What do you remember about June?


  1. Petersburg and Tula
  2. Lenovo Legion 7i
  3. Series ZeroZeroZero
  4. Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool
  5. Robot vacuum cleaner Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 900
  6. Books
  7. Mi Smart Band 4 NFC
  8. The transition of computers from Apple to ARM architecture
  9. Conclusion

Petersburg and Tula

First of all, June will be remembered as the month of quarantine relief. I managed to visit Petersburg and Tula. The first one left the impression that the quarantine was all fiction. People walk, sit in cafes, drink coffee, practically no one wears masks in stores, including cashiers. The maximum dangles on the neck. There is a full house on Nevsky Prospekt. Everyone is walking and enjoying life.

What do you remember about June?

But Tula was remembered for the devastation. It seems that the facades were slightly ennobled, but you walk 300 meters away from the Tula Kremlin, you look into the courtyard, and there there is a wooden shed and a wasteland overgrown. The outskirts are no better. You read a patriotic guide that traveling in Russia is no worse than in any other Europe. You will be inspired, you will come and be upset.

What do you remember about June?What do you remember about June?

Lenovo Legion 7i

This is the main laptop of the month. Perhaps, never before have I had such a light, but powerful computer on my test. 9th Gen Intel Core i10980-10HK, Latest RTX 2080 Super Max-Q, 240Hz Screen. And all this in a case weighing 2 kilograms, and it also works for five hours. From St. Petersburg to Moscow, doing printing work, I drove on one battery charge. Such devices give a taste of the future. This is Legion 7i now – something outstanding. After a couple of years, this will become the norm for laptops. I am sure the price will become more pleasant than the current 250 thousand rubles. My compliments to Lenovo and other manufacturers. Finally, a real computer is mobile!

What do you remember about June?

Series ZeroZeroZero

I wrote about this series in the selection of TV series in February, but I was honored to start watching only now, when Eldar reminded about him. If you missed it too, I recommend it.

Official Plot Description: The series takes place in modern Italy, as well as in Mexico, the United States and Africa. Her heroes are members of the Calabrian mafia organization Ndrangheta. The head of the Don Mino clan, hiding in an underground bunker, decides to buy a consignment of drugs worth 62 million euros, but he does not know that his grandson is plotting a betrayal.

A very large-scale series with excellent filming and direction. Despite the abundance of characters, everyone is well represented and there is a place for everyone. So far, the series has three main lines – buyers (these are Italian mafiosi), sellers (this is already in Mexico), and also logistics (these are already intermediaries from the United States responsible for transportation). It is worth warning right away that the series is cruel. It can be seen that the director is trying to remove the very “tin” from the frame, but what is in the frame is enough. So far, I have watched 3 episodes and stopped, thinking, is it not better to read the book by Roberto Saviano, according to which the series was staged, because the story deserves it. And I am still convinced that books are always better than films. If you have read the book, then write comments with impressions. By the way, tell us which adaptations you liked more than books.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool

Ilya Subbotin made a review of the Dyson purifier-humidifier. After the robot vacuum cleaner, air cleaners are my next point of interest. On the day this text was written, a version of the cleaner from Xiaomi was just brought. But for now, we’re talking about Dyson.

I started thinking about air purifiers / humidifiers after moving to Moscow, when from habit I was stunned by the dry, polluted air in which the capital lives. You walk along Tverskaya or Sadovoye Koltso and your head is dizzy from the smell of gasoline. And with the windows open, dust accumulates at lightning speed. Unfortunately, robotic vacuum cleaners and air cleaners from toys are becoming vital gadgets. Dyson’s price is 54 rubles, or about $ 990.

What do you remember about June?

Robot vacuum cleaner Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 900

Thanks to Ecovacs and Xiaomi, I had the opportunity to study how robotic vacuum cleaners differ, rather than expensive ones better than cheap ones.

What do you remember about June?What do you remember about June?

Most of all, the robot vacuum cleaner market reminds me of cars. In general, any car can drive from point A to point B. And everything is clear that a car with a more powerful engine can drive you faster and take longer. And usually, the more expensive the car, the more powerful the engine. It’s the same with robots.

