TV series in November: 2 TV series, 2 films and 1 cartoon from Pixar

Hi, let’s search for some interesting movies and TV series coming out in November on streaming platforms. As always, I urge you to tell in the comments what you are watching. Even if it is not new. I have come across good TV shows in this way more than once. For example, I don’t know how, but I missed the beginning of the second season of Boys / “Boys”. If it had not been for the commentary on the release before last, I would not have looked. By the way, I recommend it.

By the way, this is not the first time under the episodes about serials I come across comments that all these subscriptions can go broke. On the one hand, I absolutely agree. On the other hand, given the abundance of services, I consider it irrational to constantly pay for some. Consider paying a subscription to a streaming service like going to the movies (comparable for the money). For example, from my subscriptions I always have only “Kinopoisk”, and that is because the subscription is “Yandex.Plus”. And so I alternate Netflix (now paid until February 2021) and Amazon (I was while watching Boys) + sometimes Amediateku, that is, I buy a subscription specifically for a movie or TV series.


  1. About “Epidemic”
  2. “Mandalorian”
  3. “The last straw” / On the Rocks
  4. “The next film about Borat: giving a huge bribe to the American regime to benefit the once glorious people of Kazakhstan”
  5. “Barbarians” / Barbarians
  6. “Blood in Rome” / Suburra: Blood on Rome
  7. Paranormal
  8. “Garbage” / Trash Truck
  9. LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special
  10. “Crown”
  11. “We are the champions”
  12. “Bird of the Good Lord”
  13. “Helpful Tips from John Wilson”
  14. “Knocking out debts”
  15. Conclusion

About “Epidemic”

By the way, now on Netflix our domestic series “Epidemic” (he was praised by Stephen King on Twitter), which was named “To the lake”, is trending. A series about an epidemic of an incomprehensible flu (like a coronavirus, only deadlier) and a group of people who are trying to get to a house in Karelia to wait out the disease there. A very good “gum” made according to the canons of modern Western TV series, it is quite possible to spend a couple of evenings. There is still such a call for the second season that it is straight hoo!

By the way, about Stephen King and viruses. In December, Amediatek will release “Opposition”. A story about a world where 99% of the population is dying from the virus. A certain Randall Flegg appears on the fragments of civilization, who is called the messenger of the devil. He gathers his flock, but he is opposed by the “Free Zone” – a community led by Mother Abigail, a woman who can call people to her in dreams. Thanks to streaming services, Stephen King is experiencing a second glory period.


When: October 30
Where: Disney +

On October 30, the first episode of the second season will be released, on November 6 – the second. Disney + never appeared in Russia, but I suppose you know where to look for the best TV shows.

The first season of The Mandalorian disappointed me. In fact, to understand the meaning, one could watch the first two episodes and the last. Plot turns and decisions turned out to be commonplace, most episodes were superfluous. There is little hope that Disney, after seeing the success of the first season, decided to put more meaning into the second. If you watched the trailer, you know what new bait Disney came up with to attract fans of the movie saga.

“The last straw” / On the Rocks

When: October 23
Where: Apple Tv +

Even in the last selection I recommended this film and was right! Do not believe me – read film critic Anton Dolin on Meduza.

About the plot. Comedy-drama with Bill Murray, directed by Sofia Coppola. Bill Murray plays an elderly womanizer father whose daughter (who believed that she is happily married with two children) begins to suspect that her husband is cheating on her. Together with their father, they decide to conduct their own investigation.

“The next film about Borat: giving a huge bribe to the American regime to benefit the once glorious people of Kazakhstan”

When: October 23
Where: Amazon Prime

Continuation of “Borat”. A comedy of absurdity, satire, stupidity and absurdity. I suppose most will not like it, and I myself, it seems, have not watched any of Sasha Baron Cohen’s films to the end. It’s too tiring. In any case, the tape will go to memes, so it’s worth a look for general development.

“Barbarians” / Barbarians

When: October 23
Where: Netflix

When I was compiling the series for October, the Barbarians were not yet on the schedule, but perhaps the Barbarians will become the new Vikings. In the center of the plot is a legionnaire, torn apart by a sense of duty to the Roman Empire, which raised him, and his native tribe. An interesting period of history, judging by the trailer, a good budget, an 18+ rating and German showrunners in the credits hint that it will be bloody, with orgies and without politically correct interpretations (such as an African American as an emperor or something similar). Most will probably have to watch it with subtitles, since the series is originally in German.

“Blood in Rome” / Suburra: Blood on Rome

When: October 30
Where: Netflix

Another series that was not on the schedule for October. This is the third season. The first two seasons I have not seen, so I urge those who have watched to tell in the comments what and how (but without spoilers!). According to the description, the series looks like a hard thriller – the church, government, mafia, developers, just small courtyard gangs are constantly fighting for power in Rome. The three main characters “build their careers” in this complex world.

