Ksenia Mishina recalled how she fled from Boryspil on the first day of the war: "Explosions sounded behind"

Ukrainian actress Ksenia Mishina said that the war found her with her son in Boryspil.

She wanted to go on vacation to Dubai, so she was already at the airport with Plato at four in the morning and was waiting for her flight.

However, he delayed. Employees said that the flight was not canceled, but rescheduled. The actress sat with her son and waited for the trip. However, after a while, Ksenia heard explosions. At first I thought that these were some kind of exercises, by no means a war. But the explosions kept getting bigger. Suddenly, airport workers told everyone to evacuate immediately.

“After a while, I heard an explosion somewhere from afar. What can I think? Perhaps some kind of exercise. We continued to sit. After a while, I heard an explosion again. We continued to sit. Explosions became more frequent, airport workers ran out and said, that urgent evacuation. All the people just rushed to the door, “the artist shared in an interview with Alina Dorotyuk.

Ksenia Mishina and Alina Dorothyuk

Mishina recalls that everyone immediately began to flee, but she still did not believe that the war had begun. Xenia was scared, she and her son could not leave, because the cars simply did not stop. And the explosions continued.

“I just froze, I was so terrified, did it really happen. We also ran to the exit and just ran along the road. It was incredible cold, sub-zero temperatures, it was very scary, the cars didn’t stop. We couldn’t sit down anywhere. All people they just ran along the road, didn’t understand what had happened, and explosions were heard somewhere behind … This is a feeling of terrible panic, but I will never forget such a moment when someone shouted: “Look, Ksenia Mishina is running with us, that’s all okay!” she shared.

Ksenia managed to get to Kyiv, the taxi driver brought her home with her son. Mishina hoped that something just happened in Boryspil, but she heard on the news that Russia had attacked. The actress immediately left with her son for the west of Ukraine, where she lived for a month and a half.

Ksenia Mishina with her son / Photo: instagram.com/misha.k.ua

Now Xenia is with Plato in Belgium. There, the actress is filming in a new project.

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