“MegaFon”, tariff “Internet Wylsacom Edition”

A promotional offer for the summer, you can connect or switch to the tariff until November 30, 2020. In “MegaFon” they cooperated with the famous tech blogger Wylsacom. The project is interesting and certainly deserves your attention. Summer is not a “hot” season for operators, why not take advantage of advantageous seasonal offers?

Let’s analyze the tariff itself a little lower. What is the point of such a promotional rate, which is now being jointly promoted by the blogger @wylsacom and MegaFon? It is clear that Wylsacom is by no means a cute socialite with exorbitant fees, but all the same, advertising services for bloggers are not cheap these days, will the project pay off? The “high negotiating parties” know better, probably, they somehow agreed on a mutually beneficial basis. This is no longer our business with you, our business is to understand what exactly we can get from this project. And, surprisingly, there is an unconditional positive, you can’t argue with that.

"MegaFon", tariff "Internet Wylsacom Edition"

The list of “goodies” from Wylsacom personally didn’t impress me very much, but what did you want? Fans of a popular blogger may well be inspired by an exclusive sticker on a smartphone. Here, as they say, it is not the gift that is important, the attention is important. But the “goodies” from the operator are much more interesting and more than worthy of careful consideration. Actually, this is what we will do now.

Tariff “Internet Wylsacom Edition”

"MegaFon", tariff "Internet Wylsacom Edition"

The tariff is made on the basis of “No Overpayments Internet” from the recently appeared line, our short overview of all tariffs of the line from May 20, 2020 can be read here. Quote:

“” No overpayments Internet ”. The subscription fee is 500 rubles / month. Data transfer – 15 GB, unlimited on social networks when in Moscow and the Moscow region. The package of 500 minutes is spent on all local mobile calls (city calls are paid separately?), After the unlimited package for “MegaFon” in all regions has been exhausted. SMS are not included in the tariff. “MegaFon Protection”, “Piggy bank” Internet distribution (tethering) free of charge. Unlimited for messengers works even with a negative balance and does not consume the Internet package ”.

This tariff is the youngest in the line, and I am very suspicious of such tariffs. Pay for “budget” – “small” pitfalls scattered at the rate that you need to look for carefully. There may be calls to landline phones for a fee, there may be an obscenely small Internet package, there may be an absurdly high price for an intercity (a call home from a trip can easily cost fifty rubles), a minute in excess of the package may be very expensive, and so on. You just need to understand that marketers put a lot of things into these relatively cheap tariffs to get additional money from the subscriber. More expensive tariff offers usually do not contain such tricks or contain them much less. Another quote from our review about the “No Overpayments Internet” tariff:

“The lowest tariff of the line, for Moscow it is“ Internet without overpayments ”, with a high degree of probability will provoke overpayments for you. An exception is that if you are sitting in Moscow, you do not go anywhere to other cities. Then you can save up to 100 rubles, but is it really worth it? I doubt it. If I were potential customers, I would generally shy away from the lowest tariffs in the lines. Cellulars want money, and, most likely, this money will still be taken from you even at the lowest tariff, but they will take it along with your nerves. Do you need it? “

On the other hand, the lowest tariff is almost always “doomed” to market success. Most potential customers choose what is cheaper, and if they compare, then only the volumes of packages of different tariffs on the main tariff showcase. The maximum they do is delve into the Internet profile of the tariff (are there unlimited and what for). Few people go deeper into the tariff.

"MegaFon", tariff "Internet Wylsacom Edition"

The “blank” for the “Internet Wylsacom Edition” tariff was chosen rather controversial, and it is all the more interesting to look at what happened in the end. Let’s take a look at the features. I will enumerate not only the differences between the “Internet Wylsacom Edition”, but also just the tariff features, to which the hands did not reach the last time. You can read the description of the “Internet Wylsacom Edition” on the MegaFon website here, the description of the basic tariff “Without Internet overpayments” – here.

  • There are no problems with connection, no one forces you to buy another new number. Existing MegaFon subscribers can switch to the tariff. As already written, the connection / transition is open until November 30, 2020.
  • The subscription fee increased by 50 rubles / month, from 500 rubles / month at the “basic” tariff to 550 rubles / month on the Internet Wylsacom Edition.
  • Both in the basic tariff and in the new tariff, calls to MegaFon consume the package, and unlimited within the network is turned on only after the package of minutes has been exhausted.
  • On both tariffs, calls to landline numbers are charged separately at 2.2 rubles per minute.
  • The Wylsacom Internet package is now 25 GB instead of 15 GB on the basic Internet.
  • Unlimited on social networks and unlimited messengers are available on both tariffs, but Wylsacom added unlimited on YouTube, this is important. Moreover, unlimited messengers work for another month with a negative balance. YouTube does not work with a negative balance.
  • Sharing the Internet is available on both tariffs, but when using torrents, the speed is cut to 128 Kbps.
  • The “piggy bank” (storing unused gigabytes) on Wylsacom has increased to 100 GB, compared to 50 GB on the basic Internet.
  • The rest seems to be the same. Here and there, a bad 13 rubles / min for an intercity to any numbers, except for local mobile numbers in the region of residence (calls to landlines separately), and, accordingly, ruinous calls home from trips.
  • On both tariffs the service “Change the dial tone” is included in the initial package. It is tactfully written “service with a promotional period of 30 days”, ie, presumably, the “Beep” should not be forgotten to be turned off, otherwise in a month they will start charging ~ 122 rubles / month. Although they write that this godless “Beep” still needs to be independently activated by selecting a melody, it will not start itself. Well if so.

