A Russian plunged a blade into the heart of a Ukrainian, imagining himself a character from The Lord of the Rings: audio

The Russian military boasted to his wife how brutally he killed a Ukrainian, sticking a blade right in his heart.

The occupant admitted that he had long dreamed of killing a man in this way and cutting his tendon.

The telephone conversation of the invader was intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine.

“The Russian occupiers are not called orcs for nothing – some of them really are fans of these characters from The Lord of the Rings and enjoy the killing of peaceful Ukrainians. The new SBU interception is shocking, and this is no longer science fiction, but ordinary brutal rashism and sadism,” the SBU states.

The Russian occupier said that he and his comrades mocked the captured Ukrainian, and subsequently killed him.

“Yesterday we caught ‘ukra’… Now he is in another world. I drove my ‘pig splitter’ right into his heart… I have a blade like Frodo Baggins’s. So I have my dream… I wanted a man cut the tendon and insert a stake,” the Russian invader tells his wife.

A woman is indifferent to a murdered Ukrainian, but she is still disgusted to hear about the bloody dreams of her “orc”.

“Apparently, she will not really wait for his return home… We will make every effort so that he does not return from the war!” the SBU summed up.

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