Church calendar for May 25 – to whom believers pray

Which saint to pray on May 25 and whom the church honors, read in the material

What holiday is May 25 in the church calendar

On May 25, the memory of Saints Epiphanius and Herman is honored. What do we know about this day?

Church calendar for May 25 – the feast day of Saints Epiphanius and Herman

On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, the church honors the memory of Saints Epiphanius and Herman.

Saint Epiphanius of Cyprus or Salanmine was a Palestinian monk, bishop of the city of Salamis (Cyprus), a controversial theologian and writer. He is considered one of the early Fathers of the Church. He became famous for exposing heresy. He considered the teachings of Origen to be the main source of teaching. His views were formed under the influence of ascetics from Palestine and Egypt during the struggle against Arianism, in which he himself participated.

Born in the city of Eleutheropol (Palestine) in 310. Then he studied in Alexandria of Egypt. In his desire to learn more about the Holy Scriptures, Epiphanius studied Greek, Coptic, Jewish, Aramaic and Latin. At first he visited hermits, and then he himself took the tonsure. In 333 he was ordained a priest, and later he built a monastery. Died at the age of 93.

German I of Constantinople / Photo:

Herman I of Constantinople was patriarch for 15 years and an opponent of iconoclasm. Born in 634 in Constantinople. His father, Justinian, was a senator who was executed in 668 by order of Emperor Constantine IV. Then Herman was seized and sent to work as a church cleric. There, in the monastery, he studied the Holy Scriptures. He was appointed bishop in the city of Kyzyk, and in 715 he was elected patriarch of Constantinople.

When the persecution of those who honored the icons began, Germanus exposed Emperor Leo III in heresy. He corresponded with the Pope regarding his opposition to the emperor. Then he sent to Rome one of the shrines, which is still kept there. On January 17, 729, he resigned his patriarchal power at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada due to the fact that he did not find support on the issue of icon veneration. He died at the age of 95 and was buried in the monastery of Chora in Constantinople.

Church calendar for May 25: video

Folk omens

  • The moon has a greenish tint – it will rain, if it is clear – expect bad weather.
  • On May 25, the night is bright and without dew, the next day it will rain.

What not to do on May 25

  • You can not quarrel and be offended.
  • It is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages.

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