"Destroy according to the Mariupol scenario": what the cities of Luhansk region look like

May 20, 2022 Author of the photo, Luhansk OVA The shelling and clashes in Luhansk region do not stop. The Russian army is attacking Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. Practically destroyed by shelling Rubizhne and Popasna. Serhiy Haidai, the head of the... Read more

How Ukrainian miners work under fire in Donbass

Andrew Harding BBC News, Toretsk, Ukraine May 22, 2022 Imagine you are a miner going down into a deep, old and shaky mine well. Now imagine that you are doing this in a combat zone. “It’s scary, but what can... Read more

The Ukrainian Armed Forces smashed the crossing over the Seversky Donets and burned a lot of equipment. What is known

9 hours ago Photo by Ukrainian Airborne Forces Command / Reuters Caption to the photo, Military equipment on the pontoon bridge across the Seversky Donets burned down The Ukrainian military destroyed a Russian pontoon crossing and part of a Russian... Read more

"Traitors will be punished." How Bakhmut reacts to the pro-Russian views of its neighbors

Andrew Harding Donbas, Ukraine May 10, 2022 Caption to the photo, Svitlana Kravchenko says that karma will catch up with everyone who supported the Russian offensive in Bakhmut Different political views divided the inhabitants of Bakhmut, a city on the... Read more

Putin is preparing for a long war – US intelligence

George Wright BBC News 21 minute (s) ago Photo by EPA Caption to the photo, According to US intelligence, Russia will resort to nuclear weapons, but if faced with an “existential threat” Vladimir Putin is preparing for a long war... Read more

Russian troops occupied Popasna. What does this change on the front?

Ilya Abishev The Air Force 48 minute (s) ago Photo by EPA / STR Caption to the photo, Ukrainian soldier near Popasna in late April The Ukrainian military has withdrawn from the city of Popasna in Luhansk region, the city... Read more

Blog from Luhansk. As in "LNR" celebrate on May 9 during war

Yana Viktorova for BBC News Ukraine 3 hours ago Photo by Yana Viktorova Caption to the photo, Lugansk. Action “Immortal Regiment” with portraits of veterans There is probably no more ambiguous holiday. On the one hand, May 9 is a... Read more

Air strike in Luhansk region. 60 people could have died in the village school

3 hours ago Photo by DSNS A school in the village of Belogorivka, Severodonetsk district, Luhansk region, which was destroyed by air strikes, could have killed 60 people. This was announced in a telegram by the head of Luhansk OVA... Read more

Wedding dance of a nurse who lost her legs from a mine explosion

Wedding dance of a nurse who lost her legs from a mine explosion A couple from Lysychansk got married in a Lviv hospital after the bride Oksana was seriously injured by a mine. At the end of March, the couple... Read more

How and why Russia captured volunteers who took the elderly and sick from the shelling

Andrew Harding Donbas 5 hours ago Photo by Supplied Caption to the photo, Michael and his wife Julia About 2,000 civilians have been trapped in the frontline town of Popasna in eastern Ukraine, where Russia is trying to step up... Read more

Ukraine is given $ 6.5 billion, Hungary is blocking sanctions against Russia. 71 day of the war. TV BBC

1 hour ago Mariupol. At the Azovstal battles, evacuees talk about hellish conditions. The Azov Regiment asks for help. As volunteers under fire take out civilians from a front line in Donbass. Donors’ Conference. $ 6.5 billion has been raised... Read more

Independence or accession. As the Kremlin's curator in Mariupol, he decides the fate of Donbass

Petro Kozlov Russian Air Force 1 hour ago Photo by Denis-pushilin.ru The Kremlin’s curator of domestic policy is preparing the self-proclaimed DNR, LNR and Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories for the May 9 celebrations. Whether or not to annex these territories to... Read more

Blood and shelling daily. As they now live in Lysychansk

Andrew Harding BBC News, Lisichansk 2 May 2022, 09:16 GMT Photo by Getty Images Caption to the photo, Most residents of Lysychansk have left, and those who remain live in appalling conditions under constant shelling Russian troops are moving slowly... Read more

Ukrainian defenders defending Donbass

Jonathan Bill BBC Security Correspondent, Donbas 9 hours ago Caption to the photo, Lieutenant Denis Gordeyev and his men oppose the entire force of the Russian army Ukrainian forces have been defending Donbass since 2014. They are still defending themselves... Read more

Two months of war in Ukraine. What happens next

Oleg Chernysh BBC News Ukraine April 24, 2022 Photo by Getty Images Caption to the photo, Ukrainian troops expelled Russians from the northern regions. They left behind ruins and thousands of killed civilians The third month of the war in... Read more

How men from the war with Ukraine are buried in Luhansk

Yana Viktorova for BBC News Ukraine 6 hours ago Photo by Getty Images The era of the “special operation in Donbass” has shown that the war, which is being talked about by all the media, has already become a taboo... Read more