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“Beeline”, free calls to pension funds of Russia in 51 cities. More about USSD-command # 100 # in MTS, it now works again. Update of the tariff constructor in Tele2: interesting, but not for everybody. Tariff option “Internet 3 GB” in “MegaFon” as a very budgetary alternative to unlimited.

About free calls to pension funds in Russia

You can read the press release here. This is a socially significant undertaking, especially in the context of the continuing self-isolation of pensioners. Quote from the release:

Beeline Business (a structural subdivision of PJSC VimpelCom) provided multichannel numbers 8-800 to the branches of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Now you can call the hotline of a branch of one of the 51 cities of the country free of charge from both city and mobile phones.

At the moment the service is available in 51 regional offices of the Pension Fund of Russia. Beeline Business assigned unique subscriber numbers to each of them (national prefix, access code to the Free Call service and mobile operator index are the same for all representative offices). In order to call a regional office, you need to dial the general number 8-800-6000, and then 3 unique numbers of your city. For example, for Moscow the number will look like this: 8-800-6000-000 “.

Operators, news and based on published

Please note that this is a charity for all pensioners, and not only for Beeline subscribers, calls to numbers 8-800-6000-xxx are free from any phones in Russia, both landline and mobile. In this case, “Beeline”, as I understand it, took upon itself the solution of all organizational and technical issues, the rent for multi-channel 8-800 numbers and further technical support of the project. Within the framework of the concept of “stay at home and do not rock the boat,” is obviously a good and useful thing. After all, pensioners are often not rich, and many of them are ready to move through half the city even in order not to spend money on a call. Again, multichannel is a great thing for a service like this. The number of employees will not magically add, but those that do exist will work more efficiently.

The capricious team # 100 # in MTS is still alive

In a recent review, you can read here, I complained about the disconnection in MTS of the # 100 # team, which could request the current balance and instantly receive an answer, without waiting for the unhurried arrival of a long SMS with the balance and all the accompanying advertising. As an option, it was proposed to download and install one of the proprietary MTS applications. If only to view the balance, then this is a clear loss of our time, smartphone resources and more Internet traffic. In general, the # 100 # team easily solved all these questions, immediately giving the answer. Let it be in an “import” language, but we could hardly guess about the translation of the word balance (smiley). And the balance numbers, glory to Allah, were habitually Arabic, not Roman.

By the way, a purely theoretical (hopefully) accompanying question: if, for example, in the answer to the USSD request and in the Personal Account on the website, all the numbers are given in the “Roman” format, will this be a violation of the Law? And in the descriptions of tariffs? As far as I understand, the regulator does not prohibit the use of an alternative-Roman format, otherwise we would not have seen names like “Pirates of the XNUMXth century” in the press and other public places. If operators start giving out the usual Arabic numerals only in their monstrous applications, and everywhere on websites and in descriptions will switch to the Roman format, then the number of application downloads will skyrocket to unprecedented heights! However, the number of obscene expressions addressed to the authors of such an innovation will also go off scale. So I beg you to consider this paragraph as a joke, otherwise I will not be able to eat because of the continuous hiccups.

Operators, news and based on published

Already finishing that review, I checked the service performance just in case. Alas, the team didn’t work. When exactly the useful command was turned off and back on, I have no idea (I do not check the balance very often), but now it works again. So use it. The discussion in the comments to the review showed that many did not know about the existence of a useful # 100 # in MTS. I was afraid that the valuable team had been disconnected forever, but no, I was alive. I don’t think that MTS read the review and decided to put everything back in place, but rather a banal coincidence. Well, good, for us the end result is important.

Update of the tariff constructor in Tele2

Operators, news and based on published

Probably, you need to quote fragments from the press release:

“Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, is improving the ability to customize the tariff plan and expanding the list of tariffs that offer personal configuration. Subscribers can not only choose the required packages of minutes, gigabytes and additional services, but also add new services to their taste.

Tele2 acts in the interests of its subscribers and continues to personalize products by updating the tariff constructor. Now you can choose not only the required number of minutes and gigabytes, connect unlimited to the necessary social networks and instant messengers, but also, depending on the tariff, add other options to suit your interests.

