Review of the film “North Wind”. Combo from Renata Litvinova and Zemfira

Renata Litvinova filmed her own play called “The North Wind” for theatrical release. And Zemfira helped with the soundtrack. The film will be released in wide distribution in Russia on February 6, although it was originally planned back in 2020, but a pandemic, you all know that.

The Rozetked editors were invited to the press screening, we saw the film the very first in the world, as Renata Litvinova, who attended the press screening, personally told us, and we hasten to share our impressions of what we saw, without spoilers for the plot, with you, dear readers!

Annotation: “It was a magical time when a great matriarchy reigned: women of an influential clan ruled in the territory of the Northern Fields and lived in anticipation of love … They were omnipotent, and their every desire was fulfilled, but in an instant everything changed and chaos began …»

And the first thing I want to say, the annotation, as well as the trailer above, do not correspond very much to the content of the film. Alas, we will not see any matriarchal stories, clan games and the magic of the 13th hour, which is often mentioned, in the film. But a light touch of fantasy would be extremely useful here.

But no, “North Wind” is such a dramatized theatrical production about the difficult fate of the complex relationships of an individual family in its chamber space, closed from the alien world, against the background of negative moods.

And, you know, writing reviews for theatrical performances is not at all the same as reviewing a movie. Although, it would seem, the genres are similar, but theatergoers and moviegoers are too different audiences. Theater is a more complex product for perception than ordinary cinema. Consider this point when choosing “North Wind” for viewing.

Despite the fact that the theme of matriarchy in the plot is not disclosed in any way, the film is definitely designed for a female audience. This was remarkably seen even during the press screening, while the girls laughed uncontrollably at individual scenes, or eagerly peered at the screen from time to time, the men, supporting their head with their hand, furtively glanced at the clock, waiting for the denouement and the end of the action. I will not describe everything that happens in the film, but the closest genre of the whole action can be described as melodrama. With all that it implies.

Slightly upset by some incoherence of the beginning of the film (to which for some reason they will not return) and too mysterious and incomprehensible ending in the subway. Perhaps the girls in the comments, after watching the film, will be able to come and tell me what was the point and where the essence was buried. It will be very interesting to read.

What pleases me in the film is the camera work. Interesting scenery, unusual, or half-forgotten since the 50-70s of the last century, manners of shooting and lighting … Intricate costumes, gracefulness and mannerism … Those small touches that you can’t find in modern cinema. 

And as for Zemfira, who plans to release her eighth studio album in 2021, only one new track by the singer “Angry Man” will be presented in the film “North Wind”, a clip has already been released on it, just on February 1 – on the day of the press screening, which we visited. 

The clip is a cut 2-minute scene from the film, where the heroine of Renata Litvinova is driving all the time. And the trouble with the video is that in the context of the film the scene makes sense and it is understandable, the music and a very simple song with a minimum load of text fit into the story and the general mood. But separately the clip looks incomprehensible and boring. So we leave a link to the clip, you can watch, evaluate, but it is better to do this while watching the movie, in it you will see the same thing, frame by frame.

For theater-goers, the film “North Wind” is a good reason to try modern cinemas, which, perhaps, have not happened to be for a long time. Also, this film can be recommended to an adult female audience. But the rest – at your own peril and risk … 

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