Russian software registry website received a major update

The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation announced the update of the information system of the register of domestic software, located at

The updated software registry site has received an improved design and expanded functionality. Now software developers can, in electronic form and using a qualified electronic signature, carry out a full cycle of interaction between experts and the ministry upon requests. “The innovation will make the procedure for considering applications more efficient and more transparent. In the event of a refusal to be included in the register, the applicant will be able to quickly familiarize himself with the reason and re-submit the documents, ”the ministry said in a statement.

Also, the changes made it more convenient to work with the register of potential customers for software products. You can search for software in a new version by advanced criteria, functional and operational characteristics. In addition, the ability to unload open data contained in the registry has been implemented.

The register of domestic software has been maintained by the Russian Ministry of Digital Science since 2016. At the moment, more than 9,7 thousand products are registered in the list formed by the department, divided into classes in accordance with their functionality. These are operating systems, office applications, search tools, analytics and data protection, various utilities, server and middleware software, development, testing and debugging environments, enterprise management tools, and other solutions. According to the department, more than 500 applications from software developers are submitted to the register every month.

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