Biden visits Javelin plant and calls for more capacity for Ukraine

United States President Joe Biden visited a plant that produces Javelins, anti-tank missiles that are also supplied to the Ukrainian armed forces.

The arms manufacturer announces plans to increase capacity, and the Pentagon is in talks with arms manufacturers to expand production, according to TSN .

The United States has already delivered 5,500 of them to Ukraine. In addition, in 20 years this plant in Alabama produced only about 50 thousand Javelins.

The head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, stated that these anti-tank missile systems have proven themselves very well and the armed forces of Ukraine need about 500 of them every day. And this despite the fact that with the usual capacities, the manufacturer produces no more than 2000 pieces per year.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said today that the government has the ability to separate these missile systems from its own stocks, but the plant’s owners have also said they are ready to increase capacity. And the president’s visit to this enterprise was not least to cheer and thank.

Joe Biden, speaking to plant employees, said that newborn children in Ukraine began to be called “Javelins” – in honor of an effective weapon. At the same time, President Joe Biden recalled that he had applied to Congress for permission for the next tranche of military assistance to Ukraine – this is a record $33 billion, $20 of which will go specifically to armaments.

“We need more money to make sure the United States can continue to send weapons directly to the freedom front lines in Ukraine and continue to provide economic and humanitarian assistance to help the Ukrainian people. I urge Congress to quickly approve this funding to help Ukraine continue to succeed in fighting Russian aggression, just as they did when they won the battle for Kyiv. And to make sure the United States and our allies can replenish our stockpiles of weapons to replace what we sent to Ukraine,” Biden said.

And Western leaders and analysts expect Putin to declare war on Ukraine on May 9th. Yes, we are talking about a formal declaration of war, because until now in Russia they call their aggression against Ukraine a special military operation, and the word war is prohibited. CNN in the material on the site writes that their sources say that the Kremlin is considering 2 scenarios for its Victory Day, which is of great propaganda importance for Putin – declare war on Ukraine, or boast of some great achievement, or both options at once.

The publication notes that a declaration of war on Putin may be required for general mobilization, although this is a very risky step that changes the entire concept of the operation, which he spoke to the Russians for 2.5 months.

Officials in the US do not yet claim that one of these scenarios has already been adopted. State Department spokesman Ned Price said yesterday that they are seeing a big spike in propaganda hysteria in Russia, indicating that Russia may be preparing something for May 9th.

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