Review of the film “Monster Hunter”. Renaissance by Milla Jovovich

Director Paul US Anderson should be known to the Russian audience primarily for such a franchise as “Resident Evil”. And, you see, at least for the first film in this series, Paul can be forgiven for all subsequent parts, although among them there were rays of hope.

And now, the Umbrella corporation is finally defeated, the zombies are over, and Milla Jovovich is no longer Alice, you can try yourself in something else. But how does Millet’s image of, excuse me, “boy-women” go in the films! Incredibly great she got her hand and the coolest, powerful image in the action genre is her style. Therefore, here is a review without spoilers for the new fantasy thriller – the movie “Monster Hunter”.

It should be given its due, this action movie will not rock the plot for a long time. Events and action here begin from the first minutes, without sagging and delaying “let’s get to know the characters or figure out what’s going on around.” Definitely, it is better to watch a movie from a big screen, by no means in a “rag” TS-quality of a cinema screen, otherwise the pleasure will be exactly zero.


The idea behind Monster Hunter is not difficult, but interesting. Say, there is an anomalous zone in one place on Earth, with the help of which you can be transported to a parallel world, but completely different, not the same as ours. This world is filled with various large-caliber monsters, giving us references to films such as “Tremors”, or, excuse me, to “Game of Thrones”. The same, only bigger, meaner and smarter.

И вот попадает маленькая группа современных военных, во главе с Йовович, в такой портал, в поисках другой группы военных, которые потерялись недавно при схожих обстоятельствах, и…

And then there will be completely spoilers, but, it is worth noting that the film keeps in suspense all the time and always slightly under-tells what is happening. The viewer will have to guess on his own in places, but it is in The Monster Hunter that it is clearly seen that the problem here is not that the screenwriter was too lazy and decided not to describe some moments more clearly, but it was done on purpose to make the movie more interesting. Partly, a kind of “Argument”, but simple and interesting, and from which the head in the middle of the film does not hurt, because the action-packed action game.


But as for the action … There are, of course, heaps of it here. Stunts, shootouts, fights, whatever. There are only a couple of problems. In some places the action is made for the sake of action, at the beginning of the film you will be very amused by scenes where a group of military men are shooting back from huge monsters, fully realizing that RPGs are like a mosquito bite, but no, they will run and for some reason continue to shoot … Even from a pistol … With absolutely zero efficiency.

Или вот встречаются среди вымершей земли и монстров два человека. Какая у них должна быть реакция? Ну конечно же сплотиться и попытаться выжить вместе — так было бы в нормальном фильме, но тут оба будут пытаться друг друга поубивать и покалечить всеми доступными способами очень продолжительное время. Л — Логика, но нет, не здесь. И третий момент — местами здорово виден недостаток бюджета на графику. Порой, особенно ближе к концу, в глаза буквально будут бросаться сцены, снятые на фоне зелёного экрана. Где фон сам по себе, а люди сами по себе.

It’s a pity, because the graphics in the film are luxurious, beautiful, powerful and bright. Monsters, dragons and many other entities are drawn in an interesting and quite original way. Watching the battles of survivors with these creatures is very entertaining, the film at these moments simply immerses you in yourself. And you catch yourself thinking “why in 2D, why not in 3D IMAX ?!”, because here it would be very useful.


Well, about the actors. Milla Jovovich is gorgeous. This is partly a continuation of the image of Alice from “Resident Evil”, but in essence it is completely different. Milla drags the film on her shoulders and does not let the viewer relax for a second. Little-known Tony Jah is a great companion for Jovovich, they made a great pair on the screen. And Ron Perlman looks very cool in his scenes – at first you confuse him with one popular comedian Will Ferrell and you keep waiting for some kind of jokes below the belt, but they are all gone and gone … And only then you find out that the actor is completely different. There are coincidences.

There are some very interesting secondary characters in the film, but you will see them yourself near the end. And what is especially pleasing, in the “Monster Hunter” double ending. This is when the main story of the film comes to an end, it seems that here it is already – the denouement, and you already get up from the chair to leave with the first credits, but aloud and the events continue to develop urgently for another 10-15 minutes of selected action. Nice bonus, there is nothing to say.


The bottom line is simple. If you are a fan of fantasy films, science fiction and action films, where the emphasis is no longer on the plot, but on the events, this is definitely the place for you. If the recent “Mad Max” did not come to you a bit, then do not waste time on the film, this is not yours. But action lovers will clearly be satisfied.

Even though the film received a rather low rating from film critics – the movie is absolutely spectator’s, with popcorn and cola it will be the very thing. The main thing, I repeat, is to watch it from the big screen and in good quality. Otherwise, there will be no pleasure. 

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