Russian troops fired six rockets at Odessa: what is known about the damage

On May 7, Russian troops launched six rocket attacks on Odessa. According to preliminary data, no victims.

As a result of hitting four rockets , a civilian enterprise in a residential area was damaged.

This was reported to journalists by the head of the press center of the Southern Guard and Defense Forces, Natalya Gumenyuk.

She clarified that the invaders fired missiles at the city with the help of strategic aviation – the planes, tentatively, took off from the Caspian direction.

Four rockets hit a furniture factory in a residential area. A fire broke out at the enterprise, information on the extent of damage and victims is being specified.

In addition, according to OK “South”, in a residential area, a shock wave and debris mutilated multi-storey buildings.

Two more missiles hit the airport’s runway and damaged radar equipment.

Rescuers, explosives experts and investigative teams are working at the impact sites. According to OK “South”, a fire on an area of about 900 square meters. m eliminated. Debris clearing continues . More than 60 rescuers have been involved. There are no casualties yet. The information is being specified.

Recall that earlier on the same day, residents of Odessa reported explosions in the city and rockets in the sky above it.

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