Ten reasons to buy the 2020 Apple iPhone SE


Many have been waiting for the 2020 iPhone SE and dreamed of what this device will become. For me, this model looks like it is divorced from market realities, but in this material I have meticulously and meticulously collected all the reasons for purchasing this device. You have shared some of them in your comments. Let’s take a look at what the 2020 iPhone SE has to offer that might motivate you to buy it.

Ten reasons to buy the 2020 Apple iPhone SE

Reason # 1. The most affordable anti-crisis iPhone in the current line

The iPhone SE is priced at 39 rubles (in the US it’s $ 990 plus taxes, in Europe it’s 399 euros). Among the latest models from Apple, this is the most affordable iPhone, the cost of the current line starts at 399 thousand rubles. The price of being able to join the world of Apple and get a new smartphone from the latter is now not as high as it used to be. And this is one of the strongest reasons for the iPhone SE, and many buyers will choose it for this reason – the cheapest iPhone available. Everything else fades into the background.

Ten reasons to buy the 2020 Apple iPhone SE

For those who deliberately choose the iPhone, this device can be a good choice for the first iPhone for a child. Or they buy it because they need an iPhone, but there is no money for older models.

Reason # 2. Compact device for calls

Not everyone needs smartphones that can do everything in the world. Many people continue to use the phone for calls, a certain number of messages, and minimally use other features. For them, such a dialer from Apple has undoubted advantages: it is a well-known brand (no one will blame you for saving on your phone), the brand has a certain image component (iPhone buyers are well-off, they do not count money, in the end, they are given loans in banks). And a fairly compact phone for making calls, such as the iPhone SE, is suitable for such people. Other manufacturers try to give the maximum number of possibilities so that everyone chooses what he needs. At Apple, these possibilities are cut as much as possible so that the device does not distract from the main one, and the main thing here is calls and nothing else.

Reason number 3. Front Panel Fingerprint Sensor! No face unlock

Apple once popularized the fingerprint sensor, but then dropped it in favor of face recognition. Now we see that the most inexpensive iPhone has dropped face recognition and returned the fingerprint sensor. This is done to please conservative consumers, those who cannot get used to modern technologies prefer to do it the old fashioned way. It should be noted that finger unlocking works faster and more reliably in iPhone, this is the method that outperforms face unlocking. Considering that all new iPhones lack this method, this model compares favorably.

Reason number 4. The latest and fastest processor from Apple

Small screen diagonal, low resolution do not require much performance from the chipset. But Apple did not save money and put its latest chipset – A13 Bionic – into this device. For those who are used to measuring the results of synthetic tests, this is an unconditional gift – a low screen resolution and a powerful processor work wonders, the device shows excellent numbers in virtual parrots. This is another reason to proudly kick Android and point out that it can never do that. Which is true, since finding such screens on Android smartphones is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Ten reasons to buy the 2020 Apple iPhone SE

Reason number 5. Water resistant – IP67 standard

For flagships, water protection has become the de facto standard, but simpler models cannot boast of it. And here the iPhone SE compares favorably with many models on the market, this protection is fully present. For those who like to talk in the bathroom (never charge the device!), This is additional insurance against water ingress. And here we can say that SE is good, you don’t have to worry about water. This is especially suitable for everyone who goes on hikes, but at the same time does not take pictures there, uses the phone to make calls. In this capacity, SE is also sufficient.

Ten reasons to buy the 2020 Apple iPhone SE

Reason number 6. IPS display instead of OLED screen

All modern flagships, including iPhones, are equipped with OLED displays, this began in the days of the iPhone X. Loyal Apple fans have long argued that OLED displays are terrible and bad, they have the worst performance possible, but IPS, on the contrary, perfect. Not everyone had time to switch their minds to the fact that OLED suddenly turned out to be not so bad, they are in captivity of these delusions today. For such people, the IPS-matrix in SE is the only choice, they can be sure that their screen is not like in flagships and it is not so “harmful”. This is also part of the perception of the product. Also, many people believe that screens should not have any cutouts for cameras hidden in camera screens and that bezels on all sides are desirable. Healthy conservatism that Apple supports and makes it possible to obtain such a product.

Reason number 7. Apple’s ecosystem is the best system on the planet

If you have an iPhone, then you will definitely buy a place in iCloud, you will use other services of the company. For example, it’s nice to watch TV shows on Apple TV +, a one-year subscription will be free for you when you buy SE. At the same time, tighten up the language, since there are subtitles in Russian. Apple’s ecosystem is said to be very simple, straightforward, and suitable for anyone. It’s hard for me to judge how important it is in a phone for making calls, but it certainly pleases those who choose SE in this capacity.

Reason number 8. Long term of software updates, at least three years

Apple constantly releases new versions of iOS, they fix bugs, introduce new ones, in a word, the work is in full swing and gives the user the feeling that they have not forgotten about him. This is extremely important, since in Android this feeling is not so clearly expressed, firmware is released, updated, but there is no feeling of care for the user. Remember, as in the old phrase: wooden toys are the same, but not happy. It’s the same here, it seems that something is being updated, but there is no joy. On iOS, there is a lot of this joy, since the devices work much faster with each firmware, at least as those who highlight this advantage as the reason for buying an iPhone say so. It is worth joining this magic and convincing yourself that everything is working faster than before.

Reason number 9. The only smartphone for conservative people

If you have an iPhone 4/5/6/7 / SE, you are used to the size of the device, you do not want to change anything, then the new SE 2020 will suit you. You are disgusted with the growth of the screen diagonal, you do not like the fact that now devices are equipped with a lot of memory and large batteries, it annoys you. I am sure that the iPhone SE 2020 is for you and will not disappoint you in any way – a small battery, an old charger that has been used for many years. Everything is exactly the way you are used to and love. And you can close your eyes to the presence of wireless charging, it still does not require attention and is not visible to you. Nothing causes irritation, everything is familiar and good, about the same as five or six years ago. This is an excellent phone for those who slowly get used to new things, stay true to old habits.

Ten reasons to buy the 2020 Apple iPhone SE

Reason number 10. Apple brand – luxury for the elite!

Android smartphones are chosen by rogue, this is a well-known fact for some Apple fans. Only the Apple brand is able to ensure the correct positioning of a person in the eyes of others from the first moment you meet, when you take your phone out of your pocket, show who you are and what you are. Not just a person who came with some Chinese, but a person with an iPhone. Probably, it was necessary to write the word “Man” just like that. On the other hand, iPhone users are democratic and mention that they made the right choice, not very often, about ten times a day during the first months of using the device. This is a kind of hobby club where you will find friends who share your views on life, society, and food choices.

On Tuesday, we will have “10 reasons against buying an iPhone SE in 2020”, I think that this material will also be interesting, as always, we consider the situation from two sides. This text is as loyal as possible to the iPhone SE and its capabilities, I sincerely tried to find strengths in this product and mentioned all of them, it seems, I have not forgotten anything. But if you forgot, then do not blame me, in the comments you can pour out your anger or other emotions.

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