Saturday coffee №134 with New Year’s gift

December flies by, the New Year is getting closer, so we continue to give gifts to our readers. This week we are giving away the new Nokia E3500 wireless earbuds that just went on sale. The headphones support Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm aptX technology, have Ambient Mode transparency, IPX5 moisture protection, and can play music all day long. One of you will get such wonderful Nokia E3500 headphones, read the details of the competition at the end of the article, but for now let’s move on to the news of the week.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

Due to numerous bugs, Sony has removed the game Cyberpunk 2077 from its PlayStation Store and promises to return the money for it to anyone who wishes to do so. There are really a lot of complaints about Cyberpunk 2077, YouTube was flooded with videos with various errors of the game, and some of the players even made this funny video:

By the way, Eldar Murtazin wrote about the game in his fresh “Spillikins”:

And also last week, Zoom confirmed that it will remove restrictions on the duration of free videoconferencing during the upcoming holidays: New Years, Christmas, Christmas Eve and Hanukkah.

Last week, Honor’s CEO posted a post on Weibo announcing that the company will soon unveil a device that will be the first in a lineup since independence from Huawei.

And the head of the Gazprom-Media holding, Alexander Zharov, said that in 2021-2022, video services similar to YouTube will appear in Russia. One of them will be based on Rutube, the other will be a completely new service.


  1. HarmonyOS beta released
  2. New POCO in Russia
  3. TECNO gives gifts
  4. Apple News
  5. New non-tariff from MTS
  6. Most Popular Words of the Year
  7. Apple iPhone 12 at half price
  8. Mazda and Hyundai have announced prices for their new items
  9. Best Products of the Year # 2
  10. … and dessert
  11. Presents!

HarmonyOS beta released

The Chinese company Huawei officially unveiled the beta version of its own operating system HarmonyOS 2020 for mobile devices at the Huawei Developer Day 2.0 in Beijing. Mobile app developers can take part in OS testing by registering on the official Huawei Developer website.

The company notes that third-party developers have gained access to the extensive system capabilities of HarmonyOS, including many APIs and powerful tools such as the optimized DevEco Studio simulator, which simplified the creation of effective applications for smartphones running the new operating system. Huawei hopes to engage as many partners as possible to expand the smart ecosystem to enable users to enjoy the full benefits of smart services for work, play, communication, sports and daily household chores.

Let’s see what Huawei does with HarmonyOS, even interesting. At least, they work very well with current solutions, many developers have already rewritten their applications for HMS, and if you go to AppGallery now, you can find almost all the necessary software.

And on Weibo there were live photos of the Huawei Nova 8 Pro smartphone, which is due to be presented in China on December 23.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

I am confused only by the main camera unit, it turned out to be some very massive, although everyone now has some problems with it, remember at least the leaks on the new Xiaomi Mi 11.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

New POCO in Russia

Smartphone brand POCO, which is a subsidiary of Xiaomi, announced the launch on the Russian market of its new base-level smartphone POCO M3, which is equipped with a triple 48-megapixel camera, a 6000 mAh high-capacity battery, a large 6,53-inch Full HD + display and a processor. Qualcomm Snapdragon 662. The UI is MIUI 12 for POCO based on Android 10.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

POCO M3 will go on sale in Russia on December 25 at a price of 13 490 rubles for the 4 + 64 GB version and 14 490 rubles for the 4 + 128 GB version. It will be available for purchase only in online stores.

A nice smartphone with good specs and a reasonable price. I think there are many who want to please themselves with such a device as a New Year’s gift. As far as I know, colleagues have already received the device for testing, so wait for our detailed review of the novelty soon.

