Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones


  2. Equipment
  3. Positioning
  4. Appearance, buttons and connectors
  5. About sound
  6. As a headset
  7. Working hours
  8. Conclusion


  • Frequencies: 16 Hz – 22 kHz
  • Maximum sound pressure level: 105 dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Membrane size: 40 mm
  • Weight: 372 grams
  • Bluetooth: version 5.0
  • Battery: 730 mAh


  • AUX-in cable with remote control and microphone
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Hard case
  • 1 warranty / warning / quick guide / safety data sheet / google quick guide

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphonesReview of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphonesReview of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones


In the summer of this year, HARMAN presented in Russia a new series of JBL CLUB headphones, which included three models: full-size CLUB ONE and CLUB 950NC, as well as the CLUB 700BT overhead. All three are loaded with the legendary sound from JBL, the ability to personalize the sound of Personi-Fi and support for the voice assistant Google Assistant.

Evgeny Konov, CEO of HARMAN Russia, commented on the appearance of these models:

“When creating the flagship line of the brand, we turned to those who are well versed in the right sound and have an idea of ​​comfortable headphones for every day – musicians, DJs, touring artists. At JBL Club, we have taken into account all requests and added the latest technology in the areas of customization and noise cancellation – for a product that you will not want to part with. “

Today we will talk about the 950NC model as the most balanced device from my point of view. With these headphones you get high-quality sound, active noise cancellation, and the proprietary application “My JBL Headphones”, where Personi-Fi technology has been implemented. In addition, the application includes settings for equalizers from famous DJs and musicians: Armin van Buuren, Sunnery James, Nicky Romero and others.

The price of the JBL Club 950NC model is 16 rubles.

Appearance, buttons and connectors

The headphones look solid, stylish, and without any clown color scheme. It is immediately clear that the owner of this gadget belongs to the adherents of the classic design of headsets.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

Since I also had JBL gaming headsets in my review, I can say that they are very similar to the 950NC model. The difference is that a microphone and RGB lighting were screwed to those gaming headphones.

There is only one color of CLUB 950NC headphones – black.

The body is made of several types of materials: headband – eco leather and plastic, headphone cup holders – metal, cups – matte plastic, ear pads – eco leather. The skin substitute is extremely thin. I am not sure that the headset will hold out without skin peeling for at least six months. A factor such as humidity also plays a role here. My ears were fogging up after 20 minutes: the ear pads became wet in full. I think it’s not very wise to wear headphones like this in the summer. Better closer to autumn or spring. In winter, I think eco-leather will crack quickly under the influence of moisture. However, this needs to be checked. For three weeks nothing terrible happened with the 950NC.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

Another unpleasant nuance – and we will move on to other important things. The fact is that the cable that transmits information to the headphones comes to them through the headband in the public domain. The cable is quite long due to the fact that the device is designed for different head sizes. So, this cable was pulled very strongly for me a couple of times. Unfortunately, it’s easy to do: turn the cups counterclockwise. If you pull the cup harder, then, it seems to me, the wire may come off the headphones.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphonesReview of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphonesReview of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

It’s worth noting that the 950NC is foldable. It may well fit in a jacket pocket. But be careful when laying out – remember about the cable.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphonesReview of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

There are no questions about the assembly and other design features.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

On the right earpiece: USB-C, indicator, on / off. TalkThru functions – lowers volume and amplifies external voice, three buttons – volume and play / pause.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphonesReview of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

On the left earpiece: a jack for connecting an audio cable, Ambient Aware with indicator (passes loud sounds that can signal a danger), Bluetooth pairing button with indicator, power button and its indicator.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphonesReview of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphonesReview of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

In addition, the left ear cup has a button to launch the Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa (there is no Siri assistant here). This button occupies the entire area labeled JBL.

The JBL CLUB 950NC headphones sit well on my head. If the fit is too low for you, then the rails from the headband can be extended another 35 mm.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphonesReview of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphonesReview of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

About sound

Besides that the manufacturer indicates a 40 mm driver, there is no more detailed information. And the frequency range of all modern headphones is the same plus or minus – 16 Hz – 22 kHz. Hardly anyone will hear more than 20 kHz, but 16 is quite real.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

I tested the headphones with the second generation Apple iPhone SE.

Sound codecs are not specified in the specifications. So, “ears” definitely do not support either aptX or LDAC.

It is worth mentioning one of the main features of this model: support for active noise cancellation. Works really well! It can be compared with ANC in Bose QC35 headphones: only music is heard in the train, and the sounds of the subway are almost inaudible (new cars are not heard at all). Here the 950NC, of ​​course, impressed me.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

I have already written many times that it is thankless to describe the sound in headphones. Everyone hears his own: someone has enough bass, who lacks high frequencies. Everything is extremely individual. For example, I hardly hear the difference between all modern TWS headphones, the impression that they are from the same conveyor. However, in the case of Honor Earbuds and Huawei FreeBuds 3i, this is the case.

The sound volume in the JBL CLUB 950NC is high, it is enough in any situation, since you always have active noise canceling at your fingertips.

To my ears, low frequencies start at 25 Hz and peak around 60 Hz. High frequencies – 16 – 17 kHz. Then either I do not hear, or the headphones are not taken out.

At the bottom, the 950NC is simply class! But it is impossible to achieve deep low frequencies by listening to music in Yandex.Music or Spotify. There the sound is primitive, in my subjective opinion.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

What is the best listening experience on the 950NC? Anything: they do well with rock, classical and jazz. Probably better adapted to something heavy. The voice is transmitted perfectly here too.

I think the frequency response here is as flat as possible, so you can only experiment with equalizers. By the way, about them!

To work with headphones, you need to install the JBL Headphones app. A menu with a selection of DJs and musicians will open in front of you. Each icon is an equalizer setting for a style of music, for example, Armin van Buuren, Sunnery James, Nicky Romero. The difference between presets is felt.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

If you don’t like these settings – create your own: you have a 10-band equalizer from 32 Hz to 16 kHz.

As a headset

Alas, almost all of my interlocutors noted that they did not hear me well: indistinct speech, low volume are the main complaints. Below is an example of a conversation recording.

Sample audio recording >>>

Working hours

The manufacturer claims the 950NC is equipped with a 730mAh battery. Theoretical runtime 55 hours without using ANC, about 22 hours with it.

I had enough battery power for a week. Provided that I listened to music for 2 – 2.5 hours a day. It is difficult to calculate more precisely. In any case, this is not a story about 5-6 hours of sound like TWS has.

The gadget is charged from the USB-C connector for two hours.


I don’t have a ringing delight after listening to the JBL CLUB 950NC, but I was extremely impressed by the “noise reduction”: the hour and a half train journeys from the dacha were calm, and there were no special problems in the metro. In terms of noise suppression – Bose QC35, in terms of sound quality – something better.

Review of full-size JBL Club 950NC headphones

Quite a balanced model for listening to any type of music genre.


  • Deep bass
  • Nice tall
  • High level ANC
  • Quality assembly
  • Strict appearance
  • Equalizer in the app


  • Too long wire from headband to headphones (more in text)
  • No support for aptX / aptxHD, LDAC
  • No Siri support


  • Bose QC35 II. Price from 15 rubles. For lovers of high-quality noise reduction
  • Sony WH-1000XM3. Price from 17 rubles. Balanced headphones both in sound and noise reduction
  • Beats Studio 2 Wireless. Price from 16 rubles. For young people: cute, with a pleasant sound
  • Marshall Monitor II ANC. The price is 25 rubles. For special brand lovers

Which over-ear ANC headphones do you prefer?

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