Tecno Spark Go 2022 smartphone review

Smartphone Tecno Spark Go 2022 surprised. First, it works on Android 11; secondly, the Helio A22 processor from 2 sq. 2018; thirdly, it sees 50 and uses 33 satellites when determining the location; fourthly, you can play PUBG Mobile at minimum settings; fifthly, I like the display with the absence of caustic color shades; and finally, the cameras are very even nothing for the price of the phone. Such a set of features seems strange, but the phone can actually be considered almost the best representative of the budget segment at the moment.

The review will briefly present a comparison with other devices, a segment above, below and at the level on which my ” surprise ” is based. The principle works in part: when you do not expect much, but in fact you get more, then you treat the product better in the end.

Initially, a confident opinion was created that since there is ” Go ” in the name, then the operating system should be Android Go, but Tecno Spark Go 2022 does not have a full-fledged Android 11 and a HiOS 8.0 shell (there was an update).

Description of the smartphone

The boxes of Tecno phones in the Spark series stand out with their bright orange color. They indicate the main technical characteristics that make it clear what kind of model is in front of the user.

The package includes: phone, SIM card ejector, microUSB USB-A cable, 10W charger, protective glass, instructions, 13-month extended warranty and documentation.

For the Spark series, it has already become standard to use a microUSB cable, but the model supports the OTG function, so you can connect peripherals to it through the appropriate adapter. In functional terms, there is no difference with the USB-C port. Only in terms of functional convenience. Given that the charge in the phone can be enough for two days of active use, you don’t have to think about charging through an unpopular cable every day.

Tecno smartphone presentation from all sides:

On the left is a tray for 2 microSIMs and a MicroSD memory card (up to 256GB); bottom – earpiece and microphone, microUSB connector; there are no functional elements on top; On the right side there is a volume rocker and an on/off button.

The phone runs on Android 11 on the HiOS 7.6 shell (upgraded to HiOS 8.0). the functions of calling the quick access menu are available, as well as additional frequently used programs. In the 7.6 shell, I liked that the main screen seemed to be looped, that is, after the second desktop, available when you first turn it on, scrolling further to the right leads to the first desktop.

HiOS 8.0 introduced a menu of quick functions and alerts when you swipe right from the home screen.

The charging block is standard for the Spark line, only 10W, but if you need to buy a new one, it’s easier and cheaper to do, since there are a lot of such blocks on sale now. The positive features of the phone include the ability to install two SIM cards and a memory card at the same time (up to 256GB), that is, expand the internal storage by 8 times (the available memory in the phone is 22GB):

Below are screenshots of the screen with basic settings and specifications. It is possible to clear the cache and speed up the phone, as well as custom sounds when interacting with the phone. The model has a simple vibration motor, clumsy in a sense, but this is the norm for the smartphone segment.

I like the display on the Spark Go 2022. It does not give off caustic colors, is not oversaturated, the brightness and accuracy of the colors of the transmitted content does not strain the eyes. Colors are perceived as natural.

The fingerprint response is fast, the delay is not felt, as can be seen from the GIF animation below. The operation on the second attempt is exclusively due to missing the imprint area.

In the sun, the screen can be seen well, despite the fact that the information in the photo below is poorly readable:

The pixel density per inch of Spark Go 2022 is comparable, for example, with INOI A62 Lite, Infinix Smart 6, but the hero of the review has a better picture in the sun. Tecno has not always been famous, but it makes good displays in its smartphones.

In similar conditions, the Spark Go 2022 is similar to the Spark 8C and 8P (more expensive models).


