Alphacool unveils Eisblock Aurora Acetal GPX-A waterblock for Radeon RX 6800, 6800 XT and 6900 XT reference cards

Alphacool has announced the Eisblock Aurora Acetal GPX-A 6800/6900 (XT) waterblock designed for use in liquid cooling systems for AMD Radeon graphics accelerators with a reference design.

In the process of creating new items, the developers paid close attention to improving its design. So, in order to increase the efficiency of heat dissipation, the coolant flows are optimized. The thickness of the nickel plated copper base has been reduced from 7 mm to 5,5 mm. And thanks to the decrease in the thickness of the thermal pads to 1 mm, the cooler was positioned closer to the key components.

The waterblock is a full coverage product. Heat is removed not only from the GPU, but also from memory chips and power supply elements.

The upper part of the solution is made of black polyformaldehyde (acetal). Uses standard G1 / 4 ″ fittings. Dimensions are 130 x 262,5 x 24,5 mm.

The novelty is compatible with reference graphics accelerators AMD Radeon 6800, Radeon 6800 XT and Radeon 6900 XT. The approximate price of the water block is 135 euros. 

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