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We all spend more and more time at home, our apartments have turned into makeshift gyms, study rooms and cinemas. Regardless of whether you live alone or have a large family, being in the same room is an unusual rhythm of life, it is confusing. But technology allows you to get a sense from staying at home, to build your life in such a way as not to experience additional psychological pressure. And this is a great time to learn about the capabilities of your devices that you ignored in your daily rush, put off for later. Let’s try together to figure out how to spend these days with benefit and how our little digital assistants can make our life a little more enjoyable.

Daily routine and physical activity – what can replace steps?

We unwittingly fell into the trap of our own homes, and it’s good if this is a country house and you can go out to the site to stretch your muscles. But what about those who are deprived of this pleasure and are imprisoned within the four walls of their apartment? It is impossible to walk 6000 steps, which are set by default in the same Samsung Health, in an apartment; it is unnecessary to go out into the entrance or the store every day, you need to be careful.

The first tip is extremely important, it determines how you will feel these days, how calmly you can endure isolation. Make a schedule for yourself, try to follow it. Of course, you can take these days as an opportunity to get some sleep, get up at any time and stay up late. But there will be no sense from this, you will still spend plus or minus the same amount of time sleeping, but you will not feel very good. The main enemy these days is our innate laziness, we must fight it with a vengeance. And discipline, self-organization will help us with this.

Everyone is able to find the time when he is comfortable waking up. The first problem is how to keep fit, what to do, so as not to go out into the wild, gaining extra pounds. The choice of methods is huge, you can watch online classes of sports clubs, their cart and a small cart on the net. But if you have a Galaxy smartphone, then you should pay attention to the Samsung Health app. In it, you will take into account the dream, how active you were. Also, everyone can choose a training plan for their age, your skills.

Stay at home - work and play with Samsung technology

Each workout is accompanied by a video showing each exercise. The app keeps track of your workouts so you don’t miss them. It’s simple and easy, everyone will choose their workouts according to the level and what you want to achieve.

This is not just an application that collects data about your physical activity, it can unload your mind. Programs for improving sleep, meditation are accompanied by sounds of nature, music, which are specially selected to achieve the best results. During the day, when you are already tired of business, you can be distracted for ten minutes, unload yourself. Until the moment you try how it works, it seems that this is complete nonsense and invention. It may be a matter of faith, but meditation allows you to calm your mind, tune in to a positive mood. At night, you can put a melody that will put you to sleep, as well as set a timer that will turn off the playback after a while. Of course, this option is suitable for someone who falls asleep alone in a room.

Everyday habits are difficult to change, statistics say that most people fall asleep with a smartphone in their hands, and when they wake up, the first thing they do is take it and start leafing through news and messages. To make your sleep restful and your brain relaxed, you should install a night theme, it can start on a schedule, and it will also be useful to turn on the blue filter. This will ensure a sound sleep, you can turn it on manually, automatically at a specified time or from dusk to dawn, the phone itself will understand when it needs to be done.

Stay at home - work and play with Samsung technologyStay at home - work and play with Samsung technology

Those who want to take into account their sleep and activity much more accurately should look at the Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch, I have a model in a stainless steel case with an elastic strap.

Stay at home - work and play with Samsung technology

Continuous heart rate measurement will allow you to accurately track the load, not to overstrain beyond what is necessary. You can schedule one workout per day, but it can be an alternation of mental and physical activity, everything is at your discretion. You don’t waste time commuting to and from work, so you can spend that time on small workouts. And this is an opportunity to instill in yourself a new healthy habit, if you did not have it until recently. But the main thing is the daily routine so that you alternate between the time of rest, entertainment and work. Ideally, you will have a schedule and for meals, breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be squeezed into certain windows.

Putting things in order – how to work comfortably from home

In our daily rush, we often forget about important moments in our life, we do not have time to save our memories, to make backup copies of photos from our phone. And now is the time to do this, since we have a lot of time, the only question is how to allocate it correctly. I have repeatedly said that I choose SSD drives, as they are fast, durable and can be directly connected to a smartphone to copy any files to and from them.

Stay at home - work and play with Samsung technology

I have a Samsung T5, such a 2 TB disk allows not only storing all files from a pair of phones, but also transferring movies, TV shows and other content. A lifesaver that never fails.

Technology enthusiasts argue that everything needs to be stored in the clouds, and this is true in the modern world. But what if you are in a place where the internet quality is not very good? Or is it temporarily not working as it should? Therefore, local copies are not only needed, they always preserve your memories and will be at your fingertips. At the same time, while you are at home, it is worth turning on the synchronization of your data with the clouds, if you have not already done so.

