JFO fighters repulsed nine Russian attacks and inflicted losses on the enemy: fighting continues at six more locations

On May 24, the Ukrainian military from the Joint Forces repelled nine attacks by the Russian military, and fighting continues at six more locations.

The JFO forces inflicted significant losses on the invaders in manpower and equipment.

This was reported at the headquarters of the JFO.

The invaders fired at 39 settlements in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, destroyed and damaged more than 60 civilian objects. As a result of these shellings, at least 14 civilians were killed, and another 15 received injuries and injuries of varying severity.

However, the Ukrainian defenders give a worthy rebuff to the invaders. The JFO fighters successfully repulsed nine enemy attacks and inflicted losses on the enemy, in particular:

  • 3 tanks;
  • 8 artillery systems;
  • 18 units of combat armored vehicles;
  • 1 special armored vehicle;
  • 1 car.

Air defense units in Donbas shot down one ZALA tactical unmanned aerial system and six Orlan-10 UAVs.

The headquarters of the JFO reported that battles with the occupier continue at six locations.

Recall that earlier the head of the Donetsk OVA Pavel Kirilenko reported on the dead and wounded in the region at the hands of the occupiers per day.

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