Overview of the Garlyn H-7000 induction hob: 4 burners, 7.2 kW, combining two burners, fast heating mode

Today we are testing a large and powerful induction hob from Garlyn, a brand that positions its appliances as a business class segment. Indeed, the device looks quite solid, both externally and in terms of technical characteristics. What he will show in practice – we will study.



Manufacturer Garlyn
Model H-7000
Type hob induction
Country of Origin China
Warranty 1 year
Service life * 3 years
general power 7.2 kW
Control type sensory
Housing material metal, glass ceramic
Power regulation 9 levels + R
Connection single-phase/two-phase
Number of burners 4
Burner sizes 145 mm, 2×180 mm, 210 mm
Burner power 2×1500/2000W, 2×2100/2500W
Special abilities “bridge” zone (combining two left-hand burners), “Boost” fast heating mode
Functions pause, timer, control panel lock, mute
protection overheating protection, auto power off, heat indicator
The weight 10.45 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D) 590×520×58mm
Built-in dimensions 562×492 mm
Network cable length 0.9 m
Retail offers

* Contrary to common misconception, this is not the period after which the device will definitely break. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The plate arrived for testing in a cardboard box, securely fastened inside with inserts. There is black printing on the box – the name of the model and the main characteristics. Technical symbols and pictograms on the sides. The box is not equipped with handles.


Opening the box, we found a hob, 2 mounting brackets, an instruction manual and a warranty card.

At first sight

Just want to note the solidity of the device. The glass-ceramic surface is quite thick, the body is metal. The total thickness of the structure is almost 6 cm, but when embedded, it will not be noticeable.


The markings on the surface are white, the center of the burners is marked with a small cross, to the sides of which 8 rays diverge; there are no standard circles marking the edges. At first glance, not everyone immediately understands which burner is more powerful and larger, but then, having figured it out, it’s easy to just remember. Full touch control is organized in the front center.

IMG4770 98784

Ventilation grilles on the side of the case.


On the bottom of the case there are round ventilation grilles, technological holes, a sticker with the technical characteristics of the device and fasteners.


On the underside of the stove there is an outlet for the electric cord. Cord of sufficient section for the power of the device. The cores are marked with markers, connection diagrams are attached to the wire.


From below, two grids for cooling fans are inserted into the metal case – it seems that you can not be afraid of overheating.



The device comes with a user manual, a warranty booklet and a user manual on cardboard containing a brief instruction on how to operate the panel.


The User’s Manual is a small 23-page book containing all the basic information about the instrument, safety, operation, troubleshooting, proper installation and operation. The instruction is of high quality, written in an understandable language and does not raise any questions. The main points on managing the panel are included in the memo, which is convenient to keep next to the device for the first time.


The hob is controlled by sensors on the front of the hob. In the middle is the heating power control bar, starting at 0 and ending with P, the boost mode (it is also often called “boost”). On the sides of the ruler there are burner sensors, on top there is a sensor for the “bridge” zone, that is, the combined upper and lower left burners.

The power button is the top right one, below it is the panel lock button.

The timer and timer indicator are on the bottom left, the pause button and the mute button are on the top left.


The device control algorithm is simple – after turning it on, you need to select the desired burner, activate it with the button, set the desired heating level on the sensor ruler and, if necessary, lock the panel with the lock button: this is useful, since when working with the lower right burner, large dishes sometimes fall on power button and turns off the device.

If the heating level needs to be changed, having unlocked the button with the button, you need to press the sensor of the operating burner, wait until the indicator next to it starts flashing and change the heating level to the desired one.

The instructions describe in detail the operation of the appliance, as well as the correct choice of dishes and bottom diameter.

Connection and installation

Installation and connection of the device is described in detail in the instructions.



The Garlyn H-7000 induction cooker has two additional modes – “bridge” and “boost”.

The “bridge” mode is a combination of two left burners into one working area. Using the bridge on the stove, it is possible to cook in dishes with an elongated shape or with a very large bottom diameter. The total power of the burners reaches 3600 W, which is enough to quickly heat large dishes. A surprise when using this mode are quite strong whistling sounds, especially after power level 6.

Boost mode can be applied to each burner individually. This is a high power program, marked with a P symbol, which is located at the end of the power adjustment bar after level 9. The power values for each burner are shown in the table in the measurement section. The boost mode cannot be activated on two burners at the same time, except when it is activated for the two left burners operating in bridge mode.

The appliance is designed more for dishes of medium and large volume, the power is selected accordingly. The size of the hob, the absence of sides and protruding elements make it possible to use all 4 burners in the work, unless, of course, the electrical wiring in the house allows such power to be used.

When cooking, especially frying, the surface is quickly covered with droplets of fat, which are very noticeable due to the deep black color. Fresh dirt is washed off quite easily.

The power level control dial has both its ardent supporters and detractors, but is undoubtedly a sign of a modern and expensive device. We like.


Care of the panel must be timely, it is not allowed to leave such contaminants on the surface as sugar, polyethylene film or melted plastic, as they can damage the device. Do not use hard sponges, abrasives and chemically aggressive substances.

For cleaning, a special tool and soft wipes are used. The ventilation holes can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Our measurements

Boiling 1 liter of water at 20 °C

On the two left burners in the “bridge” mode in a steel pan with a bottom diameter of 29 cm, 1 liter of water at a temperature of 20 ° C reached the phase of active bubbles in 1 minute 20 seconds, boiled in 3 minutes 5 seconds. The stove worked in mode 9, the real power consumption, recorded by the wattmeter, was constantly changing, but averaged 2940 watts. Approximately 0.149 kWh of electricity was used for boiling (including heating a large saucepan).