And then various additional chips begin, for which you have to pay extra. If the car has an independent parallel parking, then the robot has an increase in power when driving onto the carpet. The cheap ones just have a radio tape recorder, the expensive ones have a full-fledged “smart” system. Likewise, DEEBOT OZMO 900 has the ability to divide the map into zones, to listen to voice commands. The container for collecting dust is removed with a light movement, it is also easy to shake out the dust, an additional foam rubber pad is laid in the fine filter, and the dimensions in the right places are one centimeter or two smaller. I drew attention to the last point when a cheap robot caught on the open door of the bedside table under the sink, and drove along the road without question. Individually, each item is a trifle. But such little things make an impression.


“Love by algorithm. How Tinder Dictates Who We Sleep With “

The printed version of the book comes out on July 5, but the electronic version can already be read on bookmate, which I did. The book is small, written in the genre of investigation by the suffering and reflective journalist Judith Duportuil. First of all, she is known for the fact that after her article published in The Guardian, the Tinder application allowed users to download all the information about themselves, which is stored on the company’s servers.

What do you remember about June?

If we discard all the author’s reflection, then the book tells a number of facts that are interesting to such uninitiated persons as me. In short, Tinder reflects most of the stereotypes about relationships prevailing in society. For example, men are offered girls who are younger in age, less wealthy, or with a poorer education. In this case, the application can cheat. And if there is 70 km between objects, and the search for partners is configured for a radius of 10 km, it will still show a profile. In the opposite situation, when it comes to women who have been wise for years, they will not be shown youngsters. It would be more correct to say that they will get into the issue, but at the very end, so there is no way to look at them if you don’t want to wipe your fingers into the blood.

There are only 184 pages in the book, and if you put aside the groans of Mademoiselle Duportuil, the book can be mastered in a couple of hours. I liked the work because the author did a really good research and on the pages of the book there are references to various interesting books on social psychology.

“The room where it happened”

Former adviser to the President of the United States John Bolton published his memoirs about life in the service of Donald Trump. Believe it or not believe it is your business, but reading is fun and entertaining. I suspect that Mr. Trump is not the best person on the planet, but I even feel a little sorry for him. Throughout his presidency, he faces endless attacks, investigations and revelations about who he really is. Such moral pressure is a difficult thing in itself, but he still has to lead the country. And the man is already 74 years old. Perhaps it was he who was looked up to when the retirement age was raised.

What do you remember about June?

Mi Smart Band 4 NFC

The bracelet review will be released on Monday at android.mobile-review.com. In the meantime, I will say that thanks to NFC, the bracelet began to play with new colors. Shops, public transport, gas stations – everywhere you can pay by waving your hand over the terminal. But the main thing is that the bracelet weighs only 22 g. I have some kind of pathological intolerance to all additional attributes. I can’t wear watches, rings, bracelets, pendants both on my hands and on my neck. Immediately there is a feeling of inconvenience. I tried to realize what exactly annoys me. I came to the conclusion that I do not like the uselessness of either jewelry or smart gadgets. A beautiful ring on your finger or a bracelet on your hand? Are you seriously? What difference does it make to me how many steps I walked? And so I can roughly estimate. Continuous heart rate monitoring? What is it for me? The year before last, I was able to wear a Huawei bracelet a little, because it measured the quality of sleep. I lasted a couple of months until I made conclusions about my dream, then the need was gone. I still wear Mi Smart Band 4 NFC conditionally all the time. I put it on when I go out to pay, and in the evening to sleep, because there is sleep monitoring. Gyms and swimming pools are now open. I also want to try wearing it to the pool.

What do you remember about June?

An important fact! Mi Smart Band 4 NFC will be available to holders of Mastercard cards issued by Raiffeisenbank, VTB, Tinkoff Bank, Otkritie Bank, Rosselkhozbank, PSB, Russian Standard Bank, MKB, Credit Europe Bank (Russia) JSC.

The transition of computers from Apple to ARM architecture

This is one of the most important events of June and the year. On the same day that Apple announced the move to ARM, a ranking of supercomputers was released. And for the first time in its history, it was led by an ARM-based computer built by Fujitsu. According to the rating, the system gives out a performance of 415 petaflops, 2.8 times surpassing its competitor on x86, which took second place. Summit from IBM can only perform 148.8 petaflops of calculations.

So far, ARM laptops seem like toys to us, but it may well turn out that they will become the most common in the future.

What do you remember about June?


Tell us what interesting June you remember. Better yet, share your plans where you are going or have already spent your vacation in Russia. I understand everything about Sochi. What else is good? If there are those who have been to Altai or the Urals in the summer, tell us!

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