TV series in December: 2 Oscar nominees, 1 good film and 2 TV series


  1. “Mandalorian”
  2. “King’s Gambit”
  3. Angela’s Christmas Wish
  4. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run
  5. “Mankevich” / MANK
  6. Detention
  7. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
  8. The Midnight Sky
  9. The Expanse (Season 5)
  10. The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt
  11. “Soul” / Soul
  12. “Industry”
  13. “Confrontation”
  14. Conclusion


When: October 30
Where: Disney +

Once again, I would like to remind you about The Mandalorian, which cheerfully went through half of the second season. As dull the first season was, the second season is equally good. I watched 4 episodes, and so far everything is fine, that is, there are no optional episodes, in each episode the viewer learns something new concerning the main plot line.

I caught myself thinking that each episode is similar to a level in a computer game. Probably, the “Mandalorian” would have made an excellent platformer: you move along the level, at the end you fight with the boss (either a krait dragon, or a huge spider, or an imperial officer). In short, if you are disappointed after the first season, I recommend watching the second. Interesting episodes lasting half an hour. Ideal for watching dinner.

“King’s Gambit”

When: October 23
Where: Netflix

Back in October, I recommended King’s Gambit. I decided to highlight the series again, because suddenly they started talking about it literally everywhere. Chess channels tell which games inspired the games from the series, the press talks about the role of chess players in the world of chess, etc. We should also praise the creators for the interesting filming of the games. Of course, if you watched at least some kind of chess competition, then you understand that such an intensity of passions is the prerogative of cinema.

But King’s Gambit is definitely one of those TV shows that make you think you paid for a Netflix subscription for a reason this month.

Angela’s Christmas Wish

When: the 1st of December
Where: Netflix

That’s how it turns out, in the original the girl from the cartoon was given the name Angela, because the angel and all sorts of Christmas associations. And in Russian, “Angela’s Christmas Wish” is more associated with a news story in which women are sitting, covering their faces with their hands, and a voice-over asks the name of what they were doing here, and one in response, they say, captain, in honor of Christmas, let go! This is how Russian realities spoiled the perception of such a beautiful “angelic” name.

The cartoon is made using Pixar art, the characters are written by the Pulitzer Prize winner, and the story is about how a little girl Angela wants to spend Christmas with her family. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a trailer in Russian, but judging by the Netflix media site, the cartoon should come out with Russian voice acting.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

When: already
Where: Netflix

By the way, about cartoons. A full-length animated film about Bob’s sponge has been released on Netflix. Suitable for children 6+. I haven’t looked, but suddenly you need it!

“Mankevich” / MANK

When: the 4st of December
Where: Netflix

Citizen Kane is a classic of world cinema. Despite the fact that the film was released back in 1941, it is still easy and interesting to watch it even now. If you have not watched this tape, then be sure to fill in this gap. It’s probably even better to watch Kane before watching MANK.

MANK is an interpretation of 30s Hollywood through the eyes of the alcoholic screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz (whom everyone calls “Mank” for simplicity), who co-wrote Citizen Kane with Orson Welles. Wells is the director of Citizen Kane, by the way, Wells himself was named the best director of all time in 20. I don’t know about the translation into Russian, but there will definitely be subtitles. Perhaps this is one of the best pictures of December. Firstly, this is David Fincher, and secondly, one of the main contenders for the Oscar.


When: the 5st of December
Where: Netflix

In 2017, the quest (“point and click”) Detention was released. This is a survival horror in which two teenagers find themselves in an empty school inhabited by monsters and ghosts. The action takes place in Taiwan in the 1960s. This is an indie project that has proven to be very popular.

Netflix bought the rights to the film adaptation. Judging by the description, the plot has been significantly changed. Events take place in the 90s of the 20th century. If in the original the school was deserted, since the rest of the students were evacuated due to the typhoon, then a girl simply enters a certain closed part of the campus, where she encounters the ghost of Ruixin Fang (although the name is spelled slightly differently, as I understand it, this is a heroine from a computer games).

If you missed the game, be sure to play Detention. This is a small game for 4-5 hours. And since this is a point-and-click quest, it can be played even by those who do not like the horror genre. By the way, the game is also available on iOS with Android, but for some reason it is not available for our region. Can be downloaded from alternative app stores.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

When: the 18st of December
Where: Netflix

December’s first major movie for Netflix. In the US, they are looking forward to it, there are many announcements and articles with reflections.

