Coronavirus has not disappeared anywhere: how to sign up for a vaccination

Coronavirus vaccination continues.

COVID-19 has not disappeared anywhere and the only chance to protect yourself from a severe course of the disease is vaccination.

This is mentioned in the Ministry of Health.

No additional declarations, confirmations or certificates are required, only a passport.

  • If your community has safe access to vaccination sites, don’t delay and protect yourself.
  • Search for a list of locations in a number of areas at the link , or call the hotline 16-77 to find out where and how the vaccination station closest to you works.

“Contribute to victory – protect yourself and loved ones, get vaccinated,” the message says.

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You can sign up for vaccination against COVID-19 today at your family doctor or by calling the contact center of the Ministry of Health 0-800-602-019. You can learn more about vaccination at .

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