“There are no happy ones”: Putin’s successor is being chosen in the Kremlin – media

Information has appeared in the media that the Russian elites are dissatisfied with Putin’s actions – both the “party of war” and the “party of peace.”

In the Kremlin, both the so-called “war party” and those who want peace are dissatisfied with Putin’s actions. The Russian elites are allegedly already looking for a successor to the dictator.

Meduza writes about this, citing its own sources.

The publication notes that during the three months of the war, the general mood of the Russian elites managed to completely change several times. In early March, most Kremlin officials were horrified at how the sanctions would affect their lives. In April, a “patriotic upsurge” began.

Satisfied no

Now the Kremlin is again pessimistic and does not see a realistic scenario of how to end hostilities in Ukraine and maintain its rating within the Russian Federation.

“There are probably almost no people who are satisfied with Putin. Business and many members of the government are unhappy that the president started the war without thinking about the scale of the sanctions – you can’t live normally with such sanctions.

“Hawks” are not satisfied with the pace of the “special operation”. They think they can act more decisively,” says a source close to the Kremlin.

“Hawks” want to intensify aggression against Ukraine – to announce a massive mobilization of reservists and capture Kiev. But the Kremlin does not dare to announce mobilization, because opinion polls show that the Russians are negatively disposed towards it.

The “Party of Peace” – represented by major businessmen and most “civilian” officials – is also dissatisfied with Putin’s actions, as they do not see any real steps on his part to achieve peace with Ukraine.

“Problems [in Russia due to the war] are already visible, and in the middle of summer they will simply fall from different directions: transport, medicine, even agriculture. No one simply thought of such a scale ,” notes a source close to the Russian government .

Sources of the publication claim that now the topic of “the future after Putin” is being increasingly discussed in the authorities.

Putin’s successors

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin , Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev , and First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergei Kiriyenko, the new “curator” for Donbass, are considered among Putin’s potential successors.

There will be no riot

But still, the Russian elites are not ready to overthrow Putin right now and expect that in the “foreseeable future” he will give up power due to health reasons.

Earlier, the head of Ukrainian intelligence told who in Russia could carry out a coup d’état and how Putin would be eliminated.

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