This is the story of American blues legend Ma Rainey, whose career was threatened when her managers wanted to take the rights to all of her music. Trumpet player Livi, who had plans for the singer’s girlfriend and wanted to take his niche in the American music industry, volunteered to help Ma.

The film is called the main contender for “Oscar”, and it is also the last film of the recently died of cancer Chadwick Boseman. The actor is most likely known to the general public in Russia for the image of “Black Panther” from the Marvel comics.

The Midnight Sky

When: the 23st of December
Where: Netflix

Apparently, this is the second major movie of December, according to Netflix. Midnight Sky is a film adaptation of the bestselling novel. George Clooney became the director and the main actor. Apparently this is how Netflix works. They invited a star of the first magnitude, were allowed to choose a script, direct everything and play the main role. And given that the film is dedicated to the movement of one hero and there is no one else in the frame, George Clooney simply could not refuse, because 2 hours in the frame, apparently, will be practically only him. Not a movie, but a benefit performance.

And, unlike cinemas, you can be sure that a lot of people will watch the film – the subscription has already been paid for. Well, fans of the actor may well buy a subscription.

I suggest watching the film, as there is a plot on our subject. This is post-apocalyptic fiction. George Clooney plays the role of a lone scientist Augustine, who is trying to stop the arrival of a certain Sally and her team of astronauts on Earth, as the planet is destroyed by some unknown catastrophe.

The Expanse (Season 5)

When: the 16st of December
Where: Amazon Prime

Unfortunately, Space didn’t work for me, but this fantastic series hobbled cheerfully until season 5.

Accordingly, the fans will be delighted, and for the rest I will briefly tell the story. Hundreds of years later, the solar system is colonized. The colonies are already living separately and even sluggishly waging wars. Mars gained independence, and there is also an asteroid belt, where all useful things are being mined. The belt is under the protectorate of Mars and Earth. A belt detective is tasked with finding the missing girl. This is how the first season starts.

From the point of view of fiction, it is interesting filmed. There are interesting finds. For example, what is the “torture by gravity”, which is subjected to a captured prisoner of Mars. They say that those born on Mars cannot be on Earth, because the earth’s gravity will be painful for them.

Those who are watching, write in the comments how it all moves there. Maybe in vain I stopped watching after the first season and now there is a fire?

The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt

When: the 18st of December
Where: Amazon Prime

After the closure of Top Gear, its hosts moved overseas and settled on Amazon. The show’s first season was relatively good, but dull. Apparently, they decided to dilute and give heat. Judging by the trailer, the hosts are going through a quest in Madagascar. They have unusual vehicles, including even a combat Bentley. Funnily enough, it seems to me that the show is a bit outdated because Top Gear used to be the pinnacle of madness. Now this place has been taken by various autobloggers. But if you are fans of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, then watch it.

“Soul” / Soul

When: the 18st of December
Where: Disney +

This cartoon was due out in November, but Disney has pushed it to its Disney + streaming platform at the end of December.

Apparently, the title is a play on words, as the cartoon is about a high school teacher who loves to play jazz music. However, deep down, he feels that his dream – to become a famous jazz musician – is unlikely to ever come true, and he increasingly asks the questions “what am I spending my life on, why am I doing this”. As is usually the case with Pixar, there will be a serious thought behind the fun picture. This time, apparently, about a midlife crisis. Although the trailer generally seems to be about something else.


When: the 18st of December
Where: “Amediateka”

Original Description: An intense financial drama which was executive produced by Legendary Girls creator Lina Dunham. Industry will show the cruel and often toxic world of big money, where young talents are trying to break through. At the center of the story are several college graduates vying for a place in the sun at London’s leading investment bank.

Most of the series is already available. The reviews are mixed. The series perfectly describes the review on IMDB, which will be appreciated by a certain niche audience from those who had to work in banks. I am more worried about when the 5th season of Billions is already finished.


When: the 18st of December
Where: “Amediateka”

A story about a world where 99% of the population is dying from the virus. A certain Randall Flegg, who is called the messenger of the devil, appears on the fragments of civilization. He gathers his flock, but he is opposed by the “Free Zone” – a community led by Mother Abigail, a woman who can call people to her in dreams. Thanks to streaming services, Stephen King is experiencing a second glory period. Check out the trailer. Nice picture, familiar actors. If not a hit, then definitely a solid product.


December pleases in terms of new products. Three good films at once, cartoon from Pixar. With TV shows, things are worse, but “Confrontation” and “Industry” are intriguing, “The Mandalorian” is still underway. Well, maybe you should still take a closer look at Space.

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