And this week we have a full review of the flagship from Google, the Pixel 5 smartphone:

And more interesting, I recommend you a review of the new OneUI 3.0 shell from Samsung:

TECNO gives gifts

In honor of its birthday (December 7, 2020, TECNO celebrated 3 years of presence on the Russian market), TECNO Mobile congratulated Muscovites and guests of the capital on the occasion of the coming New Year. From December 12 to 15, Ded Moroz and his assistant TECNO-boy walked in the center of Moscow, congratulated the city residents, presented new smartphones and TECNO Mobile accessories and other gifts. More than 100 residents and guests of the capital took part in the festive action, each of whom received a memorable present from Santa Claus TECNO Mobile. And ten participants of the action received new smartphones TECNO Camon 15 Series, Pouvoir 4 and SPARK 5 Series as a gift.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

TECNO Mobile regularly hosts online and offline promotions, as well as photo and video contests. For example, the day before in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ivanovo, the action “Give 5 baristas” was held in collaboration with popular local coffee houses. Cafe visitors had to name the code word at the checkout, after which they received five drinks for the price of one. This promotion was also included in the number of TECNO Mobile’s birthday events in December.

Apple News

Apple Watch now has heart rate notifications. Apple Watch users with iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2 can view their heart rate data in the Health app on their iPhone and receive notifications on their Apple Watch when their cardiovascular fitness is low. This indicator, also called cardiorespiratory endurance, is expressed as VO2 max, the maximum amount of oxygen that the body can consume during exercise. This volume can be increased by exercising regularly. Apple Watch now measures average and maximum VO2 max values ​​during vigorous outdoor walking, walks and runs, helping runners and other athletes track and improve their performance.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

And Russia took the second place in the world in the number of users of the Apple Pay payment service. This information was published by Vedomosti with reference to industry sources. The first place is expected to be occupied by the United States, followed by the United Kingdom. In addition, it is reported that from 20 to 25 million iPhones working with Apple Pay are active in Russia, and payment can also be made through Apple Watch, some models of iPad tablets and iMac computers. Apple representatives in Russia have not yet reacted to this information. It should be added that Apple does not openly disclose statistics regarding the use of the Apple Pay service.

By the way, I noticed after myself that I stopped paying for purchases in stores from my phone and more often I use a card. I don’t know, it’s easier for me to get a cardholder and pull out the card I need than to reach for my smartphone. At the same time, on the contrary, in the network and in applications, he began to actively use Apple Pay and Google Pay, since more and more services are connected to systems. What do you do, pay for purchases in stores more often with a smartphone or a physical card?

You can read more about Apple and their most talked about product of the outgoing year in our other material:

New non-tariff from MTS

The MTS operator has introduced the “NETARIFF” package, which allows customizing services to the taste of the subscriber. Now users will be able to choose the required number of minutes and GB, indicate which social networks and video hosting services unlimited, connect a subscription to music services and online cinemas and much more. At the same time, the more services are connected, the greater the discount the subscriber will receive.

As I understand it, this is Beeline’s answer to its Svyaz Z tariff, but a little less profitable. You can learn more about “NETARIFF” from the material of Sergey Potresov:

Most Popular Words of the Year

Yandex analyzed the queries of the current year and highlighted the words that were leading in them, exceeding the data of the previous year by more than three times. The year 2020 showed that Russians live a real life, and the words “quarantine”, “pass” and “constitution” demonstrated the greatest popularity. Yandex users sent such requests during the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions imposed in Moscow, when the access regime began to operate, as well as during the period when amendments to the Russian Constitution were adopted. Yandex has brought together all the results over the past decade and presented them in the form of infographics. If in 2011 Russians most of all used the words “tablet”, “coupon” and “default” in their queries, and in 2012 the leaders were “multicooker”, “ultrabook” and “memes”, then in 2019 the most frequently used words were “recession” , “Postirany” and “lustration”.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

We also began to sum up the results of the past year, two materials on the topic were published this week:

Apple iPhone 12 at half price

From December 7 to December 31, Beeline offers to purchase iPhone 12 and 12 mini with a discount of up to 50% when purchasing under the Trade-In program with communication services and accessories. According to the company, the terms of the promotion are extremely simple and straightforward. For example, the full cost of the Apple iPhone 12 64 GB smartphone at Beeline is 79 rubles. But if you buy it complete with an option and accessories, and also hand over your old iPhone 890 11 GB in excellent condition via Trade-In, then pay only 256 35 rubles for a new smartphone.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

