Oppo Enco Free TWS headphones review


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  • Type: in-ear headphones
  • Connection type: wireless (TWS), Bluetooth 5.0, SBC codecs, AAC
  • Charging connector: Type-C
  • Driver size: 13.4mm
  • Autonomy: 5 hours of music playback at 50% volume + 20 hours with a case, 3 + 12 hours of talk time
  • Weight: 4,6g each earbud, 48,2g with case
  • Materials: plastic
  • Color options: black, white
  • Features: IPX4 (Direct Splash Proof), Headphone Sync, Smart Noise Canceling Calls, Touch Control
  • Cost: 10 990 rubles

Oppo Enco Free TWS headphones reviewOppo Enco Free TWS headphones review

Contents of delivery

  • Headphones
  • Carrying and charging case
  • USB / USB Type-C cable
  • Three pairs of attachments of different sizes
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

Oppo Enco Free TWS headphones review


Oppo Enco Free headphones were presented in parallel with the new smartphones Oppo Reno3 and Reno3 Pro. At the moment, this is the only actual TWS solution in the manufacturer’s portfolio, at least in our market. You can recall the O-Free headphones, but their sales did not go beyond Chinese online stores, although they were curious in appearance. The source of inspiration in the case of Enco Free is clear and obvious to everyone, the most popular line of TWS headphones has pushed many vendors to create such devices. However, not everyone succeeds in creating an adequate device. Let’s see what happened with Oppo.

Oppo Enco Free TWS headphones review

It is worth noting that these are not Oppo’s first test headphones, there was an experience with the Oppo Enco Q1. But I rarely came across TWS. There are several reasons, but, perhaps, the main one – I did not like the hysteria around AirPods, the association with it, apparently, repelled from such devices. It’s time to fix this gap.


Compared to TWS solutions from other manufacturers, Oppo Enco Free is not so similar to AirPods. Yes, there are certain similarities, but there are also differences. The plastic used in the case and the headphones themselves is more matte, the shapes and sizes differ, for example, the case for the Oppo Enco Free is slightly longer and “chubby”. There is a difference in the shape of the earbuds themselves, for AirPods (not Pro) it is less elongated. The constructive difference lies in the presence of replaceable attachments in the Oppo model.

Oppo Enco Free TWS headphones reviewOppo Enco Free TWS headphones review

The case has one function reset button and one charging LED built into a silver bezel with Oppo branding. On the cheek side of the earbuds, the letters L and R are printed, and the factory model is indicated in very small letters. The rest is a white plastic case with microphone holes and speaker grilles.


To pair the earbuds with your phone or tablet for the first time, you just need to open the case. If there is a charge, the earbuds will automatically appear in the list of devices to add. If there is an Oppo smartphone with a version of ColorOS higher than 7 nearby (except for models of the A, F series, Reno2 Z, Reno2 F, R15 smartphones and 4G versions of Reno3 and Reno3 Pro devices), then the pairing will occur automatically. But on other Android smartphones, the connection is simple and does not require any additional applications. There is also a drawback to this: it is not very clear whether the Oppo Enco Free is designed to update the software, or if this will only happen with supported Oppo smartphones. This is all explainable from the standpoint of a certain ecosystem, but I would like a more universal experience. However, the same was true for the Enco Q1, there are no changes yet.

Oppo Enco Free TWS headphones review

When worn for a long time, the headphones literally cease to be felt, the weight of each of them is only 4,6 grams. The fit in the ear is secure and can be improved with the supplied earpieces. By default, the earpieces are set in size S, I changed to M, they fit more under my ear. The process of replacing the nozzles is simple: you need to pick up the nozzles and detach them from the guide element; installing the necessary nozzles takes a couple of seconds. From the point of view of ergonomics, the step is quite justified, but visually someone may not like that the attachments protrude slightly above the surface of the case. The case magnets for Oppo Enco Free do not allow the headphones to fall out, the hinge of the case lid is strong, there are no squeaks when opening and closing, accidental openings are excluded.

Playback is controlled by both taps and gestures, which is quite interesting. Double tap on each of the headphones is responsible for pause / start of playback, as well as for accepting / rejecting calls. A downward gesture on the body of the right earpiece will turn on the next song in the playlist, upward – turn on the previous one. Accordingly, the same commands on the left earphone will help to decrease / increase the volume. Quite convenient, and you don’t need to go into your pocket for a gadget. I liked the fast operation of the proximity sensors, playback instantly stops when you take out any earbuds from your ear, and just as quickly resumes. Playback is also available with one earphone. The manufacturer emphasizes the fact of synchronous connection of headphones, as such a presenter is not here. But in any case, you should be careful not to lose any of the headphones, there is no information on working with headphones from other kits.

Sound quality

Probably, my skepticism about the sound of TWS-models was still the determining reason for my reluctance to get acquainted with such headphones. I confess that I briefly tested the AirPods with one of my work colleagues, it was on the street, and then on the subway, and I did not like their sound at all. It should be understood that I have been using full-size headphones with ANC on a regular basis for a long time, which is why the difference was so obvious.

Overall, I did not expect super-quality audio from the Oppo Enco Free. In fact, everything was partly confirmed, but it could be worse. There are low frequencies, but they cannot be called pronounced, it is felt that they sound flat. The overall sound volume can be characterized as not bad, there is no “sand”, “porridge”, as well as a significant dip in frequencies, but this, of course, is subjective, I would not call my ears a standard.

Oppo Enco Free TWS headphones reviewOppo Enco Free TWS headphones review

It is clear that at this stage, few people will leave the house / apartment for a long time, but for those who want to walk in the rain, there is protection against direct splashes (IPX4). On the street, you just want to add volume, noise isolation is passive and does not always cope. And yet, Enco Free will help muffle loud office or home neighbors. This is my most significant wish to Oppo: to release TWS headphones with active noise cancellation, because competitors in the face of Honor are about to present such a model, which, although it does not have the same convenience and clarity of control, has already succeeded in sound self-isolation. potential buyer. The Oppo Enco Free only has a noise cutoff when talking. It works tolerably, but in the conversation the interlocutors note a small echo and not the highest quality speech transmission, this can be seen especially clearly in rooms, on the street more clearly. The people themselves can be heard clearly, there is no interference. It is worth noting the minimum audio delay in games and when watching videos, some TWS models are guilty of this.

Working hours

In music playback mode, the Oppo Enco Free will last up to 5 hours on a single charge at a volume level of 50%. A fully charged case will help you charge the headphones four more times, bringing the total autonomy to 25 hours. During a conversation, these figures will be, respectively, 3 and 12 hours. A full charge of the headphones will take 70 minutes, which is quite long (for AirPods – 30 minutes), for the case – 110 minutes, the indicators are comparable to those of competitors.


Oppo Enco Free sound good for their form factor, they have convenient control, coupled with sane autonomy, you can change the attachments. The disadvantages can be written down to a relatively high cost with an unclear possibility of further software updates and the absence of ANC. There is a feeling that the model took a long time to reach our market, because it was presented back in December, but looking at the situation in the world, one can understand the reason.

Oppo Enco Free TWS headphones review

In my opinion, the price of the Oppo Enco Free is somewhat overpriced, especially considering the starting price of 700 yuan, or about $ 100. As competitors for 10 rubles or less, you can specify many devices from major manufacturers, for example, Huawei Freebuds 990 with ANC, Samsung Galaxy Buds, JBL Tune 3, as well as a wagon and a small cart of devices from smaller manufacturers. The first full-fledged experience of “communicating” with TWS turned out to be quite suitable, and if the headphones were cheaper, it would be very good.

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