Whether we like it or not, the smartphone has become our indispensable assistant, and we do a lot of things on it, literally we work. And here I will share a few secrets of how the Galaxy smartphone will allow you to do your everyday activities more comfortable and easier. To begin with, you can connect it to any TV, just use an HDMI cable, which you can buy separately. If your TV supports USB, then use it. In Galaxy, with this connection, you can select the “mirror” mode, when all the contents of the screen will be reflected on the TV. But this is simple and not as interesting as using the same DEX mode. All your applications are displayed on the TV screen, you can launch them and work.

Stay at home - work and play with Samsung technology

If you wish, you can connect a wireless keyboard or mouse to your smartphone, then typing will become comfortable, or you can use a special adapter and connect to it. Alternatively, your phone will be used as a touch panel, you can also type text from it.

Stay at home - work and play with Samsung technology

A smartphone is quite capable of becoming an adequate replacement for a computer for many, especially if you do not need to perform any complex tasks – digitize video, create 3D models in professional programs. For office work, the capabilities of the Galaxy smartphone are not just enough, it is somewhat more convenient than a regular computer.

For example, when I need to sign documents, I can use a dozen different programs, and it’s convenient for me to do this on the Galaxy Note10 +, however, you can choose any other Note with an S Pen. The signature is put within a couple of seconds, and you can immediately send the file to the addressee, for example, to the accounting department.

In addition to the signature on documents, Note has an excellent ability to recognize any text in a picture, immediately convert it into a document, and this helps a lot when you are sent screenshots with text, there is no need to type something by hand.

Video communication has become our window to the outside world; it is a necessary element for work. In the Galaxy line, Google Duo supports FullHD video calling, which gives excellent picture quality when you call your loved ones. I like to display the picture on the TV screen, and you can use both the speakers of the TV itself or those connected to it, as well as those that are built into your smartphone.

The collaboration between Samsung and Microsoft has made it possible to add automatic synchronization of your MS-account to all Samsung devices: connect your tablet or smartphone to your computer and automatically enter your workspace with all the files stored in the cloud. And then you can conveniently drag and drop files from your PC to your mobile device and vice versa. Considering that a smartphone for many these days acts as an access point to the network, this is convenient.

As for the DEX mode, I would also like to add that it is extremely convenient so as not to be distracted by calls. You work on a large screen, or you can buy a separate computer monitor for this mode, Samsung has a very diverse line of these devices, and calls come to a smartphone. And you can answer the call without being distracted, the work will not stop on the monitor or TV, you will continue it.

For those who haven’t bothered with the right accessories beforehand, there is other good news: Samsung’s online store is up and running, and you can get everything you need, from accessories to devices.

Business time, fun hour – the importance of a comfortable stay

I am sure that each of us knows exactly how to rest and what is the best way to do it. But I will share a couple of tips on how to rest comfortably. To begin with, if you have a smart TV from Samsung, then you can broadcast a picture to it using Smart View. Connect your smartphone or tablet, choose what you want to show, and off you go. I use this mode to watch movies or photos, very convenient.

Stay at home - work and play with Samsung technologyStay at home - work and play with Samsung technology

The settings are very simple and do not raise questions even for a student.

Stay at home - work and play with Samsung technologyStay at home - work and play with Samsung technology

But if you have a TV from another manufacturer, then it doesn’t matter, you can use an HDMI cable (or USB, if the TV has such a connector) and connect in DEX mode, your TV will become wiser before our eyes. In one of the rooms I have a large, but relatively old TV, on which I watch films in this way. I open DEX, select a player and a movie, the picture appears on the screen. This is also a good option, since the TV may not support individual codecs, and the smartphone is omnivorous, it can digest any file format and can broadcast them to the big screen. This allows you not to think about whether the file will go even on smart TV, here such reflections are unnecessary.

The habitual format of life has changed, it is important for us to switch from one activity to another, to have time to rest. And here I can’t help but remember that Galaxy Note owners can draw, express themselves in creativity. Alas, for me this is an inaccessible luxury, since I am still the same artist. But for people like me, there are coloring books, they calm the nerves, allow you to distract yourself.

And even these days I noticed how Instagram was empty, many do not publish photos from their apartments, as they believe that there is nothing remarkable there. I think that this is a misconception and you can find beauty in small things, for example, in the leaves of indoor plants, decorations or something else. Use the camera of your smartphone for this, do not hesitate to look for beauty in the everyday and familiar.

And the main advice will be very simple – do not be discouraged, keep good spirits. The technologies that Samsung devices offer today make it possible to establish a comfortable life, both business and home, to work effectively and relax. I hope these tips will help you take a different look at the devices around you and get more out of them.

Published – April 29, 2020


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