  1. Filling
    1. MediaTek Helio A22 (MT6761V) (12nm), eMMC 5.1, PowerVR GE8300 video module
    2. RAM/ROM – 2/32Gb, LPLPDDR4
    3. 4 cores: 4 at 2.0GHz ARM Cortex A-53
    4. Support for LTE cat4 by two SIM cards at the same time, GSM, UMTS
    5. Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 Hz, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, A-GPS, GLONAS, BeiDou
    6. IPS display 6.52 inches, 269ppi, resolution 720×1600, 60Hz
  2. Camera
    1. Main – 13 MP (f / 1.8 inches, 27 mm, wide-angle, AF) + QVGA (portrait), front – 8MP (f / 2.0)
    2. Digital 4x zoom, portraits, short videos and more (see camera section)
    3. Dual flash rear and single front cameras
    4. Video recording (main and front) – 1080p@30fps
  3. Rest
    1. Dimensions – 164.57x76x8.95 mm, weight – 199 g
    2. Protection against moisture and dust: no
    3. NFC contactless payments
    4. Charging via micro-USB 18W OTG
    5. 3.5 mm headphone jack
    6. Mono speaker
    7. Support for micro-SD memory cards up to 256GB
    8. Rear fingerprint scanner
    9. Android 11, HiOS 8.0
    10. 5000mAh battery
    11. FM radio
Charge and Discharge

The phone charges in 4 hours at 4739mAh (24.4Wh):

The phone is discharged for a long time. For example, a series of 5 runs in Antutu ” ate ” up to 50% in other models. In the reviewed phone – the discharge was 20%. All the tests below failed to discharge the phone to zero, which is unusual, since the rest of the smartphones that were reviewed did not have such economical behavior.

The phone will be discharged for a long time. For example, in standby mode for 5 days, the battery was discharged from 100% to 13%. An excellent indicator of autonomy, which not all smartphones can boast of.

Photo opportunities

The smartphone has three cameras, two of which are located on the back wall, and the remaining one is front-facing. The resolution of the main cameras is 13 (4160×3120) and 0.08 MP, the front one is 8 MP (3264×2448). Cameras can easily catch a lot of light, but if there are dark objects in the photo, they can turn out dark. Sample photos are shown below.

At Tecno, photography is proprietary, using proprietary lenses and software. Each phone has several options for photo types: automatic, Beauty, panoramic, portrait and for video – slow motion:

In automatic mode, 16 different scenes are available, which are determined by the algorithm and adjust the camera settings.

The main camera can take pictures in two modes – automatic and Beauty (“improvement”) mode, the corresponding photos of which are shown below:

The second photo is too bright, but the difference between the two is only in the file size (the second ” weighs ” more than the first), the shutter speed, focal length and ISO settings are the same. The ” Beauty ” mode is best used for shooting dark objects.

With the help of a portrait camera, good photos are obtained – the smartphone algorithms perform the blur function:

The needles in the foreground are clear, the background is blurred. This is exactly what you expect from a portrait camera. The quality of the blur is really very good, because if you zoom in on the photo and look between the needles, they are clearly visible when the background is blurred. You don’t expect such nuances in the portrait camera of a budget smartphone. I like Tecno’s algorithms.

Here are two photos taken with the main camera:

on the street:

in room:

The first photo shows the car, which turned out to be clear when zoomed in, which indicates a sufficient level of stabilization. Of course, if you zoom in even closer, you will see fuzziness and moving edges, but in the current view they are not noticeable.

The second photo, of a shop shelf, was taken with forced focus on the center. Without it, the circles were slightly fuzzy-edged. Using manual focus, I got a good photo.

Another example of a moving object in the photo is a fountain:

The general background turned out to be realistic, without the prevalence of any particular shade of color, the sky looks natural, the clouds look like real ones and the fountain is not very blurry when viewed from afar. If you zoom in, you can see jagged edges and noise, but in the price category of the phone from the review, you definitely shouldn’t evaluate the photo capabilities so thoroughly. The main thing is that the photo conveys the atmosphere of late spring.

The phone does not have optical stabilization, as well as optical zoom, but there is a digital four-fold. An example of such an increase is shown below:

The first photo weighs twice as much as the second. Automatic focus was used, since with manual focus the picture turned out to be either under- or crossed. Automatic mode works better than manual mode in some cases.

The quality of the digital zoom is at the price level of the monitored smartphone model.

In modern smartphones, I like the panoramic (continuous) shooting function. An example is shown below:

Personally, I liked the photo capabilities of the Tecno Spark Go 2022 smartphone. Video is recorded in 1080p@30fps on the main and front cameras. When taking photos, you can adjust the focus on the desired object and use additional enhancement mechanisms to get normal photos.

stress tests

The following are 5 tests in a row, as is done when conducting tests on the official Antutu website:

The average result is 94941 points. These points are enough for stable operation of the phone, practically without brakes (even without brakes at all).


