Operators, isolation news and statistics

There is a silver lining, and quarantine is a reason to study your education, knowledge is never superfluous. With the migration of people from Moscow to the Moscow region, Skylink began to enjoy popularity. Tele2 records a significant increase in the number of applications for transitions to them with their own number. About the distribution of 1 rubles to new subscribers of Tinkoff Mobile. About how we get our own food in quarantine.

MTS, I don’t want to study, but I want …

Although no, not only to get married, but also to study, too, many suddenly wanted. What unexpected ideas come to mind, tormented by the hardships of forced isolation! A snippet from a fresh press release:

MTS PJSC recorded an increase in the number of users of the MTS Smart University educational platform and the MTS University business education service over the past month by 70%. 34% of regular customers of services began to engage more often than before.

A survey of users showed that 48% of those who increased their intensity of online classes expect to apply their knowledge in order to take advantage of new opportunities that may arise after the economy begins to recover. 20% expect international companies to start remote recruiting and prepare for a career breakthrough, another 20% are afraid of losing their competitiveness in the labor market if they do not educate themselves. “

Everything is correct. Learn, friends and friends, now is the time to tackle this closely. Not the TV series to absorb in tons? I am sure that readers of Mobile-Review will find something more productive and useful for themselves.

Skylink is not just alive, but well alive

Operators, isolation news and statistics

Statistics of the growth of traffic consumption for about three weeks, as well as the growth of applications for connection to Skylink by as much as 8 times. I recently cited MTS statistics on the migration of MTS subscribers from Moscow to the Moscow region, you can read it here. It can be assumed that the rapid growth in the number of applications for connecting to Skylink is associated with the same process and indirectly hints that there are still many places in the Moscow region where the Internet is available only from Skylink, otherwise people would not bother. Probably, indeed, in the conditions of Russia, LTE 450 MHz with its range has its rightful place.

About home delivery of SIM cards

Operators, isolation news and statistics

You can read the press release here, quote:

“Moscow – Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, recorded a fivefold increase in the number of orders for SIM cards with home delivery during the period of self-isolation. The number of applications for porting numbers to the Tele2 network has also increased. When choosing a product offer, customers prefer the “My Online” tariff.

In the period from April 1 to April 20, the number of Tele2 SIM cards purchased with home delivery increased by 405% compared to the same period in March. This is due to the fact that during the period of self-isolation, the company’s customers prefer online shopping.

The growth in the number of sales of SIM-cards with delivery is observed in all regions of the operator’s presence. So, in Moscow on April 1-20, the company’s clients issued 4 times more online home orders than in the first 20 days of March. In addition, during the period of full isolation in the capital region, the number of applications for porting a subscriber number within the framework of the MNP (Mobile Number Portability) service increased – the increase in the Internet channel was 50% ”.

It is clear that not only watching TV and visiting beauty salons entertain people during the quarantine period, the Internet can probably be safely considered one of the main types of leisure in this difficult time. To be honest, I do not quite understand the reasons for the growth of transfers to Tele2 via MNP. That is, the person used another operator, and he was more or less satisfied with everything, but with the beginning of quarantine it stopped? Generally speaking, if you believe the press releases, then it is not so bad for mobile operators in quarantine times. People talk more and use the mobile Internet much more actively. Which, by the way, confirms the fact that, contrary to the opinion that the population of Moscow is almost completely covered by one or another type of broadband access, mobile Internet is also in great demand. It would seem a paradox: the number of people sitting at home has sharply increased, but at the same time the need for the mobile Internet has increased significantly. I think that during the time the subscribers are forced to sit at home, the operators will collect interesting statistics.

It is also interesting to check the dates. The press release on the growth in the number of applications for the transition to Tele2 with its own number is dated April 21, 2020, and it suggests that Tele2 in the statistics also takes into account the transitions by MNP to virtual operators based on the Tele2 network. And then just the action “Tinkoff Mobile” with a donation of 1 rubles. subscribers passing to them, read about it below. Are these two facts related? However, there is a discrepancy: the duration of the donation campaign is 000 rubles. defectors starts on April 1, 000. That is, Tele23 announced an increase in the number of applications for MNP-transitions two days before Tinkoff Mobile doubled the size of the prize for the transition (it was 2020, made 2 rubles). So, most likely, the facts are not connected with each other. A small detail, but a good example of how a seemingly obvious assumption can turn out to be wrong.

Tinkoff Mobile donates 1 rubles. to their new subscribers

True, we are talking only about “prize payments” to those who switch to this operator with their own number. Interesting news.

Operators, isolation news and statistics

An application for number porting can be made on the operator’s website here. I hope everyone understands that these 1 rubles. not quite rubles in the usual sense. This money cannot be withdrawn from the balance and can only be spent on communication services. I dug up detailed conditions for you, be sure to read the list if you decide to switch to Tinkoff Mobile with your number. Everything is logical and understandable, but just in case, and then suddenly someone is dreaming about the unrealizable?

