The city is coming to life, but the military needs help: a medical officer from the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about what is happening in Akhtyrka

Russian invaders from the territory of the aggressor state continue to fire at the Sumy region.

Recently the occupiers fired 5 rockets at the city of Akhtyrka . Now the situation there is relatively stable, but the Ukrainian defenders need help from volunteers – unloading, body armor and helmets.

This is stated in the plot “Snіdanku z 1 + 1”.

Natalya Vinnik has been helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a volunteer since 2014. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the woman joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is a medical shooter.

The woman says that last night in Akhtyrka passed quietly, but on May 23 there were air raids all day, and a week ago the invaders fired at the city with 5 rockets. The other day, volunteers gave Akhtyrka an ambulance that will help save people’s lives faster.

“Now we have such a situation that we have stopped active hostilities, but shelling continues on the border. Sometimes enemy aircraft operate near the borders. We understand this danger and we need to be ready. Therefore, I appeal to the volunteers, our defenders need a lot – unloading , bulletproof vests, helmets, tactical medicine kits according to the NATO principle. This is necessary so that the soldier feels comfortable and can fight in the event of a new offensive. We will be very grateful if they help us,” said Natalya Vinnik.

If you can help Ukrainian soldiers, call Natalia Vinnik: 099 935 6082.

The military woman says that since the beginning of the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, her entire family has stayed at home.

“We met the war here. On February 24 at 7:00 am, the Russians were already in front of Akhtyrka. It was clear that if everyone ran away, then who would stay in the city. At first I volunteered, helped people. Because there was no food, people with limited mobility “I had someone to help. I stayed and helped at first like this. Then I went to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because I realized that my land needed to be protected,” said Natalia Vinnik.

The military added that now life is returning to Akhtyrka : local residents have come here again, but the city center is still destroyed. The Russians also destroyed residential buildings: many are forced to live with friends and relatives. Also, the city has all the necessary products. Natalya Vinnik called on volunteers to help civilians who are unable to purchase food.

“Yesterday we talked with one woman. She lives in the area where our main military unit was. There were many residential buildings and high-rise buildings. Many houses were destroyed there. Yesterday we talked with the family, they also have a small child, they live with their friends “What will happen next, they don’t know. Many people return and are forced to live without water, because our thermal power plant was bombed,” says the military.

The woman says that now the inhabitants of Akhtyrka just want to live a normal life so that the bombing of the city stops. Akhtyrchane want to rebuild their city

Recall that Akhtyrka, a city that withstood attacks even by banned vacuum bombs , is now coming back to life.

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