"Mercantilist politics": Soros criticized Merkel for Europe's gas dependence on Russia

Soros laid the blame for Europe’s dependence on Russian gas directly on ex-German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “special agreements” with Moscow.

American billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros accused former German Chancellor Angela Merkel of having made European countries dependent on Russian energy because of her policies.

Soros said this at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Politico reports.

According to him, the dependence of European states on Russian energy carriers remains high – “mainly because of the mercantilist policy” of the then Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The billionaire also rebuked Merkel that “she has entered into special agreements with Russia for the supply of gas and has made China Germany’s largest export market.”

“This has made Germany the most efficient economy in Europe, but now there is a big price to pay. The German economy needs to be rebuilt. And that will take a long time,” Soros said.

George Soros praised European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for finding a “strong European voice.”

The financier added that although Olaf Scholz was elected to continue Merkel’s policies, the new chancellor “seems to be doing the right thing in the end,” in particular, he abandoned Nord Stream 2, increased defense spending and sent weapons to Ukraine.

Earlier, George Soros said that the war in Ukraine could be the beginning of the Third World War, which civilization will not survive .

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