Bonus accrual

  1. The bonus is credited no later than 1 day after the actual transfer of the number to the Tinkoff Mobile network.
  2. The bonus is valid 50 days from the date of accrual.
  3. The bonus can be spent only on any communication services and other services of Tinkoff Mobile LLC available for activation, except for the “Choosing a beautiful number” service.
  4. The bonus cannot be received in cash or transferred for use to other Subscribers.
  5. The Bonus amount is not subject to crediting to the Subscriber’s account opened with Tinkoff Bank JSC, and does not participate in the accrual of interest on the balance of funds on the Card account.
  6. Payment for communication services is primarily carried out from the amount of Bonus points; if the Bonus has been spent, then payment for communication services is made at the expense of the Participant’s own funds.
  7. Date of the Promotion: from April 23, 2020 to June 30, 2020 inclusive.
  8. The Participant can take part in the Promotion only once, regardless of the number of SIM cards the Participant has.

Pay attention to the 50 days of the validity period of bonus rubles. Since they can only be used to pay for communication services, after 50 days the remaining bonuses will simply disappear from the balance. I recently wrote about the commercial launch of eSIM technology at Tinkoff Mobile, you can read the review here. “Gift” 1 000 rubles. – a good chance to feel the eSIM and understand whether you are satisfied with the quality of this operator’s services.

MNP transitions have always been driven by stakeholders. Operators encourage salon workers, service providers encourage dealers, dealers seduce MNP-users with discounts on prices for connecting to a non-public tariff, etc. But all this is somehow inconsistent and inconsistent. And premiums-bonuses are received by numerous intermediaries, the most rolling one rarely gets anything material. From this point of view, 1 rubles, even if conditional and “short-term”, is a fair share, the prize will be received by the one who will carry his money to the operator. There is one more small aspect, the issue price for the operator. I have a suspicion that it is more profitable for an operator to present communication services to a “defector” for 000 rubles, than to reward a salon employee with only 1 rubles (for example), but in real rubles.

New highway “Neva” now with LTE

The quarantine will end, and it will be possible to drive to St. Petersburg for joy, tired of sitting at home. Now it’s not bad for the new M11 “Neva” in a car, fortunately with almost continuous LTE coverage there will be something to have fun on the road. Press release (doc file) can be downloaded here, some quotes:

“Moscow, RF – PJSC MTS and the State Company Avtodor, announced the final stage of the implementation of a project for the construction of infrastructure to provide the M-11 Neva highway on the Moscow – St. Petersburg route with voice services and high-speed mobile Internet access via LTE technology.

The implementation of the joint project of MTS and Avtodor continued throughout the year in the Moscow, Tver, Novgorod and Leningrad regions. At the first stage, radio frequency studies were carried out, which made it possible to determine the required number of points for the construction of communication towers and their exact location. Then the road workers carried out preparatory work for the organization of sites for the installation of antenna mast structures (AMS), which are necessary for the placement of operators’ equipment, and brought power lines to these sites. Currently, within the framework of the project, 97 communication towers have already been installed, electricity is connected to them. In parallel with the construction of communication towers, work is underway to place the equipment of communication operators on the antenna mast structures. To date, MTS has completed the placement of equipment for voice communication and the Internet in the LTE standard at 95 percent of the total number of built AMC in all regions where the highway passes. “

I understand that many are not interested in reading about this, but even an “enlarged” listing of the most basic stages of work gives an idea of ​​how difficult, expensive and time-consuming it is to build a continuous coverage of transport highways. And it is necessary to build, it is a question not only of comfort, but also of the safety of those traveling.

About beauty

Recently I wrote that a week after the beginning of the era of self-isolation, officials urgently changed their minds to close beauty salons and tanning salons, and reopened these charitable establishments. Read the penultimate paragraph of the review here, it turns out that numerous communication salons are not the only strange category of vital enterprises in the city during an epidemic.

Operators, isolation news and statistics

I don’t know who lobbied for the “printing” of beauty salons, but the result is impressive and, as I understand it, meets the expectations of the owners. The wording “Russians want to be handsome at home” is a little puzzling, I can hardly imagine crowds of men storming beauty salons to build up their nails and make themselves fashionable hairstyles. Although, they say, hairdressing salons are now more and more often “beauty salons”, and men need to get their hair cut somewhere. But still, the bulk of the clientele of the salons are lovely ladies hungry for beauty. They are not allowed to go to work, shops are closed, but how else to have fun in self-isolation? Only a beauty salon.

About food

You will not be full of beauty, you also need to eat. Remember the proverb “Love comes and goes, but you always want to eat”?

Operators, isolation news and statistics

Here’s another piece of statistics for fans of numbers. One could assume a uniform increase in orders of ready-made food and products, but no, food orders are growing much faster. I don’t see anything good in this, it is unlikely that the ladies suddenly flared up with a passion for cooking. Much more likely is a forced transition to a financially rational model of behavior in the face of the resulting lack of money. If so, then this is bad and will only get worse in the near future. All the media have long been talking about the need to save “for a rainy day”, about all kinds of “safety cushions”, etc., but a huge number of Russians have “savings” exclusively in the form of a collection of unpaid loans. Now it is too late to convince someone of something, the victims either have already understood everything themselves, or are not able to understand in principle and are doomed to suffer, relying on the good president, mayor, Lord God, and the jester knows what they still hope for, seeing the situation around. But money burns your fingers, the new smartphone is so cute, and the state will not leave you in trouble. As a result, with the help of the state, we will somehow get out, if we do not die, health to all!

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