracelet and JBL T115BT headphones can count on a discount of 20% of the product price. Paying attention. Despite the fact that the wording of MTS is not very precise, you need to understand that they did not mean a discount on some product, but only a discounting of the named products. You can get both headphones and a bracelet in one check, and each with a 20% discount from your price, but adding other products there will not affect the promotion in any way. If you buy two pairs of headphones, then only one of them will be discounted. But buyers of Samsung equipment to receive a gift need to choose completely specific models to realize their opportunity. Again, the store’s wording is such that one might think that any Samsung smartphone gives the right to choose a gift offer. However, it is not. Only select models in the Galaxy A series will give you a bonus in the form of headphones or an external battery. Moreover, the headphone model will depend on the smartphone model. Experience the difference with Huawei’s stock. They only give Honor Magic Earbuds and only with the purchase of the Honor 30 Pro + smartphone. Moreover, you can choose any color of the headphones, provided that they are white.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 123


The trading network “Citylink” has launched a “Total Reload”. Promises discounts on goods up to 40%. If we lived in The Matrix, the reset would probably work. But instead of Neo, we have Galustyan, so no. This is the most common sale of not the most relevant goods with big discounts only for the lowest positions, but otherwise the usual 5-10% discount from the price typical for federal retail. 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 123

But okay, perhaps, let’s not exaggerate too much. Bright glimpses of new hope in Citylink are:


Operator “MegaFon” from the Big Four is the least interesting this time. More precisely, Tele2 is even less interesting, which does not offer any discounts on equipment at all. But even in MegaFon the offer is, frankly, not for everybody. Until August 15 (or rather, until the end of the cash batch of smartphones), subject to the delivery of the old smartphone to the trade-in, the Samsung Galaxy A20s will be offered for 9 rubles. Plus 990 rubles to the subscriber account. Which is mandatory, and also implies the presence of a connected tariff from the “Get included” or “No overpayments” family. If you do not have such a connection or you do not want to part with the archived tariff, then you will not be able to take part in the promotion. Agree – there are somehow a lot of conditions for buying almost the simplest of Samsung smartphones.

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 123


In the DNS salons, this time the emphasis is on computer and mobile technology. Well, this is if we talk about promotions, which boil down to the fact that you spend money not only now, but also later, when your bonus account notifies that it is about to reset to zero from sadness and despair. I will not write about these promotions, but rather talk about discounts and gifts (which, in fact, are also discounts, only hidden).

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 123

With regard to computer technology, here the locomotive is the proposal “Collect a powerful PC”. Actually, from the name it is already clear what the speech is about, confuses only that for some reason it is said that the PC will certainly be powerful. The promotion includes assemblies from Intel processors, MSI motherboards and WD drives. There are no frankly weak ones among them, but there are no powerful gamers either – strong middle peasants. With an important feature. They all assume that you will either be content with the graphics integrated into the processor, or buy a video card separately, already without a promotion. By the way, the assembly is also not included in the kit, even if the PC case is already included in it.

As for mobile promotions, there is more variety:


UFO Day was celebrated in Svyaznoy. Someone saw him, someone did not, no one had proofs, but there was a day. And in “Svyaznoy” he is from 10 to 26 July. The longest UFO day on the planet. And, say marketers, the most profitable is with discounts on promotional goods up to 60%. True, a cursory examination of the top offers showed that UFO day and UFO have a lot in common. I mean, the discount seems to be there, but in fact, everything is not at all interesting. Just like an airplane taking off in perspective distortion instead of an incomprehensible black triangle in the sky, or a weather balloon instead of an alien ship. Here’s the 10K Samsung Galaxy S40 Lite. It seems to be an excellent offer, but only it is so worth it everywhere now. But Yandex.Station Mini will be given to it as a bonus. The rest do not have this. But not only in “Svyaznoy” you can find more discounts on Huawei laptops, smart watches Samsung Galaxy Watch and smart watches Honor Magic Watch, as well as cashback (real, not bonuses) when buying flashes and L-series lenses from the Canon brand … 

Guide to promotions and discounts No. 123

Another noteworthy item in Svyaznoy is a discount of 1 rubles for a promotional code when buying a Sony PlayStation 000 Pro console, a discount on Beats headphones, valid until August 4, and a current offer until August 22 for JBL T16 BT headphones, which can be a free addition to smartphone Samsung Galaxy A115S.

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