An overview of the endless Mozabrick photo-constructor. We assemble our own drawing for 4000+ parts

Today I got a fairly popular pixel art photo kit called Mozabrick on my desk. Mozabrick kits are unique photo kits that allow you to upload your photo on the site and receive instructions for assembling it an infinite number of times. The manufacturer also offers 3 dimensional grids to choose from: S (51*51cm), M (51*76cm) and L (76*76cm). I limited myself to the smallest set, since it was chosen based on the interior where this pixel art will be placed.

The factory packaging of the photo designer Mozabrick contains a visual demonstration of its capabilities, as well as information about the purchased set. In total, there are 3 size ranges, differing in the size of the final drawing, the number of bricks and the total assembly time. My photo kit is S size and contains 5800 bricks, while the M and L sets contain 8747 and 14551 bricks, respectively.

This set contains the following items:

  • assembly guide
  • set of 5 different colored cubes
  • assembly base (4 sheets)
  • connecting elements for the base
  • stand for finished painting
  • dismantling key
  • double sided wall stickers
  • set of stickers from the manufacturer

Zip-Lock bags are provided for storing the remaining cubes after assembly, and with the help of a dismantling key, you can conveniently perform the disassembly process. A separate element is the so-called watermark, which you can use on your picture.

As the basis of the picture, there are 4 sheets measuring 25 * 25 cm and connecting plates 4.7 * 4.7 cm for their bundle with each other. What is convenient is the ability to use several sets at once to combine them into one big picture.

Mozabrick is an endless photo maker that allows you to create any kind of pixel art images using a generator and assembly instructions on the official website. To implement this idea, small details of 5 colors from black to white are provided, divided into separate elements.

Before starting the assembly process, it is enough to upload your photo to the manufacturer’s website (taking into account the developers’ recommendations), select layout options from the built-in generator (the background removal / replacement mode is also provided) and download detailed assembly instructions. What makes this set great is its versatility. For example, you can upload any photo after receiving the designer in your hands or do it in advance to find a more interesting picture during the ordering process.

After the photo is selected, Mozabrick shows the final image in two sizes: 76*76cm (L) and 51*51 (S). Here you can clearly see the detail of the image when increasing the size of the pixel art.

If at this stage everything suits, we proceed to the penultimate stage, which is responsible for various design options and color shifts. At this stage, you can see the total number of cubes to create your image.

The final is a detailed assembly diagram, consisting of 4 sheets with markings on each of the yellow sheets. And here the manufacturer offers several options, one is to print the assembly diagram on a printer, the second is to open the diagram on a mobile phone. The first option is convenient for me, so I’m used to paper instructions. But those who will collect according to the electronic instructions will be pleasantly surprised, because a double tap on a cube in the scheme paints over all previous fragments.

The process of creating your picture is quite interesting, because assembling any designer is a soothing activity that allows you to plunge into memories from childhood. I think many found metal constructors or just sets of wooden cubes. Like any photo album, the photo designer is a great gift, because the photo always remains relevant, whether it is in color or black and white.

The assembly scheme is quite elementary and represents the designations of the color of the cube, as well as their number in one row. In the process, the main thing is not to get confused, and for this I used a marker.

The total time spent on assembly was about 7 hours, so the whole process can be stretched over several evenings.

The Mozabrick photo kit includes a stand for the finished picture. This is a convenient solution for those who do not want to spoil the walls with stickers (for example, I am the owner of an apartment with painted walls).

The finished view of the photo-constructor on a regular stand looks like this:

The manufacturer also offers to purchase a laconic black frame, with which the picture will perfectly fit into the interior.

Frames, like construction kits, are available in different sizes: S and L. This means that the corresponding frame is suitable for constructors of such sizes.

Frame S consists of 101 parts that need to be assembled into a single whole. The final size of the assembled frame is 52*52 cm, which adds 0.5 cm to the pixel art on each side.

Detailed instructions are provided for proper assembly. Let’s start framing the resulting image earlier.

To begin with, we sort the fragments we need and replace the yellow squares with black ones, and also strengthen the design with a crosshair.

After assembling the side and inner parts, it is necessary to give a “gloss” to the appearance of the frame. To do this, use smooth overlays around the entire perimeter of the frame.

Completed pixel art by own drawing:

Size S was not chosen by chance, as during the renovation process a place for a painting in the hallway was planned, but it has not been realized to this day. Therefore, the size 52 * 52cm fits perfectly into the minimalist interior of our apartment.

Summing up, I would like to note the versatility of this set and the huge variability. As soon as the previously assembled picture gets tired, it is enough to upload another image and get a new assembly instruction. An extensive range of sizes paired with the ability to connect 2 or 4 sets into one, reveal the full potential of pixel art to the maximum. Therefore, choose the set you like (S, M, L) and collect your picture. And using the promotional code IXBT22, you can get an additional 20% discount on the original cost.
Link to Mozabrick’s endless photo maker.

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