Operators, are we getting into a normal working rhythm?

And then already tired of rest. Beeline told about every third call to VoLTE, it’s really a lot. The statistics of the Lisa Alert search team: it is in this area that the help of a mobile operator is invaluable, and it is very good if they work in close contact without any multi-day agreements.

About VoLTE at Beeline

Beeline writes that for the first time, the share of 4G in the total volume of voice traffic in the Beeline network has become comparable to 2G. At the same time, at the end of December 2020, voice traffic in all standards increased by 2%, but VoLTE traffic grew hundreds of times compared to December 2019. Now the “hot” topic among technology enthusiasts is HD Voice, lovers of “very-very” are keenly interested in details. I understand them well, by the way. I have an extremely utilitarian approach to voice communication, I speak relatively little and almost always to the point. There is, however, a friend who loves to chat, but the main thing with him is to “talk” in the right pauses, I don’t mind, and in general the phone is lying next to me. However, HD Voice is a nice thing, no doubt about it. A couple of times I came across a “colleague” inside the network and was very surprised at the sound quality. Maybe, of course, someday they will come up with something else, but, for me, there is nothing more to improve, you can almost hear the breath. And it’s not a fact that I came across HD Voice, and not just VoLTE.

Operators, are we getting into a normal working rhythm?

As far as I understood, the “news lead” for the press release was just a landmark, at which Beeline’s voice traffic in 2G and 4G networks was approximately equal. And I immediately noted for myself the complete absence of even mention of the existence of 3G. It seems that 3G operators are really not interested at all, at least in voice transmission. All this is happening somehow quickly. Some statistics from Beeline:

“In the total volume of voice traffic in the Beeline network, the share of 4G has become comparable to 2G for the first time. At the same time, at the end of December 2020, voice traffic in all standards increased by 2%, but VoLTE traffic grew hundreds of times compared to December 2019. This became possible due to the increase in 4G coverage in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as the availability of technology for subscribers due to the transition to the new Huawei platform. 43% of Beeline clients in the capital are users of smartphones with VoLTE support.

According to Beeline. Analytics of the TOP-5 most common smartphone models among Beeline subscribers that support the service are:

  1. Apple iPhone 7
  2. Samsung Galaxy A51
  3. Samsung Galaxy A10
  4. Apple iPhone 11
  5. Apple iPhone 6s

The average call duration in December 2020 in the 4G network of Muscovites in the Beeline network has grown 9 times compared to December 2019 “.

And another interesting quote, this time Dmitry Mashin, director of the Moscow region of VimpelCom PJSC:

“The sound quality and the absence of breaks during a call are indicators of the quality of an operator’s communication for all of us. It is important for us that our clients get only the best experience with Beeline, so we are working on the development of existing services and services, including voice. The VoLTE update in Moscow allowed a much larger number of Muscovites to appreciate all the advantages of the technology. “

A bit unexpected, yes. Is the sound quality and the absence of call breaks an indicator of the quality of the connection? Oh, I’m not sure, it seems to me that in our times the quality of data transfer is more important, everything else is already gradually, but confidently moving into the category of “add-ons”. By the way, the press release says about this. However, one does not interfere with the other, just less and less remains in the networks of users only GSM. The process is natural, but not fast and will definitely not accelerate. On the contrary, although there are relatively few remaining GSM Only users, these are mainly those who are satisfied with everything, and it is difficult to motivate such people to change. Well, okay, there is no need to terrorize people if you can leave small bands in 2G to everyone’s pleasure. Again, there is the “Internet of Things”, how many things are still working in the 2G network! Over time, all these things will die out, but there is no need to force the process, if it is not difficult to do without it.

“Lisa Alert”, search technologies and some results of 2020

Again “Beeline”, but it’s not my fault that they rushed in advance with a detailed press release, the material is really interesting. A few quotes:

«Решение “Beeline AI — Поиск людей” (0+), анализирующее изображения с беспилотных летательных аппаратов и позволяющее в разы увеличить скорость анализа территории, обработало более 650 тыс. снимков. Всего отряд получил порядка 860 заявок на закрытие воздушного пространства на территории поиска. Силами группы просмотра и анализа отсмотрена площадь 336 квадратных километров, общая длина треков беспилотных летательных аппаратов, используемых на поисках, составила 15 тыс. км. Всего с воздуха найдено 27 человек.

According to the statistics of the LisaAlert search and rescue squad, in 2020 more than 76% of the total number of missing people disappeared or were lost in large cities and small settlements, more than 17% – in the natural zone (swamps, mountains, forests, etc.) … Men get lost almost 2 times more often than women. Moreover, the largest number of men disappear between the ages of 30 and 40. A special category of the lost is made up of people over 80 years old, therefore LisaAlert and Beeline recommend using the functions of modern devices to monitor relatives who may need help due to their health conditions. “

I read and am amazed at how lovely ladies are more responsible for their behavior than we are. And one more thing: most of all young, healthy men at the age of 30-40 disappear, and they disappear in large cities, and not somewhere in forests and swamps. Think about it! And if you really need to get drunk, then it’s better to do it at home, you don’t have to spoil the holidays for yourself or your loved ones. And doctors should not add work, they are already having a hard time on holidays. In general, harsh times: February 23, March 8, and then May are already on the nose. Undoubtedly, the mobile operator has invaluable information in such situations about all the movements of its subscribers, and I don’t even want to talk about who authorized and agreed to transfer some of this information to the search squad. It is winter outside, and it is immensely important to start looking for and find “lost things” quickly, the rest is already secondary.

