TV series in February: 3 films and 1 TV series

Hundreds of TV series and films are shot every year. The industry must work and spin constantly. I added some films and series in the selection below not because they must be watched, but simply to show the variety and a certain crisis of ideas. Once upon a time, there was a joke on the Internet that you could come up with any plot and probably porn was already shot about it. Now the same can be said about films with serials.

February, frankly, is not rich in interesting novelties. Warner Brothers saves the situation in part, having decided this year to simultaneously launch films both in cinemas and on the HBO Max streaming service.


  1. “Through the snow” (Snowpiercer)
  2. Lupine
  3. Fate: The Winx Saga
  4. The Devil in the Details (The Little Things)
  5. Below zero
  6. Strip Down, Rise Up
  7. Malcolm & Marie
  8. Bliss
  9. Space Sweepers
  10. “Land of nomads” / Nomadland
  11. Conclusion

“Through the snow” (Snowpiercer)

When: 25 January
Where: Netflix

First of all, I want to remind you that on January 25, the second season of the fantastic TV series “Through the Snow” began. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend it. The plot is simple. The entire planet is covered with a crust of ice, and only a huge train for 1000 cars is winding circles around the planet.

The first season turned out to be exciting, and in the best traditions it ended at the most interesting place. Like last year, the show is not being released in its entirety. New episode once a week.

Perhaps, in this case, we can say that the series is definitely better and more versatile than the film. The series, thanks to the abundance of screen time, was able not only to provide action and fantasy, but also to touch upon moral issues in more detail.

“Through the Snow” is also good because there are no positive and negative characters. Initially, it seemed that the black detective from the tail of the train was hovering on white wings, but after a couple of episodes it became obvious that he was no better than those who live in the head of the train.


When: already
Where: Netflix

Somehow it is customary to scold Russian TV series, saying that they cannot shoot. If you take prime-time serials on federal channels, you can agree. However, our “Epidemic” or “Dyatlov Pass” are great projects to be proud of.

About the series “Lupine”, released in the first half of January, I was prompted to write that it has become insanely popular in France.

The plot is simple. Nowadays, the black protagonist makes a living with fraudulent schemes inspired by the book about Arsene Lupine (social engineering, dressing up, etc.).

The series is small, funny and ridiculous, filmed with a lot of conventions. By the way, the main one is that the main character is a two-meter huge Afro-Frenchman who can make up himself as he likes, but from 10 meters it will be clear that it is him. However, in France, the series took first places in views, and in total it was watched by over 70 million households, that is, even cooler than Queen’s Gambit.

If you missed it, then take a look and try to understand what is the secret of such unprecedented popularity. If you have already watched, then express your thoughts in the comments.

Fate: The Winx Saga

When: 22 January
Where: Netflix

A joyful event in our kingdom! Now not only an animated series, but also a real series about Winx fairies! Long-legged beauties on stiletto heels with luxurious manes, waists, hips have been teaching for almost 15 years how the right girls should look and behave.

TV series in February: 3 films and 1 TV series

The animated series has become cult. The souvenir is being torn down from the shelves, glossy magazines called the heroines fashion icons (Italian animators know their job!), And most importantly, already in 2004, the series was all right with racial diversity.

TV series in February: 3 films and 1 TV series

Netflix brought the cartoon characters to the mortal soil of reality. Well, it turned out modern, progressive and tolerant! For this, they abandoned fashionable outfits. Along the way, there is a suspicion that magic wings will not help all fairies to take off. Otherwise a typical gum that should not be watched by anyone. Just know that the show is out, but bypass it. And don’t show it to the children!

The Devil in the Details (The Little Things)

When: 29 January
Where: cinemas or HBO Max

In Russia, the film was released to cinemas, since they work, but HBO Max does not work for us. The film can be recommended for viewing. Starring Denzel Washington, Jared Leto, Rami Malek. According to the plot, this is a strong crime thriller about the 90s.

Official Plot Description: Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Deacon, nicknamed Dickie, is sent to Los Angeles on a routine business trip to collect evidence. But there he is involved in the search for a serial killer who terrorizes the city. The hunt for the maniac is led by Jim Baxter, a sergeant in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. He is impressed by Dickie’s police flair and informally enlists him in the investigation. They are getting closer to the goal, but Baxter does not realize that by doing so they are resurrecting the ghosts of Dickie’s past, revealing such secrets that can stir up much darker waters than his current case.

