LADA XRAY Cross test. The basic Instinct

Today we are testing LADA XRAY Cross, but not the usual one, but in the performance of Instinct, with some differences in design and, most importantly, with a variator and a built-in Yandex.Auto system.

We wrote about the regular version of LADA XRAY Cross last year, if you suddenly missed the material, you can read:

In design, the Instinct version does not differ much, in the exterior it is a black roof and black mirror housings, and in the interior there are black glossy door handles.

LADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic Instinct

By landing, I did not quite understand whether the manufacturer listened and changed the driver’s seat settings, or just a slightly different fit with the variator, but in the end, with a height of 187 cm, I calmly settled down behind the wheel of this version, unlike the usual XRAY Cross with mechanics. The steering column adjustment is still slightly lacking in reach, but not critical. By myself, of course, I can sit down with a very strong desire, but I am already uncomfortable there, there is too little space. You can’t sit a child either, he will rest his feet on the back of the seat. Behind the front passenger, not even to the detriment of him, I can easily accommodate, and the child in the child seat is already completely free. The Isofix mounts are still hidden between the pillows, which makes it difficult to access them, but this time, even without jambs in production, the arms of the mounts are in place.

LADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic Instinct

The trunk is unchanged, the same 361 liters, with a height-adjustable shelf that allows you to either make a flat floor and get a small compartment under it, or lower it down, thereby increasing the useful volume. If you fold the backs of the rear sofa (folded separately from the passenger compartment), then the volume of usable space will grow to 1207 liters, however, the backs are not folded flush with the floor, but form a small slide.

LADA XRAY Cross test. The basic Instinct

The most important change in the XRAY Cross version of Instinct, which makes you want to clap your hands happily, is the rejection of the ancient medical system on Windows CE and its replacement with Yandex.Auto. The system received an 8-inch capacitive touchscreen IPS-display with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. If there are no questions about the responsiveness and the overall quality of the screen, then it lacks brightness, in direct sunlight it fades almost completely, and it becomes very difficult to read the information. Under normal conditions, there are no difficulties, day and night everything is clearly visible, there is also an automatic switching of the “Day-Night” modes, in the first you will have a light interface, in the second – a dark one. Allwinner T3 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of permanent memory. The system is running Android 6.0, but the user only has access to its own Yandex.Auto shell; version 1.7.3 was installed in the test car. Yes, the system receives all updates over the air, and all tariffs of operators for Yandex.Auto do not include traffic for them.

LADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic Instinct

If in the case of Mitsubishi Outlander MegaFon was chosen as the operator, then in LADA XRAY Cross it is MTS. The buyer gets 6 months of free access (Mitsubishi had it for a year, but LADA is still cheaper) with unlimited access to Yandex services and 1 GB of traffic per month to access other resources. In six months, the subscription fee will be 249 rubles a month, but the user can put another SIM card in a modem that is not locked to the operator, or distribute the Internet from his smartphone via Wi-Fi, having previously created an access point on it. The included 4G USB-modem is still the same, it is Huawei E3372, but in LADA it is hidden under the trim in the glove compartment (in general, you can easily access it), and for the user there is also a second free USB-connector. From unpleasant bugs I noticed that if the modem lost the signal, then in some cases it did not automatically restore the connection, it was necessary to reboot the system in manual mode, after which access was restored. There was also a bug with an afterimage on the right edge of the screen after you closed the additional window, which I encountered in Mitsubishi Outlander.

The Yandex.Auto system does not work very well, weak hardware affects, but I would not call it completely inhibitory either. Among the features of the version in LADA XRAY Cross, I would like to note the new application “KinoPoisk HD”, so now you can watch your favorite films and TV shows without leaving the car, but, however, only in the parking lot, the service is interrupted in motion. Also, as I understood from the description, traffic for KinoPoisk HD is not included in the free package of services from Yandex, although this information must still be checked with the operator. From unpleasant moments, the Yandex.Weather service has disappeared somewhere, so now you can find out the forecast only from the full-featured voice assistant Alice or through Yandex.Browser, the latter also works only during parking. The voice assistant in XRAY Cross worked correctly, unlike the Mitsubishi Outlander. You can call Alice either by pressing the dedicated button on the steering wheel, or by tapping on the corresponding icon in the lower left corner of the screen, after which a beep sounds, which notifies that the system is ready to listen to you.

LADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic Instinct

The system has the ability to display two applications on the screen at the same time, but the right window will always be smaller, and the information on it is displayed in a reduced version. The home screen always displays information about your player, navigator, sound and display quick settings, and a list of recent calls. The information is stretched horizontally, so you have to scroll through the screen to access the last items. “Yandex.Music” differs from that on smartphones, it reflects its own collections, but there is a full-fledged search in the entire library of the service.

LADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic Instinct

The built-in Yandex.Navigator has a familiar interface, but I noticed a small peculiarity in the work, although it may be present on smartphones as well. If you left the suggested route, the system, after a pause (it does not immediately orient itself), offers you a new route, often it will be longer, but if you cancel navigation and set the same end point again, the system will offer you the first option again fastest route. Why, counting on the go, the system cannot lead you immediately along the shortest road remains a mystery, but if you suddenly deviated from the course and Yandex.Navigator gave you a new route, do not be too lazy to reset it and build it all over again, in most cases the best option will be suggested there.

Yandex.Navigator has a built-in Yandex.Fuel service that allows you to refuel your car at partner gas stations without leaving your car. And taking into account the integration of the service into the car system, you don’t even need to take out your smartphone at the gas station. In addition, there is an option to pay for parking directly from Yandex.Navigator, but personally, in this case, it is more convenient for me to use a separate service from a smartphone.

LADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic Instinct

Yes, Yandex.Auto in LADA XRAY Cross is not integrated into the vehicle system, so there are no route prompts on the dashboard and there is no control of the vehicle settings from the media system screen, as is done in Mitsubishi Outlander. The only thing is that in LADA the phone control keys on the steering wheel are active, so you can answer the call from them, and the manufacturer also brought the microphone to the upper part of the cabin, so that the interlocutor will hear well not only you, but also everyone in the car … Connecting Android smartphones via Bluetooth with Yandex.Auto does not cause problems, but for some reason the iPhone cannot be connected to the system the first time, after some attempts the connection is established, and then everything works like clockwork.

In addition, a rear-view camera is connected to the Yandex.Auto system, it gives an average picture quality, but in general, even at night it allows you to navigate while parking. In addition, there are rear parking sensors in the car, their work is not visually displayed in any way, there is only sound notification.

Of the electronic driver assistants, in addition to the camera and parking sensors, only passive cruise control and a speed limiter are available. For some reason, in LADA XRAY Cross Instinct, the buttons for activating these functions were removed from the steering wheel and moved to the lower part of the front console on the left under the steering wheel, it is inconvenient and cannot be found right away.

To recharge the devices, you can use two cigarette lighters with adapters located in the front and rear parts of the passenger compartment, as well as two USB ports, one of which is located in the glove compartment, and the second is located on the front armrest rack and is accessible to rear passengers. Modern gadgets do not charge very quickly from built-in USBs, so it’s easier to put adapters into cigarette lighters.

LADA XRAY Cross test. The basic InstinctLADA XRAY Cross test. The basic Instinct

The LADA XRAY Cross Instinct model comes with a 1.6-liter petrol engine with 113 hp. and in conjunction with a variator. Such a car has no dynamics, unlike the 1.8-liter version, which is equipped with mechanics, a car with a continuously variable automatic transmission accelerates to 100 km / h 2 seconds longer, and the total time is 12.3 seconds. At first, when the box has not yet adapted, you generally weave like a snail, press on the excessively tight gas pedal, press, press, press, but the car does not go, even in the stream it is difficult to stay. Over time, the box changes settings, getting used to your driving style, and it becomes easier to keep at least in the stream, plus you no longer have to constantly squeeze the gas to the floor in order to accelerate a little, just press down the accelerator a little for the box to downshift. In a city with its constant traffic jams, the XRAY Cross with a variator shows itself very worthily, you do not need to constantly pull the box, plus the machine works smoothly and without jerks. On the track it is already more difficult, here when overtaking it is better to switch to manual mode and independently lower the virtual gear.

LADA XRAY Cross test. The basic Instinct

The LADA XRAY Cross Instinct is not bad for comfort, the arches are well insulated, there is a minimum of aerodynamic noise, but the doors and glazing fail, at first I thought all the time that I had one of the windows open, so you can hear the vehicles passing by in the cabin. But as they say, we turn on the music louder and do not pay attention to the noise. But there are no questions about the work of the suspension, everything is smooth, and only pits with sharp edges are given in the cabin.

The price of LADA XRAY Cross Instinct for today is 1 rubles, taking into account all current promotions and discounts, the car can be purchased for 055 rubles. Among the advantages of the car, I would like to note a pleasant design, a good interior, a variator, which only needs to be given time to adapt, and a built-in Yandex.Auto media system.


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