Okko provides access to 8K content through subscriptions

Online cinema Okko is the first among Russian services to offer its users access to content in ULTRA HD 8K resolution. Users of the Optimum and Premium subscriptions, which already include more than 70 pieces of content, will be able to enjoy the content in the best possible resolution. 

Among the first films in the new resolution, the feature films “Oldboy”, “The Fifth Element” and “The Expendables 3” have already been presented, as well as documentaries from the series “The Explorers – Planet Inventory”. All films will be available as a subscription at no additional cost. 

Recall that 8K resolution (7680 × 4320) offers four times more pixels than 4K and 16 times more than the usual FullHD. Increasing the number of pixels makes the image even clearer, individual pixels will not be visible even on screens with a large diagonal. 

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