Below are Geekbench test results broken down by features:

In single-core mode, the phone scored 141 and multi-core 480 points. Compared to competitors, this is a low figure, but with such numbers, it is not difficult and nerve-wracking to perform daily tasks with the phone. You can even play with toys!

A detailed breakdown of the test results by modes is presented in the following screenshots:

Despite the low test scores, the phone on a non-new processor differs from its competitors in a similar price group with its stable operation.

Throttling test

The result of the throttling test is shown below. The test was run on 100 threads for 30 minutes:

The average performance indicator is 49240 gypsum. Again, this is enough for the normal operation of the phone. No need to wait for a long time to open programs or freeze the phone – this is not the case with Spark Go 2022.

Heating test

Surprisingly (for me), PUBG Mobile even managed to play. I would not say that everything slowed down, but you can play. The graphics were not great, of course, and the touch did not respond very quickly, but according to the results of the game, my user entered the top ten:

For 30 minutes of the game, the heating was 38⁰С. The screen frequency was kept at 60 frames per second. Game mode has been enabled. For example, I didn’t even try to launch PUBG Mobile on INOI A62 Lite, on Infinix Smart 6 the system froze, which was unpleasant to play.

The picture at the start of the game through Tecno Spark Go 2022:

Once again, the phone amazed me, given that the Helio A22 processor was introduced in 2018. You can (and should) play on Tecno Spark Go 2022: other, less demanding games, the smartphone will pull for sure.

Other tests
Touch and reading speed

Sequential read / write speed – 285/105 MB / s. For example, for Infinix Smart 6 and INOI A62 Lite, these figures are as follows: 242/103 and 225/57 MV/s, respectively. The Tecno Spark 8C smartphone has 292/171 MB/s, the Spark 8P has 290/100 MB/s.

As you can see, the Spark Go 2022 model is inferior to its ” expensive brothers “, but this is understandable, since the price level is different, but it still looks decent against their background and is no worse than direct price competitors from Infinix and INOI.

Satellite test

The accuracy of the phone in determining the location, akin to the AYYA T1 phone (review here ), 1 m, and the location was determined quickly, there was no need to wait long, as was the case with other smartphones in a similar price segment. With this, Spark Go 2022 continued to amaze me.

The phone sees a lot of satellites and uses at least twice as much as the previously mentioned models in the ” Touch and reading speed ” subsection.

The following shows the results of positioning through another program:

The quality of location determination in the two programs is comparable. The model in the review uses single-frequency location chips, as can be seen from the screenshot above (there are no symbols with a number other than 1 on it).


Smartphone Tecno Spark Go 2022 leaves a positive impression, both in terms of system performance, even taking into account not a new processor, cameras and operating system. When installing lightweight versions of programs for Android 11, there will be no problems and dissatisfaction from the device. The technical stuffing also speaks in favor of the model, both in terms of the number of supported satellites, and in terms of the Bluetooth version used, photo capabilities and game mode. The update of the previous version of Spark Go definitely deserves the attention of a user, even a little sophisticated, who cares about the NFC chip in the phone, since Spark Go 2022 has it on board. Plus, do not forget that the phone has a capacious 5000mAh battery and supports the simultaneous operation of two SIM cards and a memory card (up to 256GB), which music lovers will certainly appreciate.

In my vision, the phone turned out great. It has a lot of positive characteristics that you would not expect to see in a phone in the price segment of the Spark Go 2022 model.

Potential buyers of Tecno brand smartphones are progressive youth who want to get normal performance, a good display and good cameras for a reasonable price. Spark Go 2022 will suit any user request: you can play games, surf social networks and stay in touch for a long time.

Price options for the Tecno Spark Go 2022 smartphone can be viewed on Yandex.Market . Now the brand is running a promotion, during which the prices for the reviewed model and also the Spark 8C (review here ) are reduced. If you are looking for good phones, I advise you to take a closer look at these models (not advertising, but I liked the phones).

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