A novelty is the “Wink Transformer” service, where the subscriber is invited to choose any 5 of 12 thematic collections with films, programs or cartoons. World and national cinema, TV series, sports and music, children’s content – everyone can customize Wink to their liking. Besides, it’s easy to add unlimited to Youtube, Tele2TV, Amediateka and Sberzvuk. Among the new settings are the ability to include in the tariff a subscription to the CyberHero e-sports portal, the Personal Trainer service, which will select a training program and an individual nutrition system, and the Sports Portal, where tickets for matches and broadcasts are offered. Read more on the Tele2 website

To use the offer, you need to connect to Tele2 or switch with your number from another operator, existing customers can set up the tariff on the website or in the “My Tele2” application. The offer is available on tariffs of the “My Tele2” line – “My conversation”, “My online”, “My online +”. Additional configuration has also appeared on the tariffs “Unlimited”, “Premium”, “Internet for devices”, “Game” in all regions of Tele2 presence. In addition, new opportunities are available on the “Everywhere Online” and “Everywhere Online +” tariffs in Moscow and the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. “

Operators, news and based on published

Content is content, unfortunately I’m a bad advisor. See for yourself what you are interested in, and practice winking (Wink) or even self-winking, this is especially true in conditions of self-isolation. Something like Self-Wink. Personally, I am a little alarmed by the hobby of hanging everything that “can and cannot” on the tariff. It is clear that monetization, it is clear that the operator does not want to be just a pipe for data transmission, and it is clear that in a pandemic, revenues from the same roaming, including even intranet roaming, have significantly decreased. But we are not being forced into all this, right? In the end, the tariff constructor itself with the possibility of a flexible choice of component volumes is certainly a good thing, and whether or not you wink or wink yourself, you somehow decide for yourself without outside help.

In general, willy-nilly, I dug into Tele2 tariffs and compared it with the figures of our last review of Tele2 tariffs here, a review of July 20, 2020. Interesting. “My online +” was 700 rubles, about which I swore, now they made 550 rubles / month. No wonder I swore, or have you guessed? I feel that it is time to take up their tariffs again and see what exactly happens there.

MegaFon, new option “Internet 3 GB”

You can read it on the MegaFon website here (Moscow), in general, it’s a good thing and quite affordable at a price, 5 rubles. per day (152 rubles / month). Just yesterday I answered a letter from a reader, he was looking for something within 1-2 GB for a second sim card. In general, 150 rubles / month is already, in my opinion, close to the level of the psychological barrier, but a certain amount of “goodies” have been added to the option, which make this option very attractive.

You can connect with the command * 105 * 1717 #, I’ve already written about 5 rubles per day. In addition to 3 GB of traffic, the option gives unlimited internet to messengers WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, eMotion, Facebook Messenger, TamTam, Snapchat, imo, MegaFon Life and Chi Gap, and the traffic through these messengers does not consume the 3 GB package …

The unused remainder of the package is carried over to the next month, however, it is carried over in a very perverse way: in this very next month, you first need to completely use up the issued monthly volume of traffic, and only after that you will be allowed to use up the rest of the traffic from the previous month. Traffic that is not used in the next month burns out. Moreover, the balances are not transferred beyond one month. Those. in fact, it turns out that you can transfer the balances no more than once every 2 months, I am already silent about pipe dreams like “save up traffic for the summer season.” Official:

“If you have not used up the Internet provided for 30 days, all its balances are carried over to the next period and are added to the volume of the Internet by option. If in the next period you use up the volume provided by the option in less than 30 days, the transferred balances will begin to be spent automatically. The balances are carried over only to the next period, are not added up and become invalid if you do not use them up in the next 30 days. “

However, the main positive benefit is different:

“After exhaustion of the Internet package, the speed drops to 64 Kbps when using all services, except for the MegaFon website and application, as well as instant messengers, which are provided without limit.”

That is, after the exhaustion of these issued 3 GB of traffic, unlimited messengers continue to work, as they did, well, at the same time, the MegaFon website / application remain available at full speed if you suddenly need them. Downright good old days, when no one blocked the Internet after the packets were exhausted, and all operators transferred the “wasteers” to 64 Kbps instead of completely disconnecting the Internet.

I would venture to write that for a considerable number of users such an Internet option will be almost the equivalent of an expensive unlimited. If a person “sticks” tightly in messengers and watches little video (and there are also many such users), then it is quite an option. You can even look at the mail at 64 Kbps if you really want to. And this is after the exhaustion of the full 3 GB. And all this happiness is only 152 rubles. a month, at present it is generally cheap.

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