It’s likely that by the third season the series had already rolled down, but perhaps the first two were nothing?


When: 5 November
Where: Netflix

This is a mystical-detective horror film, which was included in the selection only because of the setting. It takes place in Egypt (!) Of the 60s of the last century (!!), where a professor (of some unspecified sciences, probably “sour cabbage soup”) is investigating unusual, mysterious incidents. The series is based on a book by Egyptian author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, which tells about a professor who began to see dark visions about a girl in a white dress.

“Garbage” / Trash Truck

When: 10 November
Where: Netflix

I’m not going to watch it, but it might be useful for readers with small children. This is a cartoon about a 6-year-old boy who befriends an imaginary garbage truck. Perhaps adults will like it, at least it sounds very funny. Well, the trailer hints that it turned out to be a good cartoon with a nice 3D drawing.

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

When: 17 November
Where: Disney +

Speaking of cartoons, on November 17, Disney + will release a Lego cartoon that continues the last episode of Star Wars. There is no trailer.


When: 15 November
Where: Netflix

Probably the main serial premiere of the month is the 4th season of “Crown”. This is one of the most expensive and largest series in the Netflix piggy bank. Season 4 begins in the late 70s, will show Margaret Thatcher and Prince Charles’s romance with Diana.

“We are the champions”

When: 17 November
Where: Netflix

This is not a series, but rather a story about the most unusual competitions that take place in the world. For example, the first episode is dedicated to the cheese rolling championship, which takes place every May in one English village. Participants drive a wheel of cheese from a very steep hill (apparently, there are victims there!). The second episode is about eating hot chili. Another episode is devoted to the Yo-Yo championships (remember, such a thing rotates on a string?). There will also be a series about frog long jumps (the current record is 6.54 meters – you need to look to find out what kind of frog it is!). In short, I think you get the point. Nothing serious, you can turn on the background in the kitchen.

“Bird of the Good Lord”

When: already
Where: “Amediateka”

Ethan Hawke creates another charismatic and courageous character in the mini-series “Bird of the Good Lord” based on the book of the same name by the writer James McBride, who received the 2013 National Book Award. USA, 50s. Civil war breaks out between North and South. The series focuses on the activities of abolitionist (supporter of the movement for the abolition of slavery) John Brown, who tries to change the minds of people by preaching about freedom, without getting into direct clashes. The author of the book fully supported the project, emphasizing that now is the best time to translate his ideas on television: in the book, America appears to be a large, dangerous and dysfunctional, but still a family.

“Helpful Tips from John Wilson”

When: October 24
Where: “Amediateka”

Description: A documentary series by “anxious New Yorker” John Wilson from the heart of the United States. Fascinating stories and unexpected cultural observations await you that will show you how unpredictable and hot life is in the center of America. This is a completely original project: Wilson acts here as a screenwriter, director, cameraman and producer.

“Knocking out debts”

When: 4 November
Where: ???

Shia LaBeouf as a debt collector in Los Angeles. Critics say it is a solid action movie for the evening. The world premiere of the film was on August 7, I did not understand how the film will be shown in Russia, but there is a feeling that it will be shown almost in cinemas. Of course, I do not recommend going to the cinema. Firstly, the coronavirus, secondly, the weather is bad, and thirdly, the film is hardly worth it. So I just recommend taking a note of the tape. There is a vague certainty that the picture will quickly appear on okko or ivi.


I would describe November as follows: not to say that it is thick, but not empty either! Didn’t mention it in the main program, but according to the Pixar website, the new cartoon “Soul” will be released on November 20. Although here, apparently, a play on words, since the cartoon is about a high school teacher who loves to play jazz music. However, deep down, he feels that his dream – to become a famous jazz musician – is unlikely to ever come true, and he increasingly asks the questions “what am I spending my life on, why am I doing this”. As usual with Pixar, there will be a serious thought behind the fun picture. This time, apparently, about a midlife crisis. Although the trailer generally seems like a cartoon about something else.

In any case, the Soul tape is also interesting in that it should be released in theaters in those countries and states of the United States where cinemas operate, and immediately online where the coronavirus is rampant.

Current events show that cinemas are important after all, otherwise blockbusters like Wonder Woman and James Bond would not have moved on the calendar. “Argument” Nolan, collected at the box office exactly two times less than it should have, it clearly showed. However, studios are still trying and taking steps towards online premieres. But there is still a long struggle, since it is morally difficult for people to pay $ 30 for watching one tape online, although, in fact, this is the price of a couple of cinema tickets (we are talking about the United States).

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