Below zero

When: 29 January
Where: Netflix

Thriller for the evening with a typical plot for action movies of the 90s.

A bus carrying prisoners has been attacked. The brave police officer is forced to fight both the prisoners inside and the attackers outside, and it’s terribly cold outside.

Consciously, you will not watch such films, because it is obvious that they are far from any “Die Hard” or “Lethal Weapon”. However, sometimes, when you don’t know what to see, you can turn it on in the background.

The funny thing is that the film is Spanish, so the Spanish interpretation of “terrible cold” is waiting for us.

One of the reasons why I added the film to the selection is that it is a typical representative of modern Spanish cinema. You can see and compare with what is filmed in Russia. And then they used to look up to Hollywood.

Strip Down, Rise Up

When: 5 February
Where: Netflix

The critically acclaimed filmmaker’s documentary explores how a racially diverse and vibrant group of women solve their mental and physical challenges through the art of sensual pole dancing.

You can skip some films, you don’t need to watch some. This one is a must-see and study! Here they dance with children, on lampposts, alone and all together! Height, weight, age and occupation do not matter!

Malcolm & Marie

When: 5 February
Where: Netflix

Netflix has promised that it will release films with Hollywood stars almost every week. This is one of them. John David Washington (this is, by the way, the son of Denzel Washington) and Zendaya in a romantic drama from the creator of the series “Euphoria” about the power of love and all the like that should be in romantic films.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and was also shot in black and white. However, judging by the trailer, there is a persistent feeling that girls under the age of 27-30 will really like it. So if you have a relevant audience, go ahead!


When: 5 February
Where: Amazon Prime

Another kind of romantic movie, but now from Amazon Prime. At first I could not understand why it was suddenly such a variety, and then I remembered that ahead of February 14. So streaming services are preparing to respond to the potential request of their viewers.

If Zendaya and John Washington from Malcolm & Mary (see above) are for younger viewers, Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson, now in their early 50s, are in charge of entertainment for the next age group.

However, unlike Malcolm and Mary, which I’m going to skip, there is a hook in Bliss that is intriguing. As you can tell from the trailer, the whole movie the characters are trying to figure out whether what is happening is real or whether they are in virtual reality. Thus, there is a “win-win” situation. There is a romantic component as well as a fantastic one. Plus the actors are great.

Space Sweepers

When: 5 February
Where: Netflix

Unusual Featured Film: South Korean Science Fiction! Read the plot description and be sure to watch the trailer. I don’t know how to describe my impressions. This is some kind of naturalistic anime. But it looks fiery.

The action takes place in 2092. The ship “Victoria” is one of many who lives off the fact that it is delving into space debris. In the best traditions of the genre, there is everything on board and a reprogrammed combat robot. During one of the raids, the team finds a seven-year-old girl. It quickly becomes clear that this is not just a girl, but a humanoid robot, which is being sought by a certain Space Guard. The scavengers decide to try to get a ransom for the girl.

“Land of nomads” / Nomadland

When: 19 February
Where: Hulu

The Land of Nomads received the main prize of the 77th Venice Film Festival, the Golden Lion. The tape is based on a documentary novel. The film in the genre of road movie tells about the life of a woman and people like her, people who have lost their homes and are forced to wander in the West of the United States in mobile homes, interrupted by temporary work. In fact, once forced into a nomadic life, they find in this the meaning of existence and a whole philosophy (many have the opportunity to return to a sedentary lifestyle, but they continue to lead the lifestyle of nomads). The film consists of a set of sketches about the fate of old wandering Americans.


February is a poor and dull month. If we turn to the title of the material, then for viewing I chose the crime thriller with Denzel Washington “The Devil in Detail”, Korean science fiction (if only for the reason that I have not seen anything like this before) and “The Land of Nomads” (you must know what they give “Golden Lions”). And, most likely, “Bliss” can be a good choice for the evening.

Well, the main series of the month remains “Through the Snow”. Good and solid dystopian fiction.

Since there are few new releases, be sure to write tips and tricks about movies, books and TV shows in the comments.

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