Review of electric kettle Garlyn K-110

Manufacturers of electric kettles are increasingly supplying new models with additional options. Here, for example, Garlyn K-110 can be used both for its main purpose and as a brewer.

In the process of testing, we will find out how long it keeps water hot without heating, when it glows and what kind of light, whether it is convenient to control it and how much energy is spent on its operation.


Manufacturer Garlyn
Model K-110
Type Electric kettle
Country of Origin China
Warranty 1 year
Service life * 3 years
Power 1850—2200 W
Volume 1.7 l
Housing material stainless steel, heat resistant glass
Auto power off when boiling / no water / when removed from the stand
Heating element type hidden
Lid removable
Choice of water heating temperature 40-90°C
Maintaining the set water temperature 2 hours
Operation indication LED, sound
Display LCD
Water temperature indicator there is
Brew filter stainless steel
The weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D) 217×214×263 mm
Network cable length 0.75
Retail offers

* Contrary to common misconception, this is not the period after which the device will definitely break. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


A bright black and orange cardboard box is designed in the traditional Garlyn style. From possible damage during transportation, it is protected by an outer shell of brown cardboard.

The user’s attention is immediately attracted by a color photograph of a working device on its front side. Next to the image of the kettle, the most significant, from the point of view of the manufacturer, its features are listed. These included the ability to heat water to a predetermined temperature, the function of maintaining the temperature and the case material: stainless steel and heat-resistant glass.

On the same side, the volume (1.7) and power (2200 W) of the model are indicated, as well as the logo of the manufacturer of the contact group: it is made by Strix, one of the most famous manufacturers of this component.

Detailed specifications are placed on one of the side faces of the package.

Inside the package, we found the kettle itself with a lid and a filter for tea leaves, a base, a user manual and a service book.

At first sight

The flask of the kettle is made of transparent heat-resistant glass, the base and top are made of stainless steel. The handle is plastic, black. The same plastic is used in the lid.

There is a water level scale on both sides of the tank: this allows you to control the kettle with both the right and left hand. The marks indicate the volume of 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, 1.5 and 1.7 liters.

The spout of the teapot is made in the form of a separate part. It is connected to the case neatly and reliably – there are no traces of glue or spot welding. The role of the filter is performed by a group of holes with a diameter of about 2-3 millimeters.

The lid of the Garlyn K-110 is completely removable. The user is protected from burns by a plastic element framing the metal handle.

The inside of the lid is plastic. It can be screwed to a tea brewing filter made of finely perforated stainless steel. It is held in the cover on the thread: it takes a little more than half a turn to secure.

The heating element in this model is of hidden type, so the bottom is smooth. Above it rises only the body of the sensor that measures the temperature of the water in the flask. A strip of LEDs is laid along the perimeter, highlighting the water in the flask during heating.

The kettle is equipped with a Strix group with five contacts. They are used to power the heating element and transfer information from the temperature sensor to the database.

The base is made from the same combination of stainless steel and black plastic as the main tank. It is made in the shape of a slightly elongated letter D. On the front is a control panel with four touch buttons and a round screen.

At the bottom of the base there is a compartment for removing excess cord.

The front side of it rests on two elongated silicone feet that prevent slipping. The back half, without legs, stands on small plastic protrusions that do not provide ideal stability: the kettle installed on the stand can sway slightly.


The user manual is a small A6 12-page booklet with a black cover. The language of the document is Russian, the quality of printing is excellent.

The document describes in detail the device of the kettle, safety measures when using it, preparation for operation, operation and maintenance of the device. The documentation set also includes a service book, designed in the same way as the manual.


On the control panel there are four touch buttons, between which there is a round digital display.

To boil water, just press the “On” button once. By default, the kettle will automatically turn off when the water temperature reaches 100°C. Garlyn K-110 allows you to set the heating temperature in the range from 40 to 100 °C in 10 °C increments. To select the desired value, after switching on, use the “+” and “-” buttons.

The heating mode is activated by a sensor marked with three winding vertical lines. When this function is activated, the device will maintain the set temperature for 2 hours and then turn off. The heating temperature is selected using the “+” and “-” keys in the range from 40 to 90 °C in steps of 10 °C, the default value is 40 °C.

The blue LED display shows the current water temperature, and when setting the heating or boiling mode, the set value. The display numbers are bright and contrasting, the viewing angle is good, the data is easy to read. The LEDs have a noticeable flicker, which, however, does not affect the perception of information.

The water temperature is displayed on the display for two hours after the device is turned on. After this time, the indicators go out, the kettle goes into standby mode.


To remove traces of production, the manufacturer recommends boiling and draining the water 2-3 times. We did not feel any unpleasant odors even during the first boil, but, of course, we followed the advice.

The device lies well in the hand, the lid opens comfortably without getting stuck, and closes without any extra effort. The installation of the brewing filter does not cause problems.

The temperature sensor of the device works with high accuracy: the readings on the display do not differ from the data of our laboratory thermometer by more than 1-2 degrees.

Garlyn K-110 is equipped with a LED light that gives a mysterious look to the working kettle. It does not change color and remains blue at any water temperature. The backlight works only in boiling mode, turning off when it reaches 100 °C or the temperature set by the user.

With the help of a removable filter, Garlyn K-110 can be turned into a teapot, and thanks to the ability to precisely set the water temperature in it, you can prepare any, even the most demanding teas or herbal decoctions.

When removed from the stand, the appliance emits a single beep and automatically stops heating. If the heating function has been activated, the device will continue to maintain the temperature of the water upon returning to the base. In case of overheating, protection is triggered: the kettle, turned on without water, will turn off before it cools down.


When dirty, the body of the kettle is wiped with a damp cloth or a cleaning agent that does not contain toxic components is used.

Depending on the composition of the water used and the degree of its hardness, the heating element and the inner walls may become covered with plaque and scale. For cleaning, the manufacturer recommends the use of non-abrasive descaling products, strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Our measurements

Useful volume 1740 ml
A full kettle (1.8 l) of water at 20 °C is brought to a boil in 5 minutes 40 seconds
What is the amount of electricity used for? 0.170 kWh
1 liter of water at a temperature of 20 ° C is brought to a boil for 3 minutes 35 seconds
What is the amount of electricity used for? 0.108 kWh
Kettle body temperature 3 minutes after boiling up to 93 °C
Maximum power consumption at mains voltage 220 V 1880 W
Idle consumption less than 0.1W
The temperature of the water in the kettle 1 hour after boiling 70°C
The temperature of the water in the kettle 2 hours after boiling 57°C
The temperature of the water in the kettle 3 hours after boiling 47°C
Time of pouring out the full volume of water in a regular way (through the spout) 18 seconds


The Garlyn K-110 electric kettle is pleasing to the eye, it has simple controls and good power, allowing you to quickly boil a large (up to 1.7 liters) volume of water. Thanks to the keep warm function, the device keeps the water hot, and an accurate temperature sensor ensures the desired degree of heating.

A nice addition to the basic functionality is the illumination of the flask. Unfortunately, it only works during the boiling process and does not illuminate the kitchen when the heating mode is activated. We attribute only the relatively high cost to the significant disadvantages of the kettle.

Pros :

  • high power
  • convenient and logical control
  • accurate temperature sensor
  • heating function
  • LED lighting in boiling mode

Cons :

  • relatively high price

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