Another batch of Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles is sold out in the Microsoft Store

It is expected that the shortage of components, which are necessary for the production of new generation game consoles, will last until at least the second half of this year. This means that everyone will not be able to purchase the Xbox Series X, Series S and PlayStation 5 for a long time. Despite this, deliveries continue, and yesterday another batch of consoles arrived at the Microsoft Store.

It is worth noting that shortly after the consoles went on sale, all available copies of the Xbox Series X were sold out, while the Xbox Series S was still available for purchase. The batch size of the new Microsoft consoles is unknown, so it is difficult to assess the level of demand.

The shortage of microcircuits led to the fact that the volume of initial sales of the new generation game consoles was not very impressive. In the case of Xbox Series X and Series S, sales could not reach the level of Xbox One at launch, while the volume of PlayStation 5 sold at launch was slightly higher than that of PlayStation 4. As of mid-February, Microsoft was able to sell approximately 2,8 million Xbox consoles. Series X and Series S, while Sony has sold around 4,2 million PlayStation 5 consoles to date.

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