Power consumption in various modes

In modes from 1 to 5, all burners operate in a pulsed mode, then turning on the emitter at different powers, then turning it off. The duration in the on / off cycle is indicated in the table. At power 1, very short turns are used (lasting less than 1 second), and the wattmeter did not always have time to fix the value. The average power was calculated using the formula: power consumption × total on duration / (total on duration + total pause duration).

Power mode Power consumption, W Cycle (off/on), s Average power consumption, W
Near right burner
one 1010-1100 10/1 106
2 1200-1230 10/2 203
3 1234-1280 9/2 229
4 1272-1280 8/3 348
5 1280-1300 6/3 645
6 1260-1267 1264
7 1420-1456 1438
eight 1515-1526 1520
nine 2116-2134 2125
Boost 2582-2700 2640
Far right burner
one failed to record
2 1218-1260 10/1 113
3 1290-1299 9/1.5 185
4 1270-1310 8/2 258
5 1250-1280 7/5 527
6 1253-1270 1261
7 1361-1370 1366
eight 1480-1500 1490
nine 1569-1573 1571
Boost 2060-2100 2080
Near left burner
one 1100 10/0.5 52
2 1228-1230 10/1 112
3 1209-1300 9/2 453
4 1200-1300 7/5 520
5 1290-1300 6/6 648
6 1267-1271 1269
7 1480-1495 1488
eight 1607-1622 1614
nine 2162-2199 2180
Boost 2628-2632 2630
Far left burner
one failed to record
2 1173-1242 11/1 101
3 1160-1260 7/1 151
4 1242-1243 8/3 339
5 1244-1250 6/5.5 596
6 1210-1240 1225
7 1338-1340 1339
eight 1424-1445 1435
nine 1517-1526 1522
Boost 2061-2082 2070
Far left + near left (bridge)
one 425 failed to record
2 2373 10/2 395
3 2340 9/3 638
4 2440-2470 5/5 1227
5 2450-2490 5/7 1440
6 2390-2472 2430
7 2670-2690 2680
eight 2800-2824 2812
nine 2950-3100 3025
Boost 3517-3590 3554

Heating element size

To determine the size of the heating elements, we put a large stainless steel pan on the stove, pouring some water into it. After a few seconds, the bottom bubbles indicated the configuration of the heating element: a circle with jagged edges without voids inside. On the far right burner, the diameter of the circle was about 14 cm, on the rest – about 16 cm.

In bridge mode, both heating elements work simultaneously. In a pan with a diameter of 29 cm, this looks like two almost touching circles.

Other measurements

For 12 hours and 40 minutes of operation, the device consumed 4.77 kWh of electricity. The maximum power recorded by the wattmeter was 3591 W, in the mode of simultaneous operation of two left burners. Our wattmeter cannot correctly record power consumption of more than 4000 W, so we were unable to measure the maximum consumption of all 4 burners at once. But based on individual measurements of all four burners at maximum power without boost, the total energy consumption will be 2125 + 1571 + 2180 + 1522 = 7398 W, that is, 7.4 kW. The documentation states 7.2 kW, which, from our point of view, is an acceptable discrepancy.

When using the two left burners (“bridge”) at the same time, the appliance emits strong whistling sounds, reminiscent of the communication sound of the R2D2 droid from Star Wars. They are especially amplified after power level 6. We rated the fan noise as average for devices of this type.

practice tests

fried cabbage

We fried fresh chopped cabbage in a pan at maximum power, then reduced the power to half and brought the cabbage to readiness. They beat an egg.


Served with sour cream. Thanks to flexible settings and high power, you can achieve exactly the consistency of the dish you want.


Result: excellent.

Pork cutlets with vegetables

We added grated carrots and spices to the minced meat, and formed fairly large cutlets. It is usually quite difficult to fry large patties in a pan so that they are fried, but remain juicy inside and do not burn.


With the fine adjustments of the Garlyn H-7000, this is fairly easy to achieve. Fry on high power, bring to readiness on low, fry the crust on medium.


Simple, delicious, fast.

Result: excellent.


We took finely shredded potatoes, grated cheese and decided to make cheese pancakes. To speed up the process, we cooked in two pans, on the near burners at medium power.


It didn’t take long to cook. A large plate of cheese pancakes – in just 15-20 minutes.


Result: excellent.

Apple fritters with citrus jam

We grated winter apples, added flour, egg and cinnamon.

untitled1 3

Sliced oranges, grapes, and lemons were placed on the far burner to simmer in sugar syrup.

While the jam was cooking, pancakes were made on the front burner. A power of 6 was convenient for our frying pan.


Everything was ready almost at the same time.


Result: excellent.

Entrecote Medium Well

We took a thin edge of beef, cut off the bone. Heat oil in a frying pan, quickly brush with hot oil.

untitled1 2

Placed in a frying pan at the highest temperature. Added thyme. Fried until crispy on both sides.


They put the piece on a plate, and while the next entrecote was being prepared, they cut it into pieces 1.5 fingers thick. Spread 2-3 per pan at maximum power. Fry quickly on both sides in a small amount of garlic oil with the addition of thyme.

untitled14 2

Served with baked potatoes and onions.


Result: excellent.


The Garlyn H-7000 induction hob is a large cooker equipped with all the necessary features for convenient home cooking.

In addition to the timer and blocking, the surface offers a wide range of power settings, the ability to combine two burners into one for cooking in large dishes or dishes of irregular shape, a pause button, the fastest heating mode.

IMG4770 196293

The surface is designed for dishes of medium and large size, and due to the absence of protruding elements on it, you can place containers on four burners at once.

The modern design and deep black color will fit into almost any interior, and the soiled surface is offset by ease of maintenance.

Pros :

  • high power
  • wide range of temperature settings
  • modern control (timer, pause button, lock)
  • design

Cons :

  • loud noises when using the burner combination mode

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