A friend of Olya Polyakova spoke about the desires of the singer, which came true because of the war

A friend of the artist shared an interesting story about how Olya made two wishes, and they came true.

Olya Polyakova ‘s friend Veronika Belotserkovskaya, where the singer now lives with her daughters in France, told followers on Instagram an interesting story about Olya’s wishes come true. She supplemented the post with their last year’s joint photo.

Olya Polyakova with Veronika Belotserkovskaya

It turned out that for the past New Year, Polyakova wished to perform at the stadiums of the world and that everyone should sing along with her. This wish came true – now Polyakova travels with Shakhtar to charity football matches in Europe and sings the Ukrainian anthem there, and everyone sings along with her.

The second artist thought that she wanted the villa of the famous Russian ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya, which is located on the French Riviera in the Cap d’Ail commune – she really likes it. And, as it turned out, from the window where Polyakova now lives with a friend, she can just see this luxurious mansion.

“I, he says, didn’t ask for much – two things in total. I wrote: Dear office, I want to collect entire stadiums around the world, and so that everyone sings along with me!

And also, divine bureaucrats, look – I put myself a photo of the villa of Matilda Feliksovna Kshesinskaya as an iPhone splash screen! She’s out there somewhere on the Côte d’Azur, but I want her passionately! She is so beautiful!

Well, she’s the best. EVERYTHING HAPPENED.

Now, as we know, Olya travels with the Shakhtar football club to the capitals of Europe and sings the anthem of Ukraine before the start of charity matches, and everyone, everyone SINGS along with her. Stadiums. As ordered.
Only, he sighs, it didn’t work out with Matilda’s villa. By the way, where is she? Far away from us?


I take Olya by the hand and lead her to the guest house where she lives with her daughters, open the windows on the second floor overlooking the mountain and … Everything, Olya, is in place. You received everything. The best view of this villa is from your windows.

Here’s a ballerina’s treasure! Directly opposite – 100 meters! Just like the picture on your phone! Enjoy now.
I directly imagined how the angels at that moment neighed out loud, feathers in different directions. Aaaah, boo ha ha! Well, what, fools?! Ate?!

Morality. Girls, learn how to properly draw up documents. Especially if it’s application forms. Don’t skip the details,” Nika wrote in an Instagram post.

Recall that Matilda Kshesinskaya bought a villa in 1913 for 180 thousand francs. She named her “Alam”. She lived in the mansion in 1920-1929. In it, the dancer married Prince Andrei Vladimirovich Romanov. Due to financial difficulties, Mathilde had to sell the villa.

The villa was rented by Hollywood actress Greta Garbo and other stars.

This mansion was also owned by an Italian aristocrat – Princess Sofia Odescalca. She did not value the villa and bequeathed it to her servant. And the son of a servant sold the villa in 2010 to a Russian billionaire. And he did not live in it even a day. Before the sale, the oligarch restored it. To do this, he hired the restorer Neil Galloway, who told the media that the mansion has seven bedrooms with bathrooms, a maid’s room, two kitchens and a wine cellar.

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