Mazda and Hyundai have announced prices for their new items

The Russian division of Mazda has provided full pricing information for the new Mazda CX-30 compact crossover. Russian sales of the crossover will start on January 15, 2021. The price of the initial, but rather not poor, complete set Drive on the handle and with front-wheel drive starts at 1 rubles. The most popular, according to the manufacturer, the Active equipment will cost 620 rubles for the version with automatic and front-wheel drive, and the all-wheel drive version will cost 000 rubles more. The top-end configuration of Supreme was estimated at 1 rubles, and the version equipped with all available options will cost 869 rubles.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

You can read about the Mazda CX-30 in our material from the Russian presentation of the model:

And the Hyundai Motor CIS company announced the prices for the new seventh generation Hyundai Elantra sedan. Russian customers are offered four complete sets of the new model with a six-speed automatic transmission: Base, Active, Elegance and the Anniversary series. The maximum MSRP for the base Elantra, available with the 1.6 MPI petrol engine, is RR 1. The Active version will cost RUR 329 for the 000 MPI version and RUR 1 for the car with the Smartstream G409 engine. The Elegance package in combination with the Smartstream G000 gasoline engine was estimated at 1.6 rubles. And the maximum recommended retail price of Elantra in the anniversary configuration with a Smartstream G1 power unit is 454 rubles.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

Best Products of the Year # 2

I continue to sum up the past year and talk about the products that I liked the most in 2020. Today I would like to note the Segway-Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 electric scooter, which came to our market just recently. This compact model has a light weight of 10.5 kg and a small folded volume, provides a range of 15 km and a top speed of 20 km / h. At the same time, the Air T15 has a fantastic design that sets it apart from the competition. I really wanted to test the KickScooter Air T15, but for some reason I was sent the KickScooter E25 model, which looks similar to many other electric scooters on the market. By the way, having looked at the fact that people actively move around on electric scooters on the streets of Moscow, despite December, I decided to take a ride too, so in the next episode I will share my impressions of using the KickScooter E25 in winter.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

Another product I would like to mention is the AmpliFi HD router from the American company Ubiquiti Networks, which previously specialized in the production of equipment only for the corporate sector. I would not say that the router provides some fantastic coverage or has extensive settings and functions. No, the coverage and stability of work are at the level of Keenetic Ultra, the capabilities are 10 times less than that of the latter, but the design of AmpliFi HD is simply awesome. A compact cube with a color touchscreen that I use like a watch, an edge light and easy installation are what makes this device different. This is one of the few routers that you want not to hide away, but, on the contrary, to put it in the most prominent place.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

And the last product for today will be the Elari KidPhone 4GR children’s watch. Despite the fact that these are not the first children’s watches of the brand, today they are the best in the line and on the market. Design like G-Shock, support for 4G networks, video calling, good screen, voice assistant Alice and music player. My child enjoys using this watch – he writes to us in the chat, asks Alice to turn on the Children’s Radio, and in general he periodically asks her about something, makes video calls, and also takes photos. At the same time, despite the rather dense use of watches, they are always stable enough for a day. Of the minuses, I will probably note that the video communication goes through the Elari servers and a couple of times it happened that the call did not go through on the first try.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

… and dessert

And for dessert today, here’s a picture:

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

It is very important for me, since our online giant Ozone, which went public, managed to spoil the LEGO set ordered by the child to Santa Claus during transportation two times in a row.


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, today we are giving away the new Nokia E3500 wireless headphones.

Saturday coffee №134 with New Year's gift

Since Nokia evokes a feeling of nostalgia for many, the competition will be a bit old-school. I suggest remembering those good old days when we all used SMS and write a letter to Santa Claus in text message format. Write this message in the comments and ask them to present you the Nokia E3500 headphones. And most importantly, as in the old days, you will have a limit of 160 characters in Latin or 70 characters in Cyrillic, so try to keep within them. The participant, whose letter will be the most interesting, and also collect the most likes, will receive our gift for the New Year holidays. So invite your friends to vote for you. To exclude cheating, we will select the original letters with the greatest number of likes and among them we will independently choose the winner.

Competitive posts left before December 24, 2020, inclusive, will be taken into account, and we will name the winner in “Saturday Coffee No. 135”, which will be released on December 26, 2020. We will send the prize across Russia, or you can pick it up in Moscow yourself.

PS For technical reasons, summing up the results of the last competition is postponed to December 26.

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