Russians shell Odessa for the second time in the evening: what is known

On the evening of May 9, Russian troops again fired rockets at Odessa.

On May 9, in the evening, the Russian invaders fired at Odessa, making a rocket attack.

This was reported in OK “South”.

Local Telegram channels write that there were 7 “arrivals” in the city. It is known that there are casualties.

The speaker of the Odesa OVA Serhiy Bratchuk, in a commentary to Hromadsky, said that as a result of a rocket attack by the invaders, a fire broke out in one of the shopping and entertainment centers in the city.

This is the second Russian strike on Odessa this evening. Earlier, Russian Tu-22s fired hypersonic missiles in the Odessa region that hit tourist houses : there are wounded.

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