It turns out that everything is almost official?

Although, the Ministry of Digital Science woke up and threw a press release about the state of the bill, which, among other things, considers simplified access to geolocation data without complex approvals when it comes to finding a missing person. Read the material of the State Duma, even from October 2019 here. It’s just that all our legislative work is going on very slowly and sometimes it freezes altogether in anticipation of a “magic pendel” from the presidential administration, there is nothing without it. A couple of quotes from the ministry’s press release:

“Following the discussion, the President of the Russian Federation instructed the Government of the Russian Federation to finalize the draft law previously prepared on the initiative of members of the Federation Council and State Duma deputies. The draft law adopted on September 25, 2019 in the first reading provided for the possibility of obtaining information about the geolocation of mobile devices without a court decision at a reasoned request from law enforcement agencies in the manner prescribed by the Government of the Russian Federation.

In the conclusion of the Public Chamber to the adopted bill, following the results of a public examination in October 2020, it was noted that, in general, the concept of the bill is supported. At the same time, a number of remarks were made regarding the need to reflect directly in the draft law the conditions for the provision of data. A number of measures have also been proposed to improve the accuracy of locating subscribers.

The draft law, amended by the Russian Ministry of Digital Science, directly prohibits the transmission of the content of negotiations or messages transmitted using mobile devices without the consent of subscribers or in the absence of a court decision.

Let’s see what comes out of all this. Unfortunately, you can peel potatoes with a knife, or you can kill a person, depending on who has the knife in his hands. They emphasize that we are talking only about geolocation data, the content of conversations and correspondence will still be released only with the approval of the court. Oh, this eternal search for a compromise, which should suit all parties and at the same time help, and not harm a person. And “to the heap”: the operators confidently asserted that they did not store any correspondence or telephone records, they say, they did not have sufficient resources for this. And how can you convey what is not? Or are there resources and the operators are cunning? Or is the bill drafted taking into account the future obligation of operators to store this data? We are unlikely to find out the correct answer.

And again, I will repeat a piece from the quote:

“The draft law, amended by the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia, directly prohibits the transmission of the content of negotiations or messages transmitted using mobile devices, without the consent of the subscribers or in the absence of a court decision».

Highlighted by me. That is, even for the transmission of details and transcripts, it is not necessary to have a court decision, is the consent of the subscriber enough? And I very much doubt that a notarized or otherwise certified consent will be required. Thank you if they even ask him, otherwise you can’t prove that you didn’t even ask. And no, this is not SORM, this is different. Most likely, it is different, since we are talking about the transfer of data stored by the operator (?), But the operator does not have SORM data. Wherever you spit, you will definitely find yourself … Not in the SORM, which reads and listens to you, so in the Ministry of Communications, in which bills about “you are loved” are being finalized, not in the Ministry of Communications, so else in someone who is interested in your correspondence, will take you by the elbow and gently asks: “You don’t mind if I read your SMS correspondence? That’s okay, thanks! “. Go out, try to maintain faith in humanity with all this.

Instead of a summary

Returning to the topic “LisaAlert”. Rescuers “Lisa Alert” work and do a big and very important job, often pulling people out of the next world. Yes, free of charge, do not think what. While others, we will not point a finger, are waiting for a kick from the management in order to get a dusty daddy with a bill out of the table and do what they get their good salaries for. A little info sheet for your information:

“The LisaAlert search and rescue squad appeared in October 2010. The detachment is looking for missing people in the forest and in the city. All search activities are organized by LisaAlert volunteers free of charge. Today the squad has more than 25 people and is represented in 000 regions. The detachment has 60 directions, whose activities are aimed at effective response to each search request, including: hotline operators, information coordinators, dog handlers, horsemen, cartographers, signalmen, operational duty officers, a special-purpose group and others.

For 10 years, the detachment has participated in the search and rescue of more than 73 people alive, during this time more than 000 applications were accepted and processed, more than 100 people were found. Anyone over 000 years of age can join the squad. You can follow the emergence of new searches on the forum site www.lizaalert.org or by subscribing to a free SMS mailing list at lizaalert.beeline.ru. Search requests, certificates and offers of assistance are accepted round the clock and free of charge by operators of the LisaAlert hotline at 86 (000) 18-8-800. “

That’s all for today, behave reasonably and do not become a client of LisaAlert. You need to either go to work and help them, or look from the outside, without becoming a participant in the events. But just in case it’s worth writing down the phone number, life is striped, like “Beeline”.

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