Pay attention to the procedure for writing off the monthly fee. When connecting and switching to a tariff for the first 15 days, the subscription fee is debited daily, on the 16th day – for 15 days, from the 2nd month – in full for 30 days. As far as I understand, all these difficulties are for the sake of the price of the starter package not exceeding 300 rubles.

And more interesting. A few days ago I read a long and abusive article of a colleague with a complaint about Beeline: subscriber write-off drove the bill into a minus, but packages of minutes and traffic were provided. Only it is impossible to use the “provided” packages, because the phone was immediately blocked, how so ?! At the same time, I have now read how it works in MegaFon, quote:

“If on the day of debiting you do not have enough funds in your account, the fee will be debited, and minutes and gigabytes will be provided. You can use them only after replenishing your balance. Messengers will be available even with a negative balance. If your balance is negative at the time of debiting the fee, no debiting will take place. “

In my opinion, exactly the same as what my colleague wrote about. That is, any positive balance is an indicator for the system that the monthly fee can be withdrawn even in the negative.


Such an interesting little animal was born. Wylsacom-changes in the basic tariff “Without overpayments for Internet” are very positive and the tariff now corresponds to its name “Internet”: a good package of gigabytes, a large “Moneybox”. A separate topic is the emerging unlimited on YouTube, for many users YouTube is the main consumer of traffic, for them this problem will be removed on the new “Wylsacom”, and the tariff for them will in fact become unlimited, but without the inherent unlimited restrictions. In light of all these changes, the additional 50 rubles / month seems to me a rather symbolic price increase. The tariff is absent on the MegaFon website in the general list on the tariff showcase, it is also not in the list of promotions. Direct link only. This greatly narrows the potential audience, but MegaFon did not want to provoke puzzling questions: the operator does not work at a loss, and if he allows himself to give so much “good” for that kind of money, then why should I overpay on a different tariff?

In general, until November 30, 2020, you have two attractive options at MegaFon for a reasonable price: the Wylsacom Edition Internet tariff for those who mainly use the Internet, and the No Overpayment Calls tariff for those who talk a lot, again I send you to the review here. It is clear that some people want everything at once and more, this is also possible. But for a completely different monthly fee.

Dots tell the truth

"MegaFon", tariff "Internet Wylsacom Edition"

And not only points. As evening reading I offer you an article on “Habré” here, very informative. They tell about a story back in 2017, when information that was not intended for the general public came out about the special markings that color laser printers leave on documents. This has been working since at least 2005, according to the illustration above. The trick is that a couple of pages of any printed document is supplied with a set of light yellow dots, in which information about the date, time and serial number of the printer is encoded, which allows you to trace the origin of the printout.

The dots are small and pale, it is almost impossible to notice them by chance, they become visible in blue light. Alternatively, you can take a picture of the page and invert the colors in a primitive editor, it is also clearly visible. How many of these technologies are used by different printer manufacturers is unknown to science. In addition, color laser printers have begun to be widely used relatively recently. There is no doubt that ordinary black and white printers also somehow leave special markings on the pages. In its primitive form, this system worked half a century or more ago. In the USSR, once when buying a typewriter, it had to be registered with the police. Seems to include a sample of all the letters printed on it. They say that there are no two typewriters with the same fonts, each unit contains a “defect” of one letter, which is well distinguishable on the page.

Now, as we can see, all this has been implemented at a completely different, high-tech level. In theory, given a complete database of “markers” and device serial numbers, it would take a “competent” person half an hour to determine where and when a document was printed. I have read about maniacs who are afraid of surveillance and do not use electronic means and mail / internet to transmit important information. Only from hand to hand on paper, only hardcore! Oh well…

And, as usual, the same stalled legal aspect. If such labeling is the disclosure of personal information, then this is not spelled out in the laws. Yes, and it is useless to prescribe, judging by the described case with the detention of the girl who “drained” the old woman in 2017, the “competent authorities” are ready to come up with even shaky evidence, just not to disclose the very existence of such technologies.

Sadness, some years ago I threw away the blue lamp with a reflector found on the mezzanine, which was used in medicine. It turns out that it was a